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 The Drochians (past Vers.)

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PostSubject: The Drochians (past Vers.)   Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:18 pm

Race Sheet

Name: Drochian Empire

Government: Monarchy

World: Drochna

Capital: Drochna City

Main produce: May berries (Red berry, desired by all races for the flavor/taste)

Main Export: May Berries, Hell Gems

Main Import: Purified Water

Population: 3100 Est.

Race: Drochian

Racial Information: Human-like individuals, defined by their short or long horns and warm peach/orange skin, males tend to be bulky and muscular, women are more petite. Large Busts are common. They also always have yellow/red/orange eyes and black/red/orange/blonde hair

Boy to girl Ratio: 2:1

Life Expectancy: 893 years (oldest Drochian on record is well over 2,323 years old)

War Status: Currently in peacetime

Technology: High, Steam-punk like technology (including basic rifles and explosives) as well as air ships, both lumbering zeppelin like craft and smaller fighter plane like flyers


Name: Lord Raaxius Avaal
Age: 1234
Sex: M
Race: Drochian
Class: King of Drochna
Hair: short, black
Eyes: blood red
Height: 7ft 10 in
Weight: 380 Lbs.
Figure: strong, muscular
Scars/ tattoos: too many to count
Place of birth: Drochna
Place of death: N/A
Favored Weapon: unknown
Secondary: N/A
History: lost to the sand of time
Personality: strong, confidant, a bit brutal and an absolute womanizer
Likes: girls, girls, and girls!
Loves: his wife, his kingdom, and his daughter
Dislikes: to many things to list
Hates: even more things to list

Name: Winry Avaal
Age: 223
Sex: F
Race: Drochian
Class: Queen
Hair: long, flowing red/orange hair
Eyes: yellow
Height: 6ft
Weight: 120 Lbs.
Figure: breath taking beauty all around.
Scars/ tattoos: N/A
Place of birth: Drochna
Place of death: N/A
Favored Weapon: N/A
Secondary: N/A
History: Winry was raised from a young age to become Raaxius’s 30th Wife, bred for beauty, grace and kindness she is Raaxius’s favorite woman in his possession.
Personality: king, caring, motherly, but a tease.
Likes: Raaxius, the kingdom
Loves: Her Only Daughter
Dislikes: not much
Hates: the fact her childhood was ruined so she could become a bride in training

Name: Callara Avient
Age: 2,323
Sex: F
Race: Drochian
Class: civilian (?)
Hair: long, silky black hair
Eyes: Orange
Height: 5ft 6in
Weight: 50 Lbs.
Figure: though she’s ancient she retains the body of a bomb shell 20-something, and surpasses Winry in beauty by a long shot.
Scars/ tattoos: N/A
Place of birth: Drochna
Place of death: N/A
Favored Weapon: Dark, unknown Magic
Secondary: Anything she can get her hands on
History: Callara was born in Drochna long ago when it was still just a developing rural colony, and took it to the top, where she was promptly disowned by her lover (one of the kings prior to Raaxius) she disappeared for hundreds of years until Raaxius came into power. She had a daughter with the sole purpose of clawing her way back to the top, at age 5 she sold Winry off to the people organizing courtesans for the new king. When Winry was accepted as his true wife she got her wish, and still lives in the Royal palace to this day.
Personality: cold, uncaring- to anyone but friends, or friends of people she knows
Likes: Raaxius, her position in the monarchy
Loves: her daughter and granddaughter, her life in general
Dislikes: a lot of things
Hates: quite a few things.
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The Drochians (past Vers.)
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