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 Left 4 Dead- Fairfield

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Yuri Mastermind


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PostSubject: Left 4 Dead- Fairfield   Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:04 pm

Left 4 Dead theme

2-4 people max

All participants must start as a survivor.

I will act as the AI Director and NPC survivors.

Based one week into the infection, special infected have yet to mutate or show themselves.

You CAN die or become infected. If you die make a new character.

Theme is based in Fairfield, a Fictional Southern city near New Orleans.

Three ways to enter Fairfield: water front, highway, occupant from pre-infection

My own custom special infected will make appearances. Some are from friends on deviantart.com.

Character details: all characters have an inventory of some form. Remember to pick weapons you would spot or find easily. Don’t just say “I found a gun store so I haz m60!” Uzi’s, pump shotguns, and pistols are most common. Be sure to make your character human. He/she can be a marine or Badass survivor, just please, not to over power. Very few can survive a full on horde attack, especially if untrained. You cannot play as a character related to CEDA (officer, soldier, scientist etc.) unless Okayed by me

If you’re a Fairfield local the CEDA’s (Civil Emergency and Disease Agency) d.e.a.d. (disease emergency assessment dispatch) teams have been in the city for the last two weeks to screen for infected individuals. When the virus got out of control they were forced to pull back. Most survivors seek them out for refuge

As it’s early in the infection there are a good number of NPC survivors still alive. You can kill, ally or ignore them (or anything in between) some have gone bat-shit insane and are Enemy Psychopaths. All characters can die. The story will adjust.

There will be gore (lots of gore) and/or possible nudity and adult themes.

Remember Fairfield is a rather large city, with many main areas and teeming with zombies.

Any changes and/or ideas are helpful. Reply to this message with questions.

As theme progresses (if it progresses) I will link information on my custom special infected and other important information, including NPC survivors and city details
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Yuri Mastermind


Posts : 115
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Join date : 2009-09-14
Age : 27
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PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead- Fairfield   Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:17 pm

Name: Loretta Wright
Sex: F
Age: 34

Appearance: brown hair pulled into bun, green eyes. She’s a little on the chubby side. African American.

Clothing: Usher’s uniform (black pressed slacks and white short sleeved T-shirt, red silk vest, Black dress shoes.

Weapons/equipment: Police Tonfa/night stick

Notes: has a locket around neck that has a silver chain and Red Gem of some form.

Location: Saferoom, Fairfield Megaplex
Status: uninfected. Sane.

Name: Ku Hong
Sex: F
Age: 17

Appearance: short sand-blonde hair hardly reaching neckline, Orange eyes. With an athletic, seemingly frail body. Chinese.

Weapons/equipment: Machete blade, medical equipment. Rappelling equipment

Clothing: light hoodie coat. Skinny-fit cargo pants. Finger-less gloves and light boots.

Notes: she has slit eyes, though can see perfectly fine. Her coat’s hood can zip up to become a full-fledged mask bearing a smiley face.

Location: Streets (random encounter)
Status: uninfected, semi-sane

Name: Falkner
Sex: M
Age: 27

Appearance: Strong athletic male form. Short sandy blonde hair, orange eyes. Chinese

Clothing: heavy hooded coat, Denim work jeans, combat boots, climbing gloves

Weapons/equipment: Katana, Ammunition gathered.

Notes: Ku’s Brother.

Location: streets (found with Ku)
Status: Infected but not turned. Semi-sane

Name: Ramal Coax
Sex: M
Age: 47

Appearance: heavy set male. Balding with light beard stubble. Dead gray eyes. African American

Clothing: tattered, stretched short sleeve T-shirt, simple sweats.

Weapons/equipment: Sawnoff Shotgun, Food stores

Notes: Never leaves his safe room. Smokes.

Location: Ramal’s Gas N’ Go Saferoom
Status: uninfected. Sane

Name: Chimera
Sex: F
Age: 27

Appearance: Special infected (Chimera) fine humanoid figure with long claws and sharp teeth. Long silky white hair, blood red eyes.

Clothing: tattered remains of a sweater still clinging to arms, nothing covering chest down, hood remains up hiding face.

Weapons/equipment: claws, teeth, fire breathing.

Notes: Walks on all fours most of the time. Passive creature. Can be friendly or can be hostile.

Location: Random encounters (boss) most likely CEDA camp
Status: infected. Semi-sane

Name: David Rook (Captain Rook)
Sex: M
Age: 37

Appearance: Strong, muscular male form. Steely gray eyes, short, buzzed black hair. Well kept goatee

Clothing US marine Fatigues, combat helm, gasmask, heavy combat boots.

Weapons/equipment: M-4 Carbine, Desert Eagle Magnum pistol.

Notes: has some 20 dog tags tied onto his weapon. CEDA Military force captain

Location: CEDA Screening camp #008, Active combat.
Status: Uninfected, Sane

Name: Mackerson
Sex: M
Age: 23

Appearance: Special infected (Charger) thinning brown hair, yellow eye (otheri s blocked out from a armor plate).

Clothing: tattered coveralls with a straw hat.

Weapons/equipment: Giant fist/arm, charging speed. Pitchfork (he cant use this himself, it’s across his back)

Notes: extra armor- unlike normal chargers he has extra armor plates growing over his flesh. Near bullet proof.

Location: Random encounter (Fairgrounds) (Boss)
Status: infected. Insane.

Name: Cassia Romerez
Sex: F
Age: 26

Appearance: special infected (Witch) long bloodied claws, red eyes. Short silver hair.

Clothing:Yellow CEDA HAZMAT suit with claws puncturing through the gloves. Rest of the suit remains intact and sealed.

Weapons/equipment: claws

Notes: her suit mutes her constant sobbing, except to those with a CEDA radio or commlink. Seemingly sane, though she retreats before people get to close.

Location: CEDA Holding pens (locked away in a cell for now)
Status: Infected. Insane (?)
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PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead- Fairfield   Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:02 pm

Name: Alice Grandelue.
Sex: F
Age: 19

Appearance: Very sexy, as in a punk way, cute can't describe her. She has very long, platinum blonde hair, and very deep emerald green eyes that are more often than not unreadable, as well as her cold mask that is also unreadable. It may be how she stayed sane, or another reason behind it, her face is markless, no wrinkles, acne, or anything like that.

Clothing: She wears tight jeans, has a chain across one side of her jeans that's linked to a very deadly looking knife, also very high black leather boots, that are slim fitting, and a T shirt to match it with a rather scary band shirt on called "Knightmares".

Weapons/equipment: M3 Shotgun, Her knife, and also her bass guitar in a unique shape of a bat-wing (with additions)

Notes: She was in a very hardcore band beforehand, and the only insanity she has is parasomnia, and flashbacks, which she hides very well so no one knows. She also smokes now since it started.

Location: Occupying her home that she began in. Nothing special.
Status: Uninfected, sane (for the most part, not semi-sane, she is still sane) but withdrawn and harsh.
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PostSubject: Re: Left 4 Dead- Fairfield   

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Left 4 Dead- Fairfield
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