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 Zero's Apocalyptic Idea

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PostSubject: Zero's Apocalyptic Idea   Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:13 am

It is the year 2064.
It has been 19 years since the end of World War 3, which ended with horrifying results.

Europe and Asia are nuclear wastelands.
They were destroyed by hundreds of nuclear warheads, and now what’s left of life remains underground, where there is little radiation.

Australia is gone; a mess-up with antimatter proved to be fatal.
65% of Australia is now underwater. What’s left of the continent has been thrown at least 1,000 miles in all directions.

North America and South America are devastated by viral warfare.
Now, the Americas are home to who-knows-what kinds of organisms from who-knows-where.

Africa, the home of what’s left of civilization, is locked in a civil war.
There are at least 6 different sides struggling for domination. There does not seem to be an end to the fighting.

This RP takes place in the tunnels under Europe. This tunnel system extends to England, all the way to Spain, then down to a tiny part of North Africa, and all the way to St. Petersburg and Moscow, in Russia. In between the stretches of tunnels are stations and sometimes even bases or laboratories. Most have been abandoned or ransacked recently, or have been converted into colonies or outposts. Due to the radiation, there may be mutants and other creatures on the surface, making scavenging difficult.
Another place to start, however, can be on the war grounds of Africa. After all, there are still people alive there too. There are hardly anyone left elsewhere, so there’s little point of having a RP there.

There are few crops that can be grown underground other than plants that do not need a massive amount of light, such as potatoes. That means food is scarce and starvation is common. There is no longer use for money; all trading is done by bartering.

Scavenging is a hard and difficult profession for a living, but it’s one that reaps massive potential. Weapons you can find are generally kinetic weapons, since laser and plasma-based weapons falls into disrepair after a short period of time. Railguns are rare to come by, but it happens occasionally. For most cases, your average gunpowder-based guns are what can be found. Modifications for guns are available, but it may be difficult to find this time around. The typical ammo you can find outside and in the tunnels are your average rounds and sometimes armor-piercing rounds, but explosive rounds such as ammo for grenade launchers and RPGs are very hard to come by.

There are starting factions in the tunnel system:

The Reds, which has control of the tunnels and stations within most of Russia’s old boarders.

The Specialists, who commands the tunnels in all of the former UK (Scotland, Ireland, England).

El Jefe dek Mundo Terrenal (Known as JMT), (Boss of the Underworld in Spanish) former criminals who have escaped to the tunnels and set up their own ruthless rule. They control all of the tunnels in Portugal and Spain, and is the faction controlling the only tunnels from North Africa to Europe.

If anyone wants to create their own faction, feel free. There’s still plenty of space left.

Possible Character Classes:
-Soldier (For a faction) // Ex-Soldier (Anything from US Rangers to SAS)
-Ranger (Captain of a group of Soldiers)
-Freelancer *
-Commando **

* Freelancers are a bit like mercenaries. The main difference is that Freelancers is not bound to only combat. Freelancers can be also scavangers, engineers, bodyguards, anything you want if you pay them right. Freelancers are, however, more ethically bounded than Mercenaries are. they may not always accept your job if they think it's downright outrageous or if it's too dangerous, or things along those lines.
"A job's a job-no quitting midway through unless you or your employer's dead." -Freelancer's Vow

** Commandos are a class unique to the Specialists. Commandoes are most effective in hit-n-run situations and least effective in frontal battles. In a battle of any sort, Commandos are normally the commanding officer rather than a tank, but they can definatly hold their own in all situations. Commandos are often part of the Specialists' Primary Council, which is the heart of all their activities.

Any suggestion for new classes? Inform me if you have an idea.

Notice: If you want a character to have a special ability or an unusual skill, I can make exceptions. BUT! You must have one fatal flaw in that character for each special skill/ability that he/she has. So, one special skill means one major flaw; two special skills mean two major flaws, and so on.

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PostSubject: Re: Zero's Apocalyptic Idea   Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:59 pm

The Specialists' Symbol

The Reds' Symbol

The JMT's Symbol
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PostSubject: Re: Zero's Apocalyptic Idea   Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:11 pm

im so in, gonna be a mercant with a caravan. will post details in my character pages.
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PostSubject: Re: Zero's Apocalyptic Idea   

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Zero's Apocalyptic Idea
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