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 Chaos Cult of the Warp

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PostSubject: Chaos Cult of the Warp   Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:10 pm

The Cult of Chaos worship the four gods of Chaos, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh, They are humans or other races who have fallen from their status as Sane people and turned into the Chaos cult to revere their gods.

They have 5 Champions[Or Daemon Princes]

The First is of Chaos Undivided, Meaning hes the Prince of all 4 Chaos Gods.

The Second is the Prince of Khorne

The Third is the Prince of Tzeentch

The Fourth is the Prince of Slaanesh

And the Fifth is of Nurgle

Chaos Space Marines[of the Same 5 Types] are 9ft tall behemoth's, Corrupted Space Marines from the Old Imperium of the Galaxy, they are the Mass Majority of Chaos's Working Force

The Massive Amounts of Useless Soldiers called the Chaos Guardsmen, they are almost As Useless as Imperial Guardsmen

Chaos Cultists Muthafucka

Chaos Witch

Khornite Chaos Space Marine

Lord Kessoq, Chaos Space Captain

Chaos Maiden, Axelia

Khorne and Tzeentch Chaos Champions

Slaanesh/Nurgle Chaos Champions

Chaos Assault Marine, Raptor's

Chaos Sorcerer[Tzeentch]

Chaos, Nurglish Dreadnought

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Chaos Cult of the Warp
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