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 Krezaith (Pioneer)

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PostSubject: Krezaith (Pioneer)   Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:37 pm

WIP, still creating things for this race.

This alien race is an insectoid like race which sorta looks like a praying mantis. They also have miniature crystalline structure within their brain which i'll go into more detail later. This race also has limited to no Psionic powers.
Picture of what one would look like (They all look very different, some bigger or smaller than this)

Number of planets: 14

The Krezaith have a caste system which divides this species into three physical and social castes.

Warrior Caste
Warriors are second most common Krezaith. They make up around 32% of the species. They can range from around 50 centimeters to 250 centimeters in height and may have super–light bodies or massive armored frames. These warriors serve for only one purpose, to defend his family and vanquish his queen's or princess's enemies. Warrior bugs have been genetically altered before birth to serve a specific function. Various features of the warrior are subject to change: size, strength, toughness and thickness of its shell, resistance to radiation and extremes of heat and cold. Some warriors are even adapted to be able to withstand vacuum for limited periods of time. Deep–sea diving, mining, arctic exploration and toxic waste disposal are all generally handled by warriors, as are other tasks involving similar levels of personal risk. These bugs are considered...expandable...xD. Warriors do not have sexual organs but their bodies produce a powerful array of hormones making them far more prone to aggression, ambition and powerful mood swings.

Worker Caste
Workers are, obviously, the most dominate Krezaith. They make up to around 60% of the Krezaith species and are around 150 centimeters in height. Workers do not have sexual organs or any psychological quirks related to breeding but they are intelligent, sensitive, curious and as prone to be interested in art, science and culture as the average member of any other sentient species.

Breeder Caste
In this caste, female "princesses" and male "princes" are capable of sexual reproduction and also rule over portions of the Kreziath. There is also Queens, though very few, who are truly the leaders of this species.

---> http://swordofthestars.wikia.com/wiki/Hiver_Castes

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Krezaith (Pioneer)
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