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PostSubject: -Die2Nite-   Wed Dec 08, 2010 7:39 pm

*Wall of text incoming*
Skip to the bottom if you want link or are too lazy to read my explanation.

The spelling may deter you, but this is the best real time browser based game I have ever played. And before this I hated these types of games.

Die2nite is a zombie game, with several players. Each player is a "soul". You get assigned to a random town of about 40 other players, and you must work with them to survive as long as you can.

Cooperation is key in this game. The way this game makes money is called "hero" status. You can buy it for yourself for a set amount of days, giving yourself benefits, extra classes and abilities, etc... Or, be the last man standing in a town. The number of days the town survived determines how many hero days the last man standing gets.

Zombies will attack in great number every night (game time) at 23:00 (not at 24:00 like the game says. The attack ENDS at 24:00) Now, defense depends on defensive buildings the town has constructed, along with defensive items stored in the bank (a sort of public storage). The town gates must also be closed in order for defense to be active. Players outside cannot enter town while the gates are closed. Any players outside will die if they are not in town by the attack. Back on town defense, if the amount of zombies attacking is greater than the amount of the towns defense (say, town has defense points of 40 but 48 zombies attack), then the amount that it is over the towns defense points (8 zombies) will infiltrate the town and attack random citizens' homes. If you, as a citizen, are able to fend off a zombie from your home, you will be terrorized, a status that must be removed with a drug. Read that later.

On December 1st, the game was publicly released. I was in the closed beta, with a connection to someone else who was in it. Yesterday, all towns had their days turned to day 666, and roughly 300,000 zombies attacked each town on that midnight. Everyone died, and the admins reset the server for public release and the end of the beta.

Now I only explained not even half the game there.


Also, please enter me as your sponsor/referrer and/or use the above link.
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