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 Grove Walkers

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PostSubject: Grove Walkers   Sat Apr 09, 2011 5:50 pm

Grove walkers are an ancient race who are tethered to the primordial essence of the life of the universe. They only live to the age of the average human, yet are herbivores and are able to perform superhuman feats. The Grove walkers breath life into dead crops and trees in hopes of making them live and give them a second chance at being grown while, (humor alert) killing the farmer that let the plant die. If you ever were to see a grove walker you would learn that they are a peaceful race, only killing when provoked or if some(one/thing) deserves the punishment of death. Grove walkers remain in youth throughout their whole life, yet they still grow up to be strong, athletic, and intelligent creatures.

Grove walkers have certain states of maturity-
Kid- Obviously, more energetic then all the others yet still unwise and cannot control or manage their power to their full potential. 5-12 Years Old
Juvenile- They have some control and can complete a 2 mile dash within 10 minutes but still cannot manage power to the full potential. 13-20 Years Old
Mature- They can control their power and have some management, yet still cannot focus their magical potential for very long. 21-49 Years Old
Elder- Can control power with ease and is able to manage their power so well, they can focus their power for long amounts of time without breaking a sweat. 50-Varying from 80-100 Years.


The grove walkers live in only planets with biological fixations such as a planet of only forests would be one of the best habitats. Kids roam everywhere and don't mind much, so they are easiest to pick off. Juveniles actually have life experience and can manage themselves, their senses are able to feel danger 3 seconds from when it is about to happen, so they know when they are being attacked. Mature grove walkers are able to kill you before you even are able to think about killing him because he is able to sense threatening thoughts, to him and to nature. Elders don't leave their homes unless if migrating so they don't even need sharp senses, but if needed they have senses like a mature except twice as powerful.


-Able to monitor the amount of life in a subject. (All grove walkers) Some grove walkers have this power but in more unstable versions.
-Able to give life (All Grove walkers)
-Able to focus life until a subject dies. (Mature and Elder Grove Walkers)
-Able to adapt to an environment in a matter of seconds like a rainforest, they adapt so they need more water. (Juvenile and Mature Elders are permanently locked for the rest of their life instead of being able to switch again.)
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Grove Walkers
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