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PostSubject: Ascension    Ascension   Icon_minitime1Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:30 pm

This is where i'll be laying down my ideas for ascension to a higher plane of existence...Feel free to suggest ideas and comment.

What is Ascension?
First off, Ascension is a process in allows beings to separate themselves from their physical body and live eternally as pure energy in a higher plane of existence with greater amounts of knowledge and power.

How Do You Ascend?
There are several ways one can ascend, which include the following...
-Spiritual Ascension (Assistance from Ascended Being)
-Evolutionary Ascension (Normal)
-Digital Ascension (Machine)
Each are self explanatory but scientifically, they have to achieve a synaptic activity of 90% or more and a EEG of 0.1 to 0.5 Hertz in order to gain the ability to ascend. Also, you do not require to have a certain ethnic view. This means you could be good or evil and still ascend.

How Many Higher Planes Are There?
There are many planes of existence, and the higher you are the more powerful you are. To get to a higher plane of existence, you either would have to have been ascended for quite awhile or have naturally ascended without any outside help.

Are Ascended Beings All Knowing All Powerful Beings?
No. Ascension doesn't make you all knowing or all powerful. But because you are an ascended being and not say a human, you no longer are limited by your synaptic connections in your brain. This, then in turn, could theoretically mean that your Also, higher levels of ascension seemingly give the inhabitants of that plane more power than the lower planes.

Possible Abilities
Spectral Form: The ability to shape their form to appear human and communicate in that manner, but their manifestation remains intangible. Because of this, they can pass through solid objects and solid objects can pass through them. Energy weapon blasts also pass through them when they are in this state.

Tangible Form: The ability to take solid form and return to Spectral form at any time.

Unseen Presence: The ability to remain invisible and influence thoughts of those in the corporeal plane.

Descension (w/ Knowledge retention): The ability to retake human form with some of the knowledge and power of an ascended being. However, the human mind was not meant to contain the amount of information an ascended being possesses, which would damage and mentally degrade the mind after a short period of time if too much was retained, although a small amount will cause no harm.

Nature Control: Ascended beings can control nature, such as lighting, fires, levitate objects, make the wind blow, toss lightning, control electrical devices, and harness devastating energy.

Telekinesis: Ascended beings can move objects and people with their mind.

Space Flight: This should be self explanatory

Evolve: Self Explanatory

Energy Form: Ascended beings can manifest themselves in a bright, shape-changing, form of energy. They can also fly when in this form.

Reality Warping: They can create things out of thin air ex. building, illusions, portals, beings etