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 Race/faction- Skarith Kingdom

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PostSubject: Race/faction- Skarith Kingdom   Tue Sep 28, 2010 11:36 pm


Home Planet: unknown (somewhere near Sol System)
Organization: Religious Hive mind
Intelligence: Super-Sentient
Religion: Believes in all-bearing force within the universe. That this force moves things at will and influences the actions of their hive minds.(yes, more than one are present in their society)

The race had originated in 2064 A.D. when a meteor collided with Earth carrying a new virus unseen to humankind. When Earths finest scientists decided to close up the impact site, and the surrounding area. Earth's various governments at the time sent some of their finest scientists near the site to investigate it too, with officials calling it the Apollo A project.

The team soon found how the virus works after months of testing and military officials wondered about it's military usage so the scientists started work on spread rate and other factors in the ability of the new virus, now named ACID after the way it melts certain metals upon contact.

Two years later the virus escapes confinement and mutates to be able to survive with human cells as the host. The scientists get out word that project Apollo A is compromised and is to be terminated and so the site is nuked and quarantined.

2069 A.D. humans return to the site to examine the damage and the surviving viruses infect those humans who return to cities to infect those populations. The virus ends up with varying side affects such as nervous system failure, severe vomiting and so on as it tries to adapt to the human body. When it finally adapts, ACID destroys human brain cells replacing them with itself and speeds up nerve cells making reaction time even faster than a human's, allowing it to take over the body. These infected start banding together and form the first Skarithian society, revolting against humanity.

After 2071 A.D. humanity loses the war with the Skarithians and flees to other systems and the Skarinthians evolve to be almost reptil-like with some human influences still remaining.

(//More updates soon on it, and if anything here is in the wrong place plz tell me)
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Race/faction- Skarith Kingdom
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