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 Yzinigari (New world)

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PostSubject: Yzinigari (New world)   Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:25 pm

Okay, this is both an idea and a faction soo..

On a heavily forested planet, one with mountains, but near no desert, and whereas the earth is 97% water, this planet is only 75%, so there is much more forest than you would figure, the forest thickery thins in some point, but primarily speaking it's very dense, rain forest type canopy, currently all that's known is that this planet could easily support life, and so humans would send a small group of elites to this planet to scout. This is your briefing: You are too check for inhabitants on this planet, and document the life, make peace with them if they exist, and if not then document the animal life, document the life of the natives if there is any, and take any means neccessary to get close to them, killing any of the natives or their life is not an option right now until they permit it if it's there, if there seem to be no natives, then kill what you must. All in all, this mission is 100% scouting and negotiating. The inhabitants of this planet are unknown, but one thing is clear, this planet is very worthwhile to put consideration into. I'll reveal the factions of this planet as they're revealed.

The Tribes-
They consist of Neko's, and Kitsune's, legit cat people, and legit wolf people. They are highly primitive, but also highly intelligent creatures, but they are brutal, merciless, and have customs so deeply engraved that are so awful to humans, but to them are perfectly justified, both of the tribes are, however, only the Neko's have been explored in depth thus far. The kitsunes have yet to be revealed.

(these are creatures I'll explain as they're revealed)

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Yzinigari (New world)
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