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 The Kurinara

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PostSubject: The Kurinara   Fri Jul 22, 2011 2:22 am

Faction name: The Kurinara

Faction leader: The 100 elders of the race, which are currently only at 38

Faction location: A entirely new galaxy

System: One that they have dubbed "Hinatara" which means Home in human language

Main Military Strength: Their Armada of ships

Secondary: Their Psi Powers.

Tech level: Extremely high

Manpower: High

Machinery: Very high.

War Status: They tied themselves to the Epsilon Eridani Legalism Regime and to the Alpha Centuarian Coalition

Faction species: Aliens

Faction Species Traits: Their general appearance of the elders is usually around a SC2 DT. Other than that they mostly resemble a human save for their strange four long fingered hands, lighter blue skin tone, and blue eyes which have no other color to them, though the blue can be varied and opened to other colors, they have longer legs and more slender body parts than most humans, and they all have psi powers of varying strength, very few can manipulate it into an attack or anything of the sort, most use it to shield their bodies. They can manipulate a crystal for energy, or to give them more of it, though usually only the more veteran of their race to the elders do this art as it takes much practice, and if it goes wrong it could have very drastic results.

Space capable: Extremely.

Numbers: 38 elders, and around 2 billion of their race total, however every being of it is war capable, there is no such thing as a "civillian" in their race, and everyone is taught how to fight.

Beliefs: They have no gods, but rather believe upon fate and chance, and with their knowledge have much evidence to back it up, more so than the humans do, but that which they cannot explain to humans with their knowledge.

Danger level:
Battleships - Extreme X3.

Light vehicles - Very high
Heavy Vehicles - Very high
Specialist Vehicles - Extremely high

Just them:
Basic Infantry - Pretty high.
Veteran Infantry - Very high
Specialized Infantry - Very high
Elders - Extreme.

Natayr: Is an elder of the race, currently the only one in the pioneer galaxy, though in a far weakened state than what she usually is, she is still an elder, and a haven of knowledge, and Mentor to Czarina.

Czarina: A hyperactive little alien girl, she is being mentored and attempted to be calmed and toned down a bit by Natayr, and Natayr never shows a sign of impatience with her, but she obeys Natayr without question. And is blooming kind of quickly with her power.

Scholes: One of the two ace pilots, he doesn't like to talk often, much preferring to stay silent and observe the humans, which he views as inferior creatures, but helps them with all he has regardless, which is a formidable amount.

Name: Dyrl-Dorsal.
Information: This ship uses extreme striking power and speed, has very high shields but little armor, however the shields themselves are incredibly difficult to get past as they absorb a hell of a lot of fire power, in addition to being very difficult to hit, the the pioneer galaxy there is only ONE of these ships, and very very few of these are made as they're only specialist class fighters, but it is piloted by one of the best pilots this race has to offer. This ship is primarily used for space fighter battles, but it can go into orbit to hit the ground with it's incredible array of weaponry. It's biggest purpose of creation is to create massive amounts of damage, fast. And it accomplishes this very well. It is a incredible craft piloted by a far above ace pilot.

Pleathra: The second ace pilot of the Liberator. She is very interested in humans and not shy at all about sharing her knowledge with them.

Name: Liberator.
Information: This is the bomber fighter equivalent for them, but a specialist fighter bomber, this one is a multipurpose that isn't made to come into atmosphere, but the three things that surround the main jet are the powerful plasma beam generators, with power similar to an ion cannon per each, they're very strong with armor and shield too and durable, as well as having a close range pulse generator which causes serious damage to anything that gets close to it, it's power is so great it can create a vacuum in the aftershock of what it hits. Hence the title "Liberator".

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The Kurinara
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