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 Daemons of the Chaos Warp (Weak-minded fools beware, what you see here may destroy your mind)

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PostSubject: Daemons of the Chaos Warp (Weak-minded fools beware, what you see here may destroy your mind)   Fri Aug 20, 2010 4:45 am

(The majority of the descriptions on this page are/will-be taken directly from my books on Chaos. The books are copyright to Games Workshop and i do not claim original ownership of these passages, only the integration into the RP. Also note; i will only post pictures of the various marks and the leaders. If you want pictures of each seperate thing, then contact me with your request, and be prepared for a 'mature' grade picture in response)

Economy: None
Manpower: Massive.
Machine Power: Non-existant.
Upgrades: Various.
Morale: Very high.
Ship power: Non-existant.
Type: Quality over Quantity.

Overall description: Currently, nothing is known about the Daemons of the Chaos Warp, though i shall submit the info i have for the sake of it.

The Daemons of chaos fall into 5 catagorys, and are made of entirely energy made manifest on the realm of reality. The catagorys are led by a seperate leader, 4 'Gods' and a single exceptionally powerful leader forming the 5 seperate ruling factions. Each god strives for dominance over the others, but their power comes from both their knowing and unknowing followers on the mortal realm. The one who isnt a god is merely an exceptionally skilled Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided.
Each Chaos God has a massive standing army, numbering in the quadrillions, and the Daemon King of Undivided has one several billion strong. Fortunately for mortals, the Daemon Gods and their minions are quite restricted to their energy-based realm known as the Warp. Occasionally, a small band of Daemons finds a rip in their realm that forms a gateway to the realm of reality, this gateway can only be seen by these Daemons who will not hesistate to go through to earn glory for their respective leader. Once on the other side, they take a form that appears to be physical in nature, though it is not. Weapons fire done to these creatures can cause varying effects; where a shot from a tank might not do anything to a Daemon, a shot from a simple pistol may destroy the same Daemon, and vice-versa. Being merely personalitys that can meld the energy of their realm into bodys, they cannot be killed, only banished from the realm of reality to regain their strength in their own realm. The only way for a Daemon to be permanently destroyed is for the god that created them to take away their personality and ability to meld the energys of the Warp.

The Daemon Queen of Undivided, Be'lakor

Mark of Chaos Undivided

Khorne is the mightiest of al the Chaos Gods, for he is rage incarnate. The Blood God is worshipped in almost every mortal Chaos Army. Khorne is always perceived as an angry, roaring being of infinate strength and supreme battle prowess who rewards bravery, might at arms and conquest. The gore-maddened followers of Khorne hunt and kill even beyond the borders of the Warp realm, delighting in slaughter whether under the baking sun or by the light of of a bloodstained moon. Khorne hungrily watches the carnage wrought in his name, and his bellows of bloodlust can be heard echoing across the void between worlds.
Khorne is depicted as an overly-muscled, dog-headed giant in baroque plate mail who sits brooding upon a vast and ornately carved brass throne. The throne, in its turn, sits atop a great mountain of blood-stained bones. These are the skulls of not only his faithful champions but also those that they have slain in the name of Khorne. Their number is beyond counting, for every minute of every day yet more decapitations are offered unto this most violent of gods. Khorne's Flesh Hounds gnaw upon each new offering, ever ready to hunt those cravens who will not fight in open battle. There can never be enough skulls laid at the foot of Khorne's throne, for though they feed their glory, they can never quench his eternal thirst for blood.
There are no temples to Khorne, though, and conflict is his only ceremony, for the God of War is only truly worshipped on the battlefield. The indiscriminate bloodletting practiced by his followers is accompanied by litte ritual other than their chilling battle cry - "Blood for the Blood God!"
The warrior code of Khorne is simple: blood and more blood, regardless of the source. Khorne despises energy-based attacks in general, though Warp weapons that aid the buisness of slaughter are much favoured by his warriors. A common mark worn by his followers is the Collar of Khorne, a massive studded ring with long spikes on both the inside and out.
Champions of Khorne are often unpredictable fighters, for a day that passes without adding to the slaughter in Khorne's name is a day wasted. Furthermore, Khorne looks well upon those who sacrifice their friends or allies in the name of Khorne, and will punish a worshipper who fails in his duty as an executioner. After all, Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows. For this reason those high in the favour of Khorne are feared and hated even by other mortal Chaos worshippers. Khorne's champions are highly competitive, and unless they believe that their god has brought them together for a grander battle to come, when two champions meet, it inevitably ends in bloodshed and murder.
The armies that march to war in the name of Khorne are a terrifying sight. Of all the devotees of the Ruinous Powers, it is the minions of Khorne who prize martial prowess and iron determination most of all. The elite warriors of Khorne march tirelessly, menace in their every step. Their brass-bound banners drip with gore, decorated with disembodied heads and slicked with arterial blood. The keep a grim silence as they march, each busy with waking dreams of carnage. Around them, the air seems to crackle with tension, for the longer each warrior keeps his blade seathed, the more violent the outburst when he releases his rage. When the armies of Khorne reach the field and battle lines are drawn, the warriors of Khorne transform into a roaring, charging mass of steel and sinew that slams into the enemy line like the fist of the Blood God himself.

Bloodthirster, Greater Daemon of Khorne
Description: Fury incarnate, the Bloodthirsters act as his avatar though they are allowed far more personality than his lesser Daemons. They possess the strength to tear through the thickest armors and will fight on even if theyre outnumbered, mortally wounded, or even outmatched (though that's a rare case).

Flesh Hounds of Khorne
Description: Hounds that are larger than any mortal canine, and possess greater strength than any human could muster. Known for its ability to track it's target's scent through any landscape; even the vastness of space.

Bloodletters, Lesser Demons of Khorne, AKA The Footsoldiers of Khorne
Description: These form the vast bulk of Khorne's Daemons, they are armed and armored with nothing but a Helblade, which is wreathed in an enchantment that allows them to cleave through armor like butter. Added to their impressive strength, this makes them extremely fearsome in combat.

Mark of Khorne

Tzeentch is the Changer of the Ways, and he is flux embodied. He has a masterly comprehension of the Warp and Psionic energys, but also destiny, intrigue, history and subterfuge. As change is inherent in the essence of Chaos itself, Tzeentch has a stong claim to ultimate power over all who worship Chaos. For without transformation a warrior cannot ascend to greatness, the gods cannot bestow their gifts, and the living cannot die.
The entity that men worship as Tzeentch has a thousand names and faces. Everywhere, though, he is a subtle manipulator with an all-encompassing knowledge. Tzeentch knows each trivial seed of hate in man's heart, just as he knows the ultimate fate of every star in the cosmos. His plans are inevitably convoluted ad vast, spanning across untold aeons, inexplicable and contradictory to all mortal minds. He is the puppet master, pulling the strings of fate and controlling the destiny of his followers and enemys alike. He does not manipulate the lives of men twoard a specific end, at least not for long; for Tzeentch, the very act of manipulation is an end unto itself.
Tzeentch does not have a single form, often manifesting himself as a cloud of magical light that constantly changes colour. When he does take shape, his skin crawls with changing faces that leer and mock the onlooker. As he speaks, these faces repeat what he says with subtle but important differances. His head sits puckered and frowning in his chest, and his horns seem to spring from his shoulders rather than his brow. The firmament around Tzeentch is heavy with brooding energy that winds like liquid smoke around him, forming bewildering and interweaving patterns. To look upon him is to offer up one's sanity - mortal minds are not meant to glimpse infinity, and Tzeentch sits at the nexus of all possible futures.
The slighted, the desperate and the sly pray to him, asking for predominance over their rivals and the favour of fate itself. Ultimately it is they who will recive the gift of mutation far beyond others, for Tzeentch is synonymous with change, and the true disciples of the Great Schemer accept the changes wrought upon their frames with ecstatic abandon.
Tzeentch has many sigils and symbols, though the most common is the representation of the writhing fire of change. His daemons and champions are frequently gifted with eerie bird-like beaks, claws and multi-coloured feathers. Their skin and armor is in constant flow, changing shape and texture, forming grotesque cackling faces and kaleidoscopes of blazing colour that confuse and disorient those who look upon them. Those few who succede upon the twisting path of Tzeentch become the most otherworldly of all Chaos Champions. They are blessed with both exceptional warrior skills and the arcane powers of the Lord of Change. This deadly combination makes them cunning leaders and lethal warriors who command their armies with uncanny prescience.

