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 Ninja's Rp Characters

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PostSubject: Ninja's Rp Characters   Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:46 pm

i recently started rping lately, so i thought id post one of my favorite characters.

Name: Matteus
Gender: Male
Race: Human Vampire
Weapon of choice: Bow

Story: Matteus was once a Knight of the Feyvern Kingdom. He was sent to visit a destroyed town to search for survivors. He found only one, who was a criminal. As she was set to be executed, he saved her from the executioner and became a fugitive too.

When the king turned into a power hungry maniac and allied with demons, the civilians turned to Matteus, as the only non evil knight, for help. He lead the revolution against the King, and died doing it. He was ressurected as a vampire in order to survive.

But all that was thousands of years ago. Today, he is just a traveler, wandering the New Empire.

His bow, the Savior:

His backup dagger, the Righteous:
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Ninja's Rp Characters
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