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 Shadow's Characters

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PostSubject: Shadow's Characters   Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:19 am


First Name: Renee
Middle Name: Alexandra
Last Name: Benewith

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 45 km
Age: 22

Faction: Ghosts of Hyperion
Occupation: Scout/Close-Quarters (when engaged in battle)
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Personality: Renee is a rather presumptuous young officer. She tends to be hot tempered, and will easily raise her gun up quickly, but unless she has reason to shoot, she will not. She prefers not to spill the blood of a person if it is not necessary, but when she catches the adrenaline rush in combat, she is a ruthless, cold-hearted killer. It is also shown through her actions that she is not afraid to fight for her opinion, even if it requires physical harm.

Likes: Adrenaline rushes, starships, the Hyperion Army
Dislikes: Enemies, cowards, rookies, idiots

Greatest Strengths:
-Short/Medium Ranged Weapons
-Hand-to-Hand combat
Greatest Weaknesses:
-Long Ranged Weapons
-Piloting Ships

Bio: Renee was born on the Jupiter Space Station known as, Kronos. She was raised on the Intrepid-class starship, Voyager, where both her parents were high-ranking officers. Her father was the Tactical Security Officer, and her mother was the Helmsman of the ship. When not in school, Renee tended to hang around her father more often than her mother, learning the art of firing a weapon. At fourteen years old, Renee was given the rank of "Junior Security Officer" on the Voyager. She didn't do much other than follow around Security officers with a stun gun in her hands, but she enjoyed it. At sixteen years old, she joined the Hyperion Army. She passed through the boot camp with flying colors, excelling in the firing range courses. She enrolled in the Scout class, where her true talents began to show up. She ran extraordinarily quick, and silently, the best in her classes. After she finished her classes at eighteen years old, she began to fight in real combat. Her amazing speed and stealth techniques gave the Army intelligence that, combined with help from other Scouts, helped them win their first major war in two years. She was recommended into the Elite, Ghosts of Hyperion, where she gladly accepted. After her leader decided to attack the UHEC when they were building a space elevator, she was very defiant in attacking with them. It wasn't until the leader threatened to kill her himself when she went with them. She was the only person not to fire her weapon, not wanting to make herself a target to the UHEC. When the rest of her team was killed, she tried to flee, but the UHEC soldiers found her, not knowing that she hadn't attacked them. They took her to be trialed in Court.

Armor: Standard-Issued Reconnaissance Armor

Main Weapon: X24000 Assault Rifle

Secondary Weapon: V2000 Handgun series

Ship: The Freedom, Sovereign-class
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Shadow's Characters
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