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 Antarean Empire

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PostSubject: Antarean Empire   Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:38 am

Antarean is a Group of Helix Empire rebels who discovered the Planet Cradle and quickly began colonizing it, While the Helix empire was involved in all its wars and Squabbles, Antaria built the entire planet into an Enormous City worthy of replacing its Predecessor Dimencules. The Capitol of Cradle is Called New Haven, but the 'Empire' only has one standing fleet, because they have made a Device called the Suynan Defense Point Grid, which upon detecting energy spike of most weapons, including certain Planet-annihilating weapons, it'll release a Frequency that messes with the compontents of most of said weapons and renders them useless, the only way to effectively Destroy Cradle is to invade it with transports and fight them on the ground and destroy the Power-Temple, that uses its massive energy grid to power the Suynan Grid.

The Antarean Planet, Cradle, With its Defense Grid now fully-functional

Cradle Closer View

Power-Temple in the Background

Antarean's Military is mostly ground based, and they use plasma-induced weapons, including a Form of a Plasma Blade that takes on the form of a Light-blade. They base all their technological advancement off their predecessor's or their enemies.

Most Antarean's have decided to take on a Darker aspect, believing in Dark Gods that will let them have revenge upon the Helix Empire, so they have tattooed or painted themselves in ways to make themselves appeal to their Dark Gods.

The Empire is controlled by an Emperor and his Council of Lords.

Emperor Malak

Lordess Valneh

Lordess Sonya

Lords Galean

Lord Scion

Lordess Bastila

Lord Janus, Receiing a Message from Another Secret Lord

Zasz Sarum, Ex-Lord, Now assassin

Antarean First Fleet

Antarean Crusader Marine

Battle Master Orlan

Antarean Stalker

Antarean Shocktrooper

Antarean 'Wraiths'

Vaughan, Cloaker-Mech

Close-combat 'Culverin' Mech
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PostSubject: Re: Antarean Empire   Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:11 pm

I don't make planet killing weapons that much, only weapon that i have that can kill planets is Black Sun, which can kill any planet. (Black Sun can kill any planet, it uses quantum gate network to send shockwaves at said planet's core, the shockwaves cause the planet to explode on itself) (black sun makes the shockwaves then amps then as they entire the quantum gate netowrk)
Black Sun Reconstruction on unknown uef capital planet ETA-5 Years... i lost the schematics and currently looking for them lol. (as soon as i find them, i'll start reconstruction)

This weapon cannot be fired whenever i want due to political reasons.

Now i'll go on to explain Quantum Gate Network on UEF post
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Antarean Empire
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