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 The Vostroyan Enclave (pioneer)

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Yuri Mastermind

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PostSubject: The Vostroyan Enclave (pioneer)   Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:07 pm

Note: I still have much to add to this.

Faction name: Vostroyan Enclave

Faction leader: Petrov Diminski

Government: Communist

Faction location: Vostroya

System: Ericon

Main Military Strength: Infantry

Secondary: Armored vehicles

Tech level: Medium

Manpower: Very high

Machinery: Medium

War Status: Internal conflicts between sub factions The First Born and Rebellion forces.

Faction species: Human

Faction Species Traits: the harsh winter landscape of Vostroya have made the people who inhabit it hard weathered, literally immune to heavy rains and snow storms. They also, due to natural exposure to the planet’s natural radiation they are also near immune to it’s affects.

Space capable: No

Main forces:

Vostroyan Conscript: Trained from age 10 and sent into combat at 15 these soldiers form the masses of troops are the backbone of the Vostroyan forces. Armed with LX-22 assault rifles they are effective against infantry.

Vostroyan First Born: the first born child of a military family is believed to be genetically better as so are entered into the royal academy at 8 years of age. These firstborn receive intense training until age 18, when they are entered into the platoons of Conscripts as either leaders or elite squads. Equipment varies strongly.

Vostroyan Tank killer: these elite Conscripts are often recruited from death row prisoners and are armed with both a heavy Flak cannon, capable of shooting down both air and destroying ground armor and upon death kamikaze charges implanted in them detonate when motion sensors are triggered.
Vostroyan Ranger: these elite units are the cream of the Conscript forces, being trained to near the same level as Firstborn. Normally made into sharpshooters, they use their semi-automatic rifles to deadly effectiveness.

Vostroyan Psi-Ops Commando: Gifted First born and conscripts alike are trained to become psykers at a very young age, normally 4-5 when the powers first show themselves. These few soldiers are the elite of the elite; they use no weapons, but can pick up and throw objects with their mind, as well as erase memories and read them.

Vostroyan Desolator: these soldiers are gifted with complete immunity to radiation, and as such are put into service using the radiation cannon, capable of creating fields of deadly radiation when planted. This weapon eats through flesh and metal alike. The radiation cannon can also be fired like a normal weapon, to lesser effect against armor.

Vostroyan Tesla Trooper: These firstborn are the more dangerous thinking of the crop, being armed with the volatile and dangerous Tesla rail gun. They are as much a danger to themselves and others as they are to all ground forces.

Vostroyan “Tortoise” Armored personnel carrier: these 6 wheeled armored vehicles are large and bulky, able to carry smaller vehicles, armored with a 50 millimeter minigun on the hatch gun-mount. They can carry upwards of 15-20 soldiers and sports a hardened case, able to protect valuable items from all damage from explosions to AP fire. Some Tortoise, nicknamed “Hard Shell APCS” have firing ports dotting the sides of the hull, allowing for the personnel inside to fire their weapons in relative safety. This variant has extra armor as well.

Vostroyan “Rhino” T-56 MBT: heavily armored all-terrain tank with an AP Cannon capable of a high ROF, a 50mm minigun. The Rhino can travel through snow, land, loose sand and water (water thanks to inflatable pontoons that deploy in the water) what the tank lacks in true firepower it makes up for in speed and maneuverability.

Vostroyan T-15 Light Recon Walker (LRW): the light recon walker is a two-legged weapon platform with a multitude of weaponry options from Minigun to missile launchers and even chainsaws. Regardless of the weapon configuration the unit it can fold into a smaller form, able to fit into the Tortoise or Hard Shell APC. The unit is extremely durable and hard to tank down with small arms fire. They are however not normally used as front line units.

Vostroyan T-08 “jumping Spider” walker: these four legged walkers are fast, recon capable assault units, equipped with three 30mm miniguns, one on the under side of the cockpit, two on the top of the unit’s “shoulders” they can jump like their name sake, and use this tactic to often leap atop pre, then spray their weapons into it.

Vostroyan E-03 “Skeletal” engineer (Skelly): these human-sized flying units are one of the more advanced things in the Vostroyan arsenal, essentially simple technicians these units are AI driven devices capable of effective combat-repairs. They can be stored in all Vostroyan vehicles except the LRW.

Vostroyan SrS VTOL dual-blade Gunship: main air superiority fighter, Capable of both anti-air and anti -ground combat. It can also carry between 5 and 10 men. LRW’s cannot fit in this transport space.

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Yuri Mastermind

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PostSubject: Re: The Vostroyan Enclave (pioneer)   Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:13 pm

Name: Petrov Diminski
Age: 76
Sex: M
Race: Vostroyan First Born
Class: Chancellor
Hair: thinning silver hair.
Eyes: cold gray eyes
Height: 6ft 4 in
Weight: 230 Lbs.
Figure: strong, even in his old age.
Scars/ tattoos: scars all over his body from his many battles, Vostroyan First Born Tattoo
Place of birth: Krieger, Vostroya
Place of death: N/A
Favored Weapon: N/A
Secondary: N/A
History: First born son of revered General Grim Diminski, he was entered into the First Born’s ranks as normal where he fought in over 50 campaigns against the uprisings scattered about the planet. At age 42 he returned to Krieger a hero, one of the most experienced veterans in their forces. It was a simple jump from war hero to chancellor of the people. He settled down once his place on the throne was taken, choosing three women as his wives. Over the last 30 years he’s had 5 children.
Personality: cold, tactical realist.
Likes: war, war games, hunting
Loves: chess and anything tactical
Dislikes: children, teenagers, his dwindling strength, and knowing his end will be soon.
Hates: all enemies of the Vostroyan First Born, his daughter, people who think their war heros for serving in a single campaign.

