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 School's In Session!

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PostSubject: School's In Session!   Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:53 pm

study study Surprised Very Happy Wink geek

You heard me, class is in session! or school, idk, anyway, lets get to the point lol!

This be the big introduction to whats going on tongue Razz

I invite you all to join thee rp cheers ..... I get the feeling im going to have several boys glomp me ina sec Shocked affraid

Well, here we go...

The World is a large place, a large place full of many, many people. These people come in many varieties, of various colors and tones. Many different ideals and attitudes. Due to this, not all of these people get along. In short, wars develop.

The World by then had been split up, 1 nation controled it all, americans had dominated the world, and other cultures had integrated. Everywhere from Japan to China to the British to russia, to america, all american. Although technically their a mix of all. War had developed all around the world.

There was 3 factions, The Cominists, derived originally from the Communists, the Cominists are a faction of fanatics who believe that unity can only be complete under 1 leader. The Cominists formed soon after the crowning of yet another democratic president and started an open riot in the city, this split caused the North American continent to split in half, texas was split into a "east" and "West" texas. Everywhere east of west-texas was comminist territory, ending at the border to russia/iran and other small countries on that border.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world, From West Texas all the way to russia and iran was controlled by another faction, the Diplotists. The Diplotists were originated from the Democrats, nobodys sure why they changed that name and they pretty much believe in multiple leaders. As such, the Diplotists had over 25 different leaders all among their territory. Very few know the locations of them outside of the military ring. The Cominists and Diplotists were at a very equal tie considering they had the same supplies, same land, same weapons, same everything. The war gained nothing but death.

Then There was the revolt of europe.. All the countries in europe got in a council and had an open revolt, claiming they were no longer Cominist nor Diplotist, that they would be a new faction.. that came to be called the Eurotists. This was the 'free' faction, and for the most part remained just europe with the exception of the initial spread into russia, controlling about 1/4th of it. Turkey also became part of the Eurotists, soon an all out world war was breaking out between the 3 factions.

On 1 side of the war there was Eastern North America, South American, and Africa all controlled by the Cominists. On another there was Western North America, most of Asia, and Australia all controlled by the Diplotists. And Finally the Eurotists who controlled all of Europe, 1/4th of Russia, and Turkey.

Meanwhile, far away from all of this.. in Japan (in Diplotist territory if you cant figure that out), peace still ensues. The Long war thats already been going on for 3 decades is in the back of their minds, part of every day life. News of another town being taken on the radio is the daily news now. And so it is that people continued on normally, kids went to school, people thrived, people ate and drank happily over dates and family meetings. Life went on as normal.

Among this normality was a town called Ukusaki (oo-koo-sah-kee), that was, perhaps, considered the most normal of them all. Where other towns were continually informed of the requirement for enlistment for the war, and other "needs" for the war-effort, Ukusaki was -just- far enough out that it wasnt part of the main route of these details. However it was still in the bounds of peace and normality that encircled the inner, peaceful colonies of the war. Ukusaki was an extremely peaceful town... radio and TV was still loaded with news about the war, but the way people recieved it was a somewhat.. detached.. style.

Ukusaki was a normal town. It had several stores of almost all kinds, from groceries to sports to eletronics. There was only 1 thing in Ukusaki, that was strange in comparison to other towns/cities. That was the temple. In the middle of the town there was a temple, large in size, ancient in appearance. It was made of a strange sort of white marble not found anywhere else on the planet that also seems so strong as not to come apart. Above the entrance, engraved deeply into the strange metal/marble, was engraved "Avan Temple". And so it was that the people of Ukusaki called it that, the Avan (Aa-van) Temple. Most researchers had long grown careless of it since the initial craze over it. Researchers from all around, before the war, had come to investigate it, and it had been found to not only be made of a strange unearthly metal/marble, but also was in a style unlike anything on earth. There had been rumors of aliens, and many other strange/crazy ideas over it. This had led to its disuse, since it had been used as a church for awhile in Ukusaki. People left it alone... very few would still look at it... now if anything, it was a monument to the lone people they are, and a tourist attraction.

Lone people, you wonder? Indeed, not only was the town on the edge of the war while being on the edge of worry, they were also in a enclosed valley away from the other lands around it. Mountains surrounded it in such a way that it was mostly unnoticed. Very few visitors visit because of this as well.

Furthermore, the schools that were set up a long time ago, were named after people that nobody recognized. Due to this strange knowledgelessness, the names were left there until someone could figure it out, besides, they had a ring anyway. The High School for the town, was known as New Dethart High, it was large considering the size of the town, and so had plenty of room and plenty of classes for the kids. Almost everything was offered. Furthermore, it was set up more like a college, mostly to prepare the kids for their time outside the valley in an actual college. They even had schedules mostly the same as a college.

Near the High School, was Xasuh Middle School. Xasuh Middle school was like other places in this town... peaceful and nice. All kids went there for the respectable age, and it was obviously a loved place among the kids. The Middle school worked in system like a high school, and all were used to it.

It was on this first day of freshman year, that many more kids would join the ranks of young adults and create the next generation... but sometimes there are some unique ones...
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PostSubject: Re: School's In Session!   Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:32 am

Lucy you need to answer my message XD
Where can we host this delectable contraption?
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School's In Session!
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