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 Important updates

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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:16 pm

that character has the same regenerative thing as mine o.o
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:38 pm

I freely admit, she's slightly based off that, because I admit, it's not god modding, on the edge of it, which I usually avoid, but it's not...
I know Spart, I know, but she can't reverse it, or have it affect her, it's not a potion of immortality... It's a long story that I would rather not go into for sake of it being explained on RPing XD
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Thu May 27, 2010 12:43 am

[[[[[Video log #428, Squad Lumos 84, Retrieved [corrupted], Mission Infiltration of [Unknown] begin transmission, recovered from helmet of Squad Lumos 84, Private Toura.]]]]]

Captain: Alright boys and girls, get your guns ready, charges are placed, remember this is stealth above all else, we're exploring not here to go on a killing spree, who knows what'll be in here so stay sharp.

Nulls: Hoo Rah!

*lines trace on the wall and glow light blue, and the section of the wall that was outlined and spiderwebbed simply disappears with no sound at all*

Null1: Wooooo *whistles*

Toura: This your first mission?

Null2: Pretty sure it's yours too sweetheart.

Toura: Don't try me.

Captain: Shut it maggots we've got work to do.

*six nulls enter before her while she gets rear guard captain getting front, video log temporarily ends*

Null1: Holy hell what was that thing? *panting*

Null4: Oh god oh my god it got one of us.... *head resting on hands, in kneeling position*

Captain: Told you we wouldn't know whats gonna be here...

Null5:... Heh.... Oh my god... It found us, Run!!!

*Camera shows a flash of a shadow briefly illuminated by flashlights then fades back into darkness as they all turn and run, blindfiring at it, and camera blacks out again*

Null1: Holy F*** Oh my god oh my god oh my g

Captain: Shut it rookie!

Null1: Oh my god.... Oh jesus oh god...

Null2:.... I can't believe this Sh**...

Toura: What in the... Hell was that Captain...?

Captain: You think I know? Christ... We're in deep Sh**...

Null4: Anyone remember how we got in..?

Null1: Oh god oh my god we're totally dead! We're lost in here!!

Captain: Toura shut him up!

*camera approaches the null that's losing it then he whips up gun to her*

Null1: Don't F***ing touch me, Don't test me, I'll shoot I swear to god I will!!!

Captain: Rookie shut it do you even know what your doing?!

Null1: Oh I know what I'm doing, you brought us down to this freak show!!

*gun aims at him then a shadow moves behind him, and he pauses as theres a sudden flash, then he falls into three seperate pieces, the shadow behind him roars*

Null5: Oh damnit!!! Run!!!

Captain: *shoots it multiple times, killing it, then they run again*

[[[[[ Video log loading, next segment ]]]]]

*Camera flashes on, this time showing Toura's face, a somewhat pretty girl, camera has smeared purple on it, Toura's face is frazzled along with hair*

Toura:... Private Toura here... This is a hell.. We don't know what the F***'s going down here, but we're as good as dead now... We saw Kinstin again, even though he was slaughtered near as soon as we got down here... He was a freak, I can't begin to... *takes a deep breath, closing eyes putting head on hand*....... I'm losing it, I know I am. This i-- *off camera, theres a sudden bout of yelling*

Voice: No! No I won't let them take me!!

Captains voice: Stop it you idio-- *gunshot fires and Toura is watching horrified then looks away*

Toura:... We're all losing it, Giro shot himself just barely..... Oh my god... I can't believe whats happening..... *faces Camera again* I don't know what's recoreded and whats not, but if anyone see's this, Do, Not, Enter, Here.... This will be carried out on a drone, I hope it can at least live without getting sto--- *Another bout of shouting stops her and she looks around, seeing people aiming their guns as she rushes to scene*

*off camera now*

Captain: Hold it!! Don't shoot! It's just a child!!!

Null2:Are you an idiot!!! Look at her back!!! She's not normal!

Captain: I Said shut it you moron!!

*A new voice sounds out, one that sounds sweet, honey dipped, but it sends a shiver down the spine just by voice because something under it is so... Inhumane*

???: Oh no, he's right, I'm not normal...

Toura:.... What are you? Speak up!

???: And if I don't...?

Null5: Then I'm going to blow your F***ing brains out!!!

???: *giggles* My my my so violent..

Null5: Don't think I won't do it!!