Natasha Diminski: Daughter
Boris Diminski: Son
(Other children died)
(Wives left or died)

Name: Natasha Diminski (goes by Nin or Nana)
Age: 17 (youngest daughter)
Sex: F
Race: Vostroyan
Class: Engineer
Hair: short, spiked red hair
Eyes: Green eyes
Height: 5ft 4in
Weight: 120 Lbs.
Figure: she’s a tomboy by nature, but she can’t hide her developing hourglass figure or larger chest.
Scars/ tattoos: Mark of Shame Tattoo
Place of birth: Krieger, Vostroya
Place of death: N/A
Favored Weapon: Hefty Wrench
Secondary: N/A
History: Natasha was born at a bad time. Her father’s twin sons having just died. As such he took out his disappointment on young Natasha. He would always tell her she’d never be worth anything in his eyes. This took the young girl hard, but also formed a massive streak of rebellious behavior. After her mother died it exploded out, at age 10 disowning her own family, and taking to the streets. Petrov had her hunted down and branded with the mark of shame, making her break from the family official. She was no longer a Diminski. After hard times she found herself working at a mechanics shop in the slums of Vostroya.
Personality: kind, childish, rebellious, an absolute tomboy.
Likes: Getting dirty, mechanics, her shop, and her look
Loves: Driving heavy machinery (especially tanks), acting like a guy to throw off boys, her deceased mother and “aunts” (Petrov’s other wives, also deceased)
Dislikes: all that frilly, girly shit, especially long hair and dresses (on herself, of course)
Hates: her father, people who wreck vehicles for fun or don’t know what the hell their doing. Teaching people.

Name: Boris Diminski
Age: 30
Sex: M
Race: Vostroyan First Born
Class: Commander, heir to the throne
Hair: short, slicked back black hair
Eyes: cold gray
Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 220 Lbs.
Figure: strong, toned body, very athletic.
Scars/ tattoos: Scars from his Campaigns, First Born tattoo
Place of birth: Krieger, Vostroya
Place of death: N/A
Favored Weapon: LX-34 prototype assault rifle
Secondary: LX-10 9mm pistol
History: Boris was always his father’s favorite child. As his first child he was entered in the first born’s ranks early in his life, following his father’s footsteps, fighting in many conflicts. He shares his father’s love of strategy and has groomed himself to become the chancellor of the people.
Personality: strong, brave, if not a bit over confidant and aloof
Likes: strategy, his father, his sister (secretly)
Loves: his people
Dislikes: the thought of his father dying so he may take the throne
Hates: all enemies of the Vostroyan people

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PostSubject: Re: The Vostroyan Enclave (pioneer)   Mon Oct 18, 2010 3:00 pm

Yuri i gots an idea on how to stop by your planet!
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Yuri Mastermind

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PostSubject: Re: The Vostroyan Enclave (pioneer)   Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:28 pm

Seeing as this race inhabits the Vostroyan's sister planet of Orrin- or Vostroya II- i decided to post this here.

-Document/ top secret File-
- Input password now/ **********
-Access granted

Displaying Requested file

Name: Oscilix Orrin (Natives of Orrin) The Silent ones “Stalkers” “gray skins”
Government: Tribal (?)
World: Vostroya II (Orin IV)
Capital: Metill (met-ill)
Main produce: N/A
Main Export: N/A
Main Import: N/A

Population: unknown. Species believed to be spread all over planet surface

Race: Silent one

Racial Information: these creatures seem semi intelligent and vary massively in appearance from humanoid to canine, even gigantic two-three story tall monsters. All have smooth or mottled gray skin with developing patterns- normally simple designs, or a tattoo like design. They have no audible speech.

Boy to girl Ratio: 1-5 Females tend to be humanoid, bearing near identical reproductive traits. Males however are more alien-like. Most are muscular or strongly built and tend to be sluggish

Life Expectancy: unknown: all subjects observed have never died of natural causes.

War Status: N/A

Technology: ruins observed on Orin IV’s surface suggest 1940’s-esque time line. As to what created or what caused the destruction of the species is unknown.

Weapons: N/A

Further information

Observed traits/behavior

-They sometimes travel in packs, following pack mentality, having a Alpha male and female(s)

-Gestation cycle is drastically short; Silent one “pups” can be born in two to three months.

-The females show an average intelligence of an adult Human. Males show the intelligence of a 10-year-old child, even so males appear to call the shots.

- Translated Documents found in unknown ruins suggests viral infection in the air. Resulting tests come back negative. The document also mentions a lynchpin. Nothing comes of it.

- Creatures are territorial and attacked scouts sent to the surface. Reports indicate team was lost somewhere near [suspected capital] Metill

Audio log found among Metill ruins. Log begins.

[Assumed date/month]

-Unintelligible language goes on for 3 minutes 22 seconds-

[Glass breaking in background, woman screaming in fear]

[Panicked male voice, voice yells]

[Unidentified Snarling/growling]

-Log ends-

/end file/

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PostSubject: Re: The Vostroyan Enclave (pioneer)   Thu Oct 28, 2010 4:33 pm

Dibs on scouting this place with my new scout car.
(i don't have to be the first xD)
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PostSubject: Re: The Vostroyan Enclave (pioneer)   

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The Vostroyan Enclave (pioneer)
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