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 European Federation (Modern RP)

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PostSubject: European Federation (Modern RP)   Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:30 pm

Founded in 2013 (Side note: sorta using Europe from Endwar)

Estimate Pop: 502,486,499 (using a 2011 estimate of EU)

Europe has a very high level of technological sophistication its military forces are equipped with energy weapons, highly advanced defense systems and advanced targeting systems, indeed Militarily Europe is the most technologically advanced nation. Europe is also able to fire laser weapons a feat that both China and America seem to of being unable to emulate, laser technology can be seen utilized by European air forces by microwave emitters featured on tanks, IFV's, command vehicles and combat drones. Europe is also capable of firing a hugely powerful satellite laser from space with incredible precision and power (SLAMS System). Laser technology is also used as a defensive measure on tanks and IFV's allowing interception of incoming rounds, electro reactive armour has also being developed which deploys an electric current around tanks to defeat incoming warheads, countermeasures are also deployed by panther tanks.

Non lethal weaponary has also being highly developed in Europe with weapons such as the squad taser and low frequency subsonic scramblers allowing non lethal takedowns of enemys at range a viable option once again no known comparable technologys have being deployed by their rivals. Europe has also being able to minaturise EMP technology to be useable by vehicles in battle allowing electronics disruption and mechanized/armoured immobilization to be achieved with ease. Microwave technology has also being highly developed to such an extent that bullets and tank rounds can be microwave enhanced, emitters can also be placed on vehicles those these weapons have being labeled as cruel by critics and they have being subject to banning attempts.

Ultrasound healing techniques have also being adapted for use within armor as grenadiers can be healed by focused ultrasound healing allowing for instant battlefield treatment. Engine and fuel technology has also reached a highly advanced level allowing Europes military to deploy the fastest military forces in the world. It is currently unknown what level of civilian technology Europe has attained.

Capital: Paris

European Countries apart of Europa
Main European Nations

* France
* Spain
* Germany
* Italy
* Poland
* Latvia
* Estonia
* Lithuania
* Portugal
* Luxembourg
* Belgium
* The Netherlands
* Slovenia
* Norway
* Sweden
* Denmark
* Finland
* Czech Republic
* Slovakia
* Hungary
* Austria
* Malta
* Liechtenstein
* Andorra
* San Marino
* Monaco
* Greece
* Bulgaria
* Cyprus

Currently in anarchy, occupied by the E.F.

* Croatia
* Bosnia-Herzogovina
* Serbia
* Kosovo
* Montenegro
* Albania
* Macedonia
* Romania

Joined in 2017

* United Kingdom
* Republic of Ireland

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PostSubject: Re: European Federation (Modern RP)   Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:45 pm

The European Federation Enforcer Corps is Europe's foremost military organization made up of veteran elite counter-terrorist and peacekeeping forces from throughout Europe. Calm and precise, these highly-trained and experienced soldiers are especially skilled in urban warfare. They excel in electronic warfare as well as advanced directed energy weapons technology, and have the fastest battlefield vehicles. The Enforcer Corps also have access to the world's best "less than lethal" weaponry. The Kommando Riflemen are noted for their former Rainbow 6, GSG-9 and GIGN members as well as members from other special and elite European forces. The Enforcer Corps is the elite military group within the European military carrying out high risk missions and aimed at the forefront of assaults and placed to defend critical locations quite simply they are Europa's foremost military force.

The Enforcers Corps currently deploys in Battlegroups. There are currently 12 known EFEC battlegroups. Each Battlegroup has being tailored to meet specific requirements such as armoured and mechanized warfare or to provide airbourne capabilities their is also a battlegroup specializing in special operations. The EFEC Battlegroups are likely an evolution of the Battlegroups of the European Union.

Known EFEC battlegroups

Battlegroup 1( Special Operations)- The spearhead international rapid reaction force able to deploy within 24 hours to hotspots around the globe.

Battlegroup 5 (Airborne)- A modular airbourne infantry battalion able to execute deep attack missions wherever they are required

Battlegroup 4 (Airborne)- This specialized attack and counterstrike force became operational in 2014. The core of the unit is made up of Spanish, German, and Italian units.

Battlegroup 8 (Mechanized)- A joint formation consisting of units from both the French and German armies. Its main combat units are an armoured combat recon regiment.

Battlegroup 16 (Mechanized)- On permanent readiness. BG 16 operational units are self contained to enable them to be deployed anywhere to conduct Military operations ranging from peacekeeping to full scale war

Battlegroup 15 (Armoured)- A technologically advanced, flexible, deployable, interoperable and sustainable heavy cavalry Battlegroup

Battlegroup 22 (Armoured)- France provides the core of this armoured Battlegroup while the engineering and logistical support is German.

Battlegroup 12 (Tactical)- A command battlegroup supported by exceptional artillery. The high standard of BG 12 means they are frequently requested by other forces

Battlegroup 10 (Tactical)- An HQ company with a mixed force. Since its creation, a dozen members of BG 10 have being decorated for courage

Battlegroup 20 (Assault)- A highly versatile battlegroup of airmobile units specialized in combat against high value targets. (Cough) Fenix (Cough)

Battlegroup 28 (Assault)- A flexible armoured Recon Battlegroup providing quick response operations to support diplomacy as required.