Toura: Shut up you idiot!

???: I wonder if you can...

*suddenly there's a scream, followed by a bout of shouting, blood splatters in front of the camera followed by gunfire, and something knocks the camera over after about thirty seconds of it, showing naked girls feet, then she stoops down to look at the helmet*

???: *notices it's recording, but she's in shadow, and suddenly another voice sounds out, and she looks over toward it*

Toura:... Come on you B****... Let's see if you can finish me....

???:... But your making a movie...

Toura: Wha---?

???: *walks camera over, setting it down against wall, turning on flashlight so a section around it is in light, but all that's seen of her are girls legs and feet, along with a flash of silver and the white of a hospital gown*

Toura: What are you d-- *gasps*

???: *picked her up off the floor, holding her above head* Lets have a tragic ending shall we? *then in a voice totally different from her sugar sweet, it's like the total opposite* That's all life is...

Toura: What are you d--

???: *even in shadow it's clear something happens to her arm, then little things are skuttling down it*

Toura: No! No get those away from m--

???: Bye bye... *smiles*

T: *howls, shrieking in pain as ??? drops her in front of flashlight, and red veins start spreading over body, but that's all that is seen as she presses a button while writing on her chest, right as she does something crawls off it, a mechanical drone, then a tenticle bursts out of her stomach as drone takes chip of camera out of helmet*

[[[[[ End of Video log ]]]]]
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Thu May 27, 2010 6:09 am

Recently, a spire neigh on 3,000 feet high, now towers over the land in a distant corner, it seems to be made, even on the brightest of days it shows against the sun in blackness, the inhabitants or what is around this spire is unknown, save for the fact that it is deep within mountains that are impossible to cross while flying. What it is made of is unknown, nor how it can stand on it's own, but from it eminates an aura of darkness so powerful that the very air seems to tremble with it from an area of 50 feet. What raised this spire or caused it is unknown, nor the side it takes, nor are it's guardians unknown since it only appeared overnight after a massive shattering of earth, along with it's raising created the mountains it's surrounded by. It has made no move toward anything so even though it's aura is evil the side it takes appears to be under it's own. Since it is recently appeared, as I've said before, it's inhabitants, guards, leaders, everything is unknown about it, nothing about how it's made is known as well. However on the ground around it there is a very large pentagram with the spire being dead in the center of the star, the pentagram is burned into the ground by means unknown, and the spire is in the dead center of the mountains with a area 100 feet across at the base, in which the pentagram covers the whole area, not a single rugged terrain is in it neither. The mountains stretch out several leagues now. How these mountains were created from the spire is proof that whatever created it is indeed very powerful. However something about the darkness prevents everything, even that which is related to dark, even the shadow, to enter it's area.
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:42 pm

This is so I don't forget later.

There are odd crystals being found in the past realm. They all have a different shape and color. The most noticeable traits are how they glow in the dark and, if an owner is found for the crystal, an immense amount of energy is radiated. This power can be used only by the owner; any idiot who tries to tap into this energy without the owner's permission will feel like they got hit by a steel baseball bat in the head. If not found, however, they release very little energy. Every crystal has a secret ability that can be used if discovered. The energy level of the crystal also influences the stability. If the crystal isn't stable, it may very well injure the enemy as well as the owner and any allies nearby.

First Note: The crystal's color has nothing to do with its element, if it even uses elemental magic.
Second Note: The crystal chooses its owner. If the crystal likes you, it'll reveal its energy.
Third Note: Once the crystal has chosen its owner, the crystal is soul-bound to its owner. Until the owner dies, the crystal cannot be used nor transferred to another person unless the owner allows it.
Fourth Note: If someone already owns one of these crystals, the owner cannot own a second crystal.

Name: Red Crystal
Owner: (reserved for Fenix)
Shape: Cube
Energy: Med
Stability: Med
Ability: Gravity Control
Description: Gravity control is a very potential weapon if used correctly. It may be one of the most difficult crystals available, however.

Name: Blue Crystal
Owner: Lumi
Shape: Equilateral Triangle Prism
Energy: Low
Stability: High
Ability: Blades of Wind
Description: Blades of Wind may be considered a low-class spell, but it can cut through almost anything with little effort. It becomes weaker as it travels farther, and by 35ft the blade can no longer damage anything.

Name: Yellow Crystal
Owner: Lura
Shape: Hexagon
Energy: High
Stability: Low
Ability: Octagon Shield
Description: The Hexagon Shield consists of, obviously, multiple octagons pieced together to form a curved shield. Each octagon piece can deflect solid projectiles, absorb magical projectiles, and can release absorbed magic as a bolt or in an explosion. These hexagon pieces can also flatten out horizontally and be used as sharp blade projectiles, which can cut through anything except rock, ground, water and metal. Keeping the shield up for a few seconds is an easy feat. Keeping it up for longer periods of time (10 seconds or over) can result in serious brain damage.

Name: Green Crystal
Owner: Tryteu (Isahu)
Shape: Octagon
Energy: Med-High
Stability: Med-Low
Ability: Shockwave
Description: Shockwave is a useful ability to have when you're surrounded by all sides by enemies. It emits a high-frequency sound wave that also tampers with the enemy's sight and hearing for up to six seconds. This ability affects everyone within 50 feet, including the owner's allies. The only one unaffected is the crystal's owner. Immensely powerful people may not be affected by this ability, however. Those that have mastered shockwave can also use it as a weapon, only targeting a specific person (Of course the intensity can be controlled, just it's easy to slip out of control). Beware of collateral damage.

Name: Purple Crystal
Owner: Dalton
Shape: Sphere
Energy: Med
Stability: Med
Ability: Deconstruction and Reconstruction
Description: A pathetic ability in the hands of most, but in the hands of one with great knowledge, this may become the most potential ability. All this crystal does is deconstruct and reconstruct. A very, very, simple task, but this crystal can get the job done in the blink of an eye. Of course this crystal can construct almost anything...and at the same time, deconstruct anything back to what it was.

Name: Orange Crystal
Owner: Karu
Shape: Cylinder
Energy: High
Stability: Low
Ability: Element Manipulation
Description: It can manipulate elements and turn one element into another, like fire to water or earth to wind. You might not find this useful at all times but it can save your ass more than once, especially when you lack an element you or one of your allies requires.

Name: Cyan Crystal
Owner: Spart's Hatchling
Shape: Pyramid
Energy: Med
Stability: Med
Ability: Teleportation
Description: This crystal allows you to teleport almost anywhere within 1000ft. On the other hand, it can also teleport almost anything from within 1000ft to where you are or wherever you want. It can be quite fun if you know how to use it. Heavy overusage may result in the worst concious seizures you've ever felt, and will ever feel.

Name: Black Crystal
Owner: Kyiash
Shape: Dodecahedron
Energy: Immense
Stability: Almost Nonexistent
Ability: Time Stop
Description: It can stop time for small periods of time, but the effects on the owner are monstrous. This crystal can momentarily pause time for a few moments, but every time the owner pauses time a heavy amount of damage is inflicted on the owner’s body for every moment he/she stays in the stop of time.

Name: White Crystal
Shape: Octahedron
Energy: Eva
Stability: High
Ability: Heal/Life Sap
Description: It can heal allies, and it can also suck the life energy out of an enemy. The life energy of anything is neutral and can also be converted into magical energy. If the life energy of a being is gone, then it’s the equivalent of dead. Life Sap takes a while to have any major effect on an enemy, however.

All crystals may have permanent side effects!

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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:10 am

Royquin Elwin has finally fallen. His luck has run out.
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:50 am

NOoooo!!! Not teh Roybird!!
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:03 pm

IN an epic battle in the plains, Kyiash and Redemption vanished in an epic duel that Kyiash sealed from outside interruptions, sadly along with that Xadriel also fell before they vanished, slain by Kyiash's ultimate creation, luckily however Kyiash nor the creation didn't steal his soul as his own reapers did something with his body and his spirit, so it was incapable of anything like that happening.
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:02 pm

While everyone was busy in the future, in the past meanwhile my Dark Faction has spread their control to nearly all of time falling, and quite abit of any other lands, they are now threatening Nconi's kingdom which cities are on the borderedge of most of Lathirion, meaning they're about to spread into Lathirion too, but being held at bay miraculously. How long, however, is unknown, as Nconi's forces are limited..
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PostSubject: Karu obtaining the orange crystal and his hidden potential?   Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:37 am

