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 Future RP Idea

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PostSubject: Future RP Idea   Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:45 am

So here's a new idea I thought up one night for an RP.

It's nearing the end of the universe and it's running out of active stars. Most stars are brown dwarves or white dwarves and the remaining active stars are red giants at the end of their cycle. There are also many black holes and all nebulas have lost the energy since the star's supernova that made nebula.

Within this the Human race and maybe some other species have survived. Humans (and maybe some other sentient species) are at the low of civilization and losing resources to power their superships from their glory days of civilization. As resources diminish, factions fight each other over the diminishing light, which allowed for species like plants to thrive earlier.

-Please be reasonable (no trans-dimensional beings popping up, or any kind of deus ex machina like that)
-This is WAY into the future, so wwarp-drives, galaxy to galaxy transport and artificial plants/cloning, ect. are all there (just that its inefficient to make a star artificially, and those last for almost a fourth the time of a natural star)
-Be creative on the situation and try to think up some new ways the survivors could be doing basic things (conducting wars/battles for one Twisted Evil )
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Future RP Idea
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