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 Le Pokemon RP.

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PostSubject: Le Pokemon RP.   Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:00 am

World: Pokemon
Yeah I know, a pokemon RP, eww, right? Who cares, Very Happy

Map of the region:

Info of the region:
Pokemon- Up to second season, occasional rare third and fourth generation pokemon can come in.
Villians- Team Rocket
Control- I control all the elite four, as well as the champion of the region, and all other powerful trainers unless you get permission to have one. Do not use characters from legit in game sources, like lance or ash, without permission, none of the known poke-characters are in this region (Except a secret character)
Terms- In the RP itself there will be no "Omg my pokemonz lvl'd up!" no. No way. I will, however, phrase everything in game terminology to put things into perspective on their power.
Post your characters here, along with any important updates, and list what pokemon your character has under the picture, and how strong they are in games terms, keep them reasonable though, and run them over with me first.
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Posts : 510
Random Points Counter : 6267
Random Reputation System : 21
Join date : 2009-09-07
Age : 24
Location : Not a chance bud, sorries :)

PostSubject: Re: Le Pokemon RP.   Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:22 am

Name: Kuroi

Nickname/ pet name: Munkinn.

Age: 11 1/2

Sex: Female

Class: Novice Pokemon Trainer

Race: Human

Birthplace/place of creation: Biege City

Favorite Pokemon: A secret

Hair: Picture, but instead of goggles she has a cute skitty hair-clip.

Eye color: Dark blue

Height: Short, about 4'8

Weight: 80-90

Figure: Small and fragile, delicate, but adorable.

Personality: Very protective of those close to her, but generally speaking very reserved, shy, and timid, easily scared.

History: For the time being unknown.

Side note: She is easily scared, and when she gets scared she'll typically jump, and hit someone when she does so. But if someone close to her is threatened her personality changes a bit.

Likes: Any soft and fluffy, cute pokemon, and friendly people, as well as her traveling companions

Loves: Her Pokemon, before anything else.

Dislikes: Those who scare her for fun, bullies, jerks, those who hunt pokemon.

Hates: When people tease her upon discovering her favorite pokemon.

Quirks/downfalls: She gets scared easily, and often intimidated.

Relations/family: A sister and her mother.

Skills/powers: Very Adept in making friends with pokemon, not so adept in making friends with humans.

Except instead of goggles she wears a cute Skitty Hairpiece, and her eyes are blue.
Pokemon list:
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Le Pokemon RP.
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