Karu:*wakes up and opens his eyes to this island is almost complete darkness where only the moon above his head shines the light*
-given the conditions the islands has enough sustinence that can last him for a while but will keep him isolated for the time being-
Karu:???where am i....*as he walks around searching for an escape on the island; he sees nothing but trees, sand, rocks, and a few birds*
Karu:...i dont have my backpack... damnit.. im weaponless and abilityless*while grasping his wound on his side* im injured as well..
*out of nowhere a blade comes down swiftly towards karu's feet*
Karu:!? whos there!?*backs away swiftly while grasping the injury on his side after the steps*
???:heh... *jumps from down the tree and onto a short cliff about 9 feet high* welcome... to your death place...
Karu:who are you!?!?
???:i am... your death...*whistles*
*the whistles are echoed throughout the island*
*rustling and rumbling come crashing down with each second*
*karu drowned in fear as if he is paralyzed in it*
*a 10 foot monster comes to in front of the mystery man in a matter of seconds*
Karu:w-w-what the hell is that?!?
???:meet my Servantes Typhonis X
Karu:a servantes?
???:a loyal servant of all kinds. will die for their master at any cause even if the master is terrible, because it was saved from a fate worst than hell
Karu:so a lapdog?
Karu:heh... i can take it*tries to stand and drops back down on his one knee almost immediately*tch...
???:heh.. your weak
???:i will kill you like i tried before
Karu:what do you mean?!?
???:you dont remember? i'll remind you..*takes off his mask which unveils another mask that is recognizeable to karu*
???:i shall finish what i started!*lunges into karu in seconds from the cliff and stabs him with his sword*
Karu:*barely dodges and gets grazed by the sword onto the wound cause great damage* gah!!!*falls to the ground helpless*
???:heh.. now you can not move
Karu:...*in his mind*(no i cant die.. not here... not now.. i dont want to die in a place like this!!! someone...anyone... give me... stren-)*as karu thoughts compile he goes into complete unconciousness*
???:you are dead*pulls blade up*as of NOW!*thrusts the sword downward attempting a pierce into his heart*
*a white light eminates karu and breaks the blade in two with the barrier around karu*
???:damnit!! its too soon!
Karu(Silver):heh... is this all you can do you idiot??
Karu(S):*stands back up like it was nothing and his wounds immediately close* you have yet to see your own power young one..
Karu(S):this is a minor fraction of what he can do
???:what?!!? damnit... i was too late in killing him, no matter i was only going easy on you
???:go Typhonis! destroy this fool!
Typhonis:*charges him*
Karu:(S)*a blade emanating white light slices the minotaur into hundreds of fragments*
???:what!?!? my great minotaur has been defeated!??!
Karu:(S) minotaur.. only has strength... without speed, agility, and intelligence he could have been a fair adversary
???:tch! i guess its my turn then*pulls out 5 blades from each hand and throws it accross karu*
Karu:(S)*dodges the blades in one movement*
???:*a blade comes out and slashes karu*
Karu:(S) *parries the attack and crushes the sword*
???:*pulls another sword and stabs karu in the stomach*
Karu:(S)*dodges that blade and kicks ??? 50 feet back*
Karu:(S)well my time in this world will fade away soon enough... i hope your well enough to fight on your own.. cause this is all i can do to help you
Karu:(S)*fades away from his body and goes back into sanity*
Karu:what... was that?! only a tenth of a percent of my potential!?!?
???:*gets back up*quickly... while hes still in this form...
Karu:*looks up and notices the charge coming towards him*
???:*as hes dashing he tries to go for a head cut but instead cuts his arm rendering it unable to be used*
Karu:GAH!!!*grasping his arm that was used to swing his sword*
???:heh.. now you cant fight as effectively anymore
Karu:*starts running into the forest*
???:you cant hide from me*walks slowly while following his movements and into the forest*
Karu:*running into the forest as darkness keeps on getting darker until his vision is near able to be seen*
Karu:*enveloped in complete darkness panting for his breath breathing heavily and running unsteadily hitting trees now and then*
???:your close i can hear your fear...
Karu:*runs faster as for his breathing it starts to worsen*
???:*pulls out blades and starts flailing them towards karu's direction each hitting a tree next to karu*
Karu:*starts running faster in fear*
Karu:*as soon as karu get into the center of the forest he uncounters a bright white light in the middle where the trees have blocked the light from the top*
???:heh.. this will be your resting place, now.. prepare to die!*throws a blade into Karu's ankle rendering unable to move*
Karu:gah!!*falls to the bright light and notices an orange looking crystal in front of the light, and grabs it as fast as he cans and uses it to parry against ???'s attack*
