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 SU Nation (Terra + Xenon)

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PostSubject: SU Nation (Terra + Xenon)   Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:36 am

SU (Socialst Union of Terra and Xenon)

During the early years of human expansion into space during the 21st century led by the Chinese. A drive known as a 'sonic drive' was invented for space faring vessels and human colonization. Exactly one hundred ships were built with many hundreds of nationalities for the first space colonists the massive starships were slowly assembled in space using resources from earth and the moon. The initial phases were an astounding success. By 2038 100 starships began their trips to designated stars which supposedly had planets capable of harboring life similar to our own, they were ordered to colonize any planets they could, they were then instructed to send back one ship to let Earth know of the colony. Of the 100 ships launched only 7 were to reach their destination, at the nearest star system of Alpha Centuri, which had been confirmed to have a planet capable or harboring life. The planet showed much promise to the settlers as they blissfully went about colonization of the planet over a period of 30 years, during their stay they discovered new compounds which reacted strangely to Xenon gas, it seemed the Xenon gas acted as a catalyst for a sort of cold fusion, this discovery was imminently put to advanced use and people through this odd encounter replicated the compound and its reactions with xenon gas, the planet now gave then an almost infinite supply of energy. This free energy gave way to new inventions and a huge social movement for freedom of goods and commercial application. The planet was then dubbed Xenon and would in the future become the most valuable planet to man kind. its location was to be kept a secret at all costs should they encounter any other species. Which they certainly would. Humanity then traveled back to Earth, discovering a world scarred by civil war and use of nuclear weapons in the Eastern continents, Africa especially the south had taken the new role of world super power, Europe had fallen into a police state
and the Americas were still struggling with internal problems. The people of Xenon seeing their homeworld in shambles attempted to bargain with the people of Earth and help the come out of their problems. Many agreed but many in power didn't, they demanded the wealth and power the Xenon empire held and would not allow their once colonists to aid them. So the now semi democratic dictatorial communist government of Xenon came to the conclusion that the only way to save Earth was to invade it and remove the problems and corruption in the Democratic systems of South Africa along with the corrupt European nations. So with new technology most notable the Tunnel drive which now allowed for travel between Earth and Xenon take merely 2 weeks the Xenonian people invaded earth crushing all that opposed them and offering safety from the corrupt governments. Earth was taken over and rehabilitated and detoxified. Terra and Xenon became the two most luxurious worlds in the time to come . Humanity now had the technology for mass expansion the ability to and the need. Earth was over populated and Xenon offered many jobs.

The SU was then founded (the Socialist Union) they bounded the worlds of humanity with the UDF (United (Socialist) Defence Force) becoming a very great power in space. Almost all technology is developed on either Xenon or another Luxury world known as Yural. Only 17 Luxury worlds exist out of the 100 worlds colonized the rest are either Industrial, Mining or Farm worlds. three are craft worlds designs for build massive space stations, starships and military technology.

The SU architecture is heavily influenced by Imperialist Russia and the dress uniforms of soldiers are very similar to Soviet era dress. This is due to Xenon being a predominately Russian background colony.

SU/UDFS Marine Combat Gear.

Xenon Interplanetary Government Headquarters. (SU Primary headquarters)

The SU has three craft worlds which at peak construction (war time) can build up to 300 ships per day. this involves the tearing through of other mass's such as moons which are literally stripped apart and built into parts for ships. The SU has a overpopulation problem and is ever looking to colonize and increase its military force. Colony ships are launched all over space. Some colonies make it through the harsh first years of colonization, most do not. The SU is generally very suspicious of other races and the ones it has trust in are either assimilated peacefully into the SU or have become galactic allies. At this current time the SU has no galactic allies but have about 9 other species living in close contact with humans. They coexist for the most part peacefully.

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SU Nation (Terra + Xenon)
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