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  Rp Idea

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PostSubject: Rp Idea    Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:49 pm

I've been thinking about this for a long time, and finally had an idea on how to start off a new modern rp if we ever want to.

Events that start the rp off- (you can add to them if you got any ideas or want to add anything, and all the following was inspired by Fate of the World)
2010: Marks the beginning of a decade of economic uncertainty and civil unrest
The world faces the most erratic weather ever recorded

2018: Cyclone Sanvu
Expecters are calling it the first ever Hypercane.
Smashing into the already storm-beaten coastline, officials here fear that the damage here will be felt for years to come.

Scientists conclude that it is a deadly possibility at the current rate of pollution, Earth shall reach dangerous temperatures by 2100

2019: The president of the Maldives admits inevitable migration. With seas rising around the islands, the president pleads to the leaders of the world to act against further climate change.

2020: The world responds at the UN's climate summit
The rumors of a new organization are confirmed when the president of this organization came up and gave this speech at the summit.

"Protection of our environment is too important to our future to remain governed by the short sighted carelessness of individual nations.

The Global Environment Organization will act where action is needed, with the will and support of all nations, to secure a better future." (Quote is from Fate of The World)

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Rp Idea
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