???:that crystal will crush like a glass shard!*thrust blade in front of karu's heart*
Karu:*closes his eyes and the energy from the crystal released freezing ???"s arm and the blade as well*
???:what trickery is this!?!?
Karu:*opens his eyes in shock*huh!? *the crystal was glowing bright but now lstarts to fade away from his shine* what is this thing??? it looks similar to isahu's crystal...
???:crystal!? fool what is this trickery?!?
Karu:*sits upright* i guess this isnt the end for me is it heh...
???:no matter... prepare to die!
Karu:*points the crystal to ??? and an ice shard pierces ???"s arm and quickly around the ice, flames surround the shard and burns ??? with intensity*
???:*swiftly dashes backwards and grasps his arm*...you got lucky for now.. but you will die eventually, that crystal wont save you of everything fool!
???:*he fades away into the darkness*
Karu:*pulls the blade out of his ankle and steadily walks/crawls onto the bright light and leans on the crystal sitting down* heh... i guess this is the end for me? i cant move with this kind of injury... and my side... even though the wounds closed... it'll take it a while to fully heal...*closes eyes* this time i dont think anyone can save me... *opens his eyes again and holds up the orange crystal to the bright white light*... its as if this was destined to be here..*as he notices a socket in the center he places the cylinder in the socket and it matches the shape perfectly*
*the white light emanates into an orange light and opens a pathway into a cellar*
Karu:hmm??*pulls the crystal out of the socket and walks downstairs*
________________________________________Part 2 Lineage_______________________________________________________________
*as soon as karu walks downstairs the hole opening to the outside has now closed*
Karu:...darkness.... not again... i cant experience these painful memories yet again...*as tears rolled down karu's cheeks as he reminisced about his past*... i must keep going for the sake of everyone who died in vain...*walks downstairs keeping track of his footing*i wonder.. what kind of hell will bring me here...
*as karu reaches the ground light starts to shine on the ceiling lighting his path*
Karu:*bleeding down his right arm he begins to slowly walk deeper in the cave he does not know whether it could be a hellhole or a heaven's sanctuary*i dont know how much more my arm can take..
*Karu begins to approach a fountain and under the fountain is bandages*
Karu:bandages? and this fountain*sniffs at the fountain*slight trace of alcohol?*he begins rubbing the fountain water on the wound, be it that it stings badly, but the wound begins to stop bleeding, soon after that karu attemps to mend his arm up closing the wound with the roll of bandages*
*karu begins to walk forward after taking the time to tend to his wound and notices on the walls portraits monsters*
Karu:w-w-where the hell am i??*takes steps even slower than before to examine every picture* this is insane... *with each step the portraits seem to get worse and worse until they reach an end of the hallway*
*the portrait at the end of the hallway, he could not believe what he saw, a portrait.... of all his old friends...*
Karu:why...*karu grows silent and unleashes a punch breaking the wall into pieces shattering it to dust* why must i be remembered of this... who is torturing me till the end?? just who!?!?
*the wall crumbles and another passage appears behind the wall*
Karu:what is it now?*karu walks farther in the light becoming dimmer as he keeps walking until it fades into pitch black* damnit.. i cant see-
*all of a sudden 7 flames burst around Karu as well as 7 spirits in each fire*
*each fire is burning immensity showing the picture perfect image of each of karu's eye color as well as the spirits that take upon karu's abilities*
Karu:the colors of my abilities?!?
*the yellow flame shines first appearing a young man and under his portrait the flame spells out a name: Seipher*
*The yellow flame grows dim and then the blue flame glows bright showing another figure; under his portrait the flames spell out Wind*
*the blue flame grows dim and up shines a bright red flame representing another figure; his name is labed as:Seitou*
*the yellow flame grows even more dim as well as the blue flame while the red flame grows dimmer as the purple fire grows in immensity showing another portrait displaying another young man and his name is: Saga*
*as soon as the purple flame grows dim the pink flame grows bright displaying a picture of a very young boy with his name:Kaitou*
*all the flames grow dimmer with each passing by second to reveal the green flame which illuminated the room as strong as the other flames displaying a name and a portrait:Aaron*
*all the flames grow dim to the point where the light can not be seen clearly*
Karu:all my abilities... come from all of you??!?
Seipher:no... there is one more...*as the voice fades into silence*
*only the cracking of the fire is heard*
