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 Tacshadow's Rp Characters

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PostSubject: Tacshadow's Rp Characters   Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:32 pm

Ominicous: A 17 year old warlock who is still eager to learn new magic. Unlike other warlocks he uses the pure power of his will and mind to create and change the world around him. He can also conjure up anything he can imagine, a Wicked BattleAxe, a horse to ride to town, or even a building to hide in, whatever is in his mind is able to be inserted into his world. His ultimate ability is his power to project his mind into the real world giving him the ability to alter anything at his whim, physically changing the world to his thoughts. While in this realm he appears to be in a simple trance until you are in his mind, here you are the pawns of the game of mind over matter. He always carries a ancient grimoire which he studies from constantly, learning new seals and ways to alter reality. Along with him is also a batch of shadow powder a material that banishes any creature into the shadow realm, with a pricey cost. He also wears a hooded cloak, and a amethyst ring on his right hand to absorb his energy and enhance it. While studying he also self induces a coma to relax and exercise his mind. His true power of illusion and manipulation makes a powerful opponent. Although he is in the main guild he picked up some shadow walking tricks and traps from a friendly rogue who he talks to occasionaly. With Ominicous nothing is out of his mind's reach because to him everything and anything is a game of mind over matter.
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Tacshadow's Rp Characters
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