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 The Order of Cepters

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PostSubject: The Order of Cepters   Sun May 02, 2010 4:52 pm

the cepter order was based in the olden days of fantasy: they operate much like the paladins, seeking out and destroying evil, and serving as battlefield marshals. the main difference is in their beliefs.

an average cepter: sometimes they carry staffs, others dont it's mostly ornamentation.

the cepters do not belive nor disown any of the other religions or deitys around them, but belive in their own: the ultimate creator Culdra.

this deity is supposedly the creator of all space, time and beings, they use these beliefs to unlock great power in every one of it's members. the cepters can summon beasts from 5 elements: fire earth plain water and neutral. to do this they use "Books" or decks of thin stone tablets, each the size of a playing card.

when the monster sealed in the card is needed, the cepter will feed some of their power into the card and the monster will be summoned. complete and utter concentration is needed to keep the beast of choice summoned in the real world. if the cepter shows fear, or is unconcentrated the summon may very well attack it's owner, or explode unsummoning itself.
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The Order of Cepters
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