Karu:who is the last lineage!?!? tell me!!
???:my..my... your impatient
Karu:who are you!??
???:me? i am simply you...
Karu:whats your name
???:heh.. you havent discovered your own powers origin and you come to me in this tone.. your insolence wont be looked over remember this.
Karu:*sigh* i understand, i'll calm down..
???:good.. because i'll tell you why this is happening to you now...
???:do you know of that crystal?
Karu:what about it? it can make fire and ice big deal?
???:it is a big deal... you just havent used any of its other varieties..
Karu:it has more abilities?!?
???:is has a vast quantity of selection
Karu:what is this crystal!?!?
???:it is the remains of my lineage... the beginning of magic... Runes...
Karu:what are runes?!
???:they are the foundation of the flow of mana that used to never been available like it is now...
???:each person was born with them in my time.. but i have to sadly say there arent anymore..
Karu:your time??
???:yes... i was.. one of the first childs of the universe...
Karu:just who are you...
???:me? my name is... *the bright fire shines gray as well as the other flames swirl around the silver flame and displaying all portraits and names of the 7 the bottom row is red, blue, and green, the middle row is purple, pink, and yellow, and finally at top the final person displaying on the portrait, under his portraight blazes in silver; the name: Karu is labeled under him.* karu... and Karu... this is... your world... your destiny.. your universe...
Karu:what are you talking about!? my universe?!?
Karu(S):it is exactly what i said.. this universe... will be saved at least 1 time by you as in other universes where it has been saved by your other lineage..
Karu(S): some of the lineage are born in the same universe... but each one has saved their own universe before via dimensions.. this is where your powers are recieved, all of our powers for some reason connect to you..
Karu:why me!?! why am i being given all this burden and responsibility??
Karu(S):i do not know but... you are strong Karu....Karu.... that crystal... its power is elemental power
Karu:what?? why explain this to me when you can explain a whole lot more?!?
Karu(S):because we dont have much time in this world... we have to bring you all of our knowledge before we have to disperse and vanish from your universe...
Karu:alright.. teach me while explaining
Karu(S):it wont be simple you will have to focus your every willpower to gain your desire potential, like i said you'd only begun to use a fraction of 1% of your ability
Karu:!?!? that was you!?!?!?
Karu(S):*chuckles* yes that was me and i give you my teachings as well as everyone here
Karu:...this is too much for me to process...
Karu(S):i understand... until you want to come and train with us, please.. look around in your castle...
Karu(S):*snaps his fingers and a huge room illuminates from the darkness*
Karu:!?!? what?? i've never seen this before... at yet.. this feels all so familiar...
Karu(S):well you should feel at home... because.. this is it when you were born...
Karu:under the island?
Karu(S):dont tell me i dont know how your ancestors put this up...
Karu:*sigh* well i've seen enough... this is torture with all these memories; shall we get to training?
Karu(S):hmm very well enter the silver fire
Karu:im afraid...
Karu(S):the fire wont hurt you... if it accepts you..
Karu:what if i change?
Karu(S):Whether you change or not is entirely up to you.. remember this
Karu:....im ready now..
Karu(S):remember to keep that crystal with you forever... it will be your lifeline
*karu enters the portal not knowing the immensity of his training nor how well it will affect him*...

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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:46 pm

Sooo, I haven't updated for awhile. Zero's holy order helped Nconi's wall that was under siege by a mass of undead, Lura had to send her three children to the Leafrunners to train their skills and hone them, and also to keep them safe as no place right now will be safer than there, and also at the same moment she is being besieged by downworlders... Or so it seems, even the leafrunners have their interm issues. And Luex left to go to Exile with an Elven and Dwarf escort to keep it under control and from corruption, and Mira is being struck with visions about future premonitions that are happening, and she soon will part as well in an attempt to make a unexpected ally.

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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:28 pm

Lura did. Not Mira.
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:03 pm

NO actually Mira is, I just forgot to mention that part of Lura in there XD
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:32 pm

Ah. Got it.
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PostSubject: Re: Important updates   

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Important updates
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