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 The Pharons

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PostSubject: The Pharons   Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:25 pm

The Pharons are undead aliens who rely entirely on specialized life-support fluids pumped through life-support tanks attached to somewhere on their suits or bodies (Often on the back). Their bodies are still rotting, slowly, but so slowly that they give off no stench or any noticeable difference for years on end. They reproduce by cloning themselves with genetic differences, but even then their bodies cannot withstand any sort of enviroment due to the genetic self-destruction they have inflicted on themselves, so even the 'newborn' require the life-support tanks and fluids to survive.

The Pharons believe in two gods: A god of Death, H'jirfu, and a god of Life, Anicu. Anicu, in Pharon lore, created life and the cosmos, while H'jirfu, the first being created by Anicu, preserves balance and order by taking the lives of those who have lived enough years and ending the cycles that Anicu created when the time comes.

The Pharons are split into three major factions:

Fer'au Alliance

Government: Republic
Population: 60,000,000,000 over 2 planet
History: The Fer'au Alliance was formed by several smaller Pharon nations that banded together in order to protect each other. Over time the bonds strengthened and now it has become a single nation. The Fer-au Alliance employs some of the most modern tactics to compensate for their lack of numbers in the military.
Specialty: Fighters, Bombers, Frigates.

Polthau Empire

Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Population: 1,560,000,000,000 over 5 planets
History: The oldest nation of the Pharon nations, the Empire is slowly losing the power they used to have in the nation's prime. At the moment the Polthau Empire is still the strongest and leading Pharon nation. With their massive military might, the Plothau Empire is still bound to using obsolete tactics, but of course they can take those losses and get away with it.
Specialty: Destroyers, Cruisers, Carriers, Dreadnaughts.

Garjnou Union

Government: Republic, leaning Authoritarian.
Population: 140,000,000,000 over 3 planets
History: The Garinou Union, like the Fer'ou Alliance, banded together for protection in numbers. Unlike the Fer'ou, the provinces of the Garinou Union are still very much independent and self-sufficient though they still choose to follow a central government. The Garinou Union, like the Fer'ou Alliance, usess modern tactics, but are always second place compared to the much smaller Alliance.
Specialty: Transports, Ship Boarding, Planetary Invasion.

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Posts : 1367
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PostSubject: Re: The Pharons   Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:36 pm

All Pharons nations follow the same sort of base blueprints for their military equipment. Variants and their specialties vary from nation to nation.

P134-6 AP Combat-Support Suit
The most basic suit that includes moderate life-support and offers medium armor, it is fully customizable to the user's specifications and comfort. This suit is also alien-compatible, though some resizing is necessary.

P135-2 AP Heavy-Support Suit
The heavier version of the P34-6 of above, with advanced life-support and, obviously, heavy armor. This suit is also fully customizable and is issued to ranked officers within the army or marines.

T140-5 Walking MBT
Technically a mech, the T140-5 is the Pharon's MBT sporting an anti-shelling shield and 35mm CQC cannon, which can be easily changed to a 85mm Long-Range Cannon or a 120mm Artillery cannon.

W95-1 Gunship
This gunship, featuring anti-gravity capabilities, can make very short work of anything that's grounded or close to the ground. Every gunship is equipped with a .31cal railgun and two plasma-based cannons.

J54-2 Transport
An all-purpose military transport for supplies, troops, equipment, you name it. It's a rather small transport compared to many other alien transports but it's fast, agile, and easy to mass produce.

D33-9 AP Fighter/Interceptor
With their standard weapons, they deal the most damage to fellow fighter-craft and bomber-craft. Though with some quick refitting of their missiles into torpedoes, they could also deal sufficient damage to large craft.

B60-3 AP Bomber
Though not suitable for such a role, the bomber can deal as much damage to fighters as they can to large craft with their ASHE (Anti-Starship High Explosive) bombs and frontal cannons. It also has a manned turret in its rear to get rid of pesky pursuers.

DA31-16 Frigate
A rather small but deadly anti-fighter and anti-bomber ship. Though not large and worthless against large craft, half a dozen of these ships can even the odds when fighting small craft or the enemy's carriers.

DU25-13 Destroyer
A plentiful ship suitable for combat against both small craft and large craft. The DU25-13 is excellent in numbers when it comes to any kind of fighting, be it skirmish or all-out battle.

DE62-4 Battlecruiser
A powerful anti-starship cruiser, the DE62-4 excels in combat when supported by DU25-13s and DA31-16s. To be caught without support will be sure death for this type of ship.

DI44-1 Carrier
Able to support up to 200 fighters and bombers, the DI44-1 is a fairly small, quick and agile carrier that also works very well as a supply ship, being able to quickly head from the front lines to the closest friendly planet. Carriers can also be modified to hold and launch thousands of missiles.

DO3-2 Dreadnaught
The DO3-2 is renown in the Pharon navy for being a titan on the battlefield, both in size and in power. If accompanied by plenty of ships, a DO3-2 is the one sight in the Pharon battlefield you'd rather not want to ever see, as it mere moments it can reduce the enemy fleet into charred metal.
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The Pharons
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