Lord of Change, Greater Demon of Tzeentch
Description: These Daemons look weak and frail, though they have enough strength to rend a human in two with a single clawed swipe. Despite their strength, their main weapons are gouts of Warpfire, and pure deception. Lords of Change are rarely able to tell whole-truths to anyone or anything, even their creator (who knows all they know anyway, so that dosent matter).

Horrors of Tzeentch, Lesser Demons of Tzeentch
Description: Their forms are ever-changing in shape and hue, but theyre predominately pink. Primarily attacks with bolts of Warpfire.

Mark of Tzeentch

Nurgle is the Lord of Decay. It is he who unleashes famines and pestilence upon the universe, and so it is to Nurgle that mortals turn when they wish protection from the ravages of disease and the inevitable decline brought by the passing years. Sooner or later every mortal feels Nurgle's debilitating touch. When the crops are spoilt, when a child falls feverish, and when wounds begin to fester on the field of battle, supplications are offered to Nurgle for him to stay his hand. These supplications are often successful, but Nurgles favour is bought at a terrible cost.
Nurgle is an ancient and well-established god. He has claim to immense power, for no matter how solid and permanent something seems, it is always liable to physical corruption. The palace of today is tommorow's ruin, the maiden of the morning is the crone of the night, and the hope of the moment is the foundation stone of everlasting regret.
A darker counterpart to primative dieties of fertility and nature, Nurgle is portrayed as a kindly, almost jovial god, known as Father or Grandfather Nurgle to his blighted acolytes. Though he is the Lord of Decay, whose body is wracked with disease, he is full of exuberant energy and a desire to enlighten - Nurgle cherishes all life, be it mewling babe or bubonic pox. While non-believers may moan in anguish when crippling plague sweeps the lands, those dedicated to Nurgle laugh and dance to see the great works of their master unfold. They have accepted the futility in defying nurgle and the inescapable dilapidation that he brings, embracing the fruitful delights of decay, disease, and ruin. For what use is it to rail against the onset of entropy, as implacable as the passage of time itself?
To his followers, Nurgle appears as a gigantic and massively bloated creature, festering with boils, poxes and suppurating sores. He is surrounded by a dark cloud of tiny demonic insects, each of which carrys the symbol of the Plaguelord upon its back. Nurgle's skin is rent and torn, and indescribable organs, rank with decay, spill through the ruptured skin and hang like drapes about his girth. From his exposed guts spill the Nurglings, the spiteful mites of Nurgle, giggling ang cackling as they play amidst the filth.
Father Nurgle has a generous spirit. He is never mean or thrifty when bestowing his latest concoctions upon the mortal realms, for within his putrescent cauldren Nurgle has gifts enough for all. The Plaguelord is said to delight in every new pox, every unique rash and blister, and of all the gods he takes the most interest in the plight of his mortal followers.
Nurgle's Champions, although ravaged by disease, are themselves protected from such plagues, for they become immune to pain and discomfort. While their bodies may corrupt and split open, the spirit of Nurgle sustains them. Thus the Champions of Nurgle can endure wounds and afflictions that would cripple others and still fight on in his name. They are horrific to look upon, more so even than other Champions of Chaos, for their peeling flesh, stomachs bloated with corpse-gas and charnel stench are a reminder of the eventual fate that awaits all creatures.

Great Unclean One, Greater Demon of Nurgle
Description: The Great Unclean Ones are essentially Nurgle in form and essence, albiet much weaker. This is not to say that they're weak; their strength isnt as great as the other Greater Daemons though they can sustain much, much more damage.

Plaguebearers of Nurgle, Lesser Demons of Nurgle
Description: Covered in infectious sores and boils, and dripping with contagion, the Plaguebearers march to battle in Nurgle's name, spreading disease and decay wherever they go.

Mark of Nurgle

Slaanesh, the Dark Princess of Chaos, is the youngest of the four greater Chaos Gods. Known under a multitude of names, the Lady of Pleasure is the matron of excess in all things. Mistress of luxury and creative power, her realms of influence include music, art and passion, but also sadism, perversion and cruelty. She is the embodiment of indulgence in all its forms, and can be found wherever discipline bows to temptation and virtue falls to vice.
Divinely beautiful and alluring, Slaanesh exudes a palpable and irresistable charm that can leave any mortal who gazes upon her smitten for all eternity. Slaanesh most often appears as a beautiful maiden, but can appear as either a male or a female, and posesses a subtly disturbing voice that can bind a mortal as a spider binds a fly. She teases the souls of her enemies from their bodys as they gaze with adoration into her lustrous eyes.
The warriors of Chaos mortals seek the favour of Slaanesh not purely for pleasure but also for personal gain, for the Dark Princess of Chaos has it within her power to instill her followers with a portion of her radiant glory. The truly devoted of Slaanesh has legions of acolytes prepared to die on his/her behalf and his/her pick of adoring mates. Slaanesh's allure is highly addictive, and those who follow her are quickly overcome by the lure of pride, arrogance and excess.
No-one is safe from the Dark Princess, for she is not some raw elemental force that can be avoided or met with blade and shield, but the embodiment of the hidden lusts and desires that nestle within every being's soul. Slaanesh hungrily preys upon these mortal weaknesses, watching greedily as her playthings fall from grace. How many have inadvertantly slipped into her tender embrace as they succumb to the sins of self-indulgence? How many leaders of men have turned to the Dark Princess of Chaos to secure their position, or to gain the support and respect of their fellows?
Champions of Slaanesh are majestic, charismatic leaders who are adored by their followers and attract ever more armies to their side. As the Champion becomes more self-absorbed, he begins to lose that which once made him human. The favoured one becomes more distant from his followers, his otherworldly persona only furthering the devotion his acolytes. Slaaneshi Champions are immensely proud of the gifts given to them by the Dark Princess, bathing in the praise heaped upon them by lesser men. They are imposing individuals, with an allure that goes beyond mere physical beauty, and they fight with effortless grace and exquisite precision. The sheer presence of a Champion of Slaanesh is inspiring; they are surrounded by an aura that delights others and drives them to acts of great loyalty and sacrifice. Pain, fear, honour and loyalty become merely abstract concerns to be examined as a gravekeeper might examine a corpse before burying it. As the devoted of Slaanesh slide ever deeper into the depths of depravity, a little more of their humanity drips away with every unnatural act, untill they are reborn as beautiful but cruel tyrants entirely focused on their own ambitions. All other creatures become subservient to the will of the Champion, there merely to give adulation or be destroyed.

Keeper of Secrets, Greater Demon of Slaanesh
Description: Wreathed in mind-altering enchantments and scents, the Keeper's are seen by the beholder as a thing of utmost beauty, leaving them awe-struck even as its massive pincers shred through their ranks.

Daemonette, Lesser Demon of Slaanesh
Description: Disguised by the same type of illusions as the Keepers of Secrets, the Daemonettes are as likely to tempt you to depravity and corruption as they are to sever your limbs and stroke you as you slowly bleed to death in their arms.

Mark of Slaanesh

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PostSubject: Re: Daemons of the Chaos Warp (Weak-minded fools beware, what you see here may destroy your mind)   Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:58 pm

A What-If scenario of the Chaos Gods at a bar. the What-If being; What If the Chaos Gods could or -would- go to a bar together.

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Daemons of the Chaos Warp (Weak-minded fools beware, what you see here may destroy your mind)
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