Battlegroup 6 (Assault)- A joint combined armed force designed to be readily deployable anywhere on the globe.

The European Federation also has a land army and air force besides the Enforcer Corps, and it is suspected that the European military is a combination of all the militaries of its member states. These various armed forces appear to have been allocated and combined into a single armed service under the command of Troop Command Europa (TCE) along with a European air force under the control of Air Command Europa (ACE). Europe also deploys a navy; its size and composition are currently unknown though it contains at least one super carrier and escort vessels for the carrier. Regular armed forces that are seen fighting alongside the enforcers are clothed in the blue of Europe and are equipped with FAMAS assault rifles, and also operate Leopard tanks, MOWAG eagles and combat drones. It is possible that the Federation's military operates the modern day European Gendarmerie Force, Eurofor, European Maritime Force, and Eurocorps units in its military and that all forces in Europe form a Synchronized Armed Forces Europe (SAFE), possibly under the European Defence Agency

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PostSubject: Re: European Federation (Modern RP)   Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:55 pm

Being a Kommando in the Enforcer Corps is considered one of the highest honors a soldier can have in the European Military. The Enforcers Corps excel in urban and counter terrorism tactics and many of its founders and ranking officers are former Rainbow Six members.

The Enforcer Corps Kommandos includes members that come from many elite special operations groups. This variety is considered an advantage by European commanders. Kommando units are encouraged to stick with the tactics and doctrines of their original units rather than conform to one universal rule set. This means one group of Enforcers Corps Kommandos may behave and function in a manner that is radically different from another. European commanders feel that this will help keep their enemies off balance and allow for more specialized deployments. All Enforcer Corps battalions excel in urban and counter terrorist operations.

Members of the Enforcer Corps Kommandos pride themselves on their professionalism and hold themselves up to a very high standard. In a sense, they are the perfect modern-day embodiment of the medieval knight: chivalrous, brave, and steadfast in their beliefs. However, this should not be mistaken for softness they are a highly disciplined and trained fighting force with extensive experience. Enforcers Corps Kommandos are capable of carrying out their orders with chilling efficiency and are not afraid to make sacrifices for the "greater good".

Various conflicts in the late 20th and early 21st century showed how lacking the 5.56mm NATO round was. When the European Federation broke away from NATO, it was decided that the Enforcers Corps needed to adopt a new rifle cartridge. Ironically, the Europeans decided to go with a 7mm NATO round that is actually a modernized version of a .280 caliber round created in the late 1940s. Immediately after the decision was made to adopt this cartridge, manufacturers in Belgium (E3000 Carbine), France (FMS AG2 Assault Rifle), and Austria (UAR 7 Bullpup Support Weapon) began mass production of 7mm weapons earmarked for Enforcer Corps Kommandos use.

Tactics and strategies vary from one Enforcer Corps Kommando group to another. European commanders see this as an asset because enemies are always kept on their toes and individual groups are able to make a niche for their abilities, as well as make a name for themselves. The Enforcer Corps Kommandos are especially known for their superb skill in urban combat. Few soldiers can match their ability to storm buildings. Much of this is due to the dissemination of CQC tactics from a large pool of elite urban combat and counterterrorist groups, such as GIGN and GSG9. The fact that the Enforcer Corps are in many ways a descendant of Rainbow six also furthers this strength.

Kommando callsigns are derived from swords, appropriate considering their preciseness.

* Katana
* Cutlass
* Gladius
* Rapier
* Saber
* Broadsword
* Falchion
* Epee
* Xiphos
* Spatha

Image of a Kommando

Side note: This is all based off future plans, or so i'm told :3.
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PostSubject: Re: European Federation (Modern RP)   Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:44 pm

1A4C Panther Tank
The Panther 1A4C combines the best features of mounted combat systems from all around Europe. Once again, the European focus on high technology and speed is evident. The Panther excels in maneuverability and yet is still a very capable weapons platform. By combining its 150mm main gun with a newly-designed automatic loading system the Euros have made the Panther 1A3 one of the fastest-firing tanks in the world. It also uses a more robust version of the same hybrid engine that powers the AMZ-26 Badger.
The list of manufacturers for the Panther 1A4C Mounted Combat System reads like a "who's who" of the biggest European auto, tech, and weapons companies. Its main cannon is of German design, its targeting system is French, its power plant is from Austria, its gearbox is from Italy. The European Federation proudly boasts this fact, but keeps quiet about the Panther's chassis which is actually Israeli. In fact, much of the Panther's internal design and layout is "borrowed" from the Israelis. Much of that technology, e.g. the Merkava tank were originally designed by the UK.

By using the same hybrid engine technology that powers the AMZ-26 Badger, the Panther 1A4C is able to go much longer between refueling making the logistical problems of supplying Panther units less troublesome or expensive, considering the historical fuel problems of tanks during World War 2 this could be a vital advantage. However, in order to make the engine powerful enough to move all of the Panther's bulk, some concessions had to be made as far as noise and efficiency are concerned.

The Panther is also equipped with a 7.62mm chain gun which can be replaced with a high-power microwave emitter. The high-power microwave transmitter is considered a "cruel" weapon by critics, and a move has been made to have them banned by the Geneva Convention. As a result, the Panther is one of the most feared main battle tanks in the world.
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PostSubject: Re: European Federation (Modern RP)   

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European Federation (Modern RP)
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