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 The Everglades

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PostSubject: The Everglades   Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:07 pm

In these glades there are eight races.
The Elves (Leafrunners)

It works like this, the Elves are in the center of the glades, with the other seven races spiking out around them each in their own fit location that they enjoyed, the elves are the strongest out of all the races. The only way people will discover the reasoning behind this positioning is if they become very good friends with an individual of any of the races, the only completely straight stories will come from the Fairies and the Elves. There is an unbelievable amount of peace and tranquility into this place, as in enough so that despite all the unique races that roam the forest, there is not the tiniest traceable amount of discomfort to those outside the forest, to those inside the goblins somtimes try to disrupt the peace by blaming something on the elves, but are quickly shot down (verbally). Not in 25 years has blood been spilt onto the forest. However all the creatures in the forest rarely leave it, so they are secluded from the events of the outside world, save for the fairies and the elves, and they do not become involved with the outside world, and rarely let those from the outside world come into their glave, I'll reveal about their customs of each race and the way their major city looks as they're revealed, as well as more background to the "peaceful" forest.
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The Everglades
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