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 The Angels

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PostSubject: The Angels    Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:39 pm

The angels date back to the founding of Alpha Centauri. This group were highly skilled and experienced soldiers who took the law into their own hands. Today, they are still independent of the government, but they are funded and are given high ranks within the army, should they serve. They will allow any race to join their ranks as long as they can follow the law when ordered and treat other angels as if they are family.


An experimental weapon which comes in three variants, this weapon works by firing "discs" of rapidly spinning plasma at its target. The spinning plasma spins along its horizontal axis in order to focus its release of thermal energy along a narrow plane upon contact. This weapon can do serious damage and is becoming a favorite weapon within the angels, though it hasn't been approved to be used in non-war situations. It has been approved to be used in say large pirate attack or etc.

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The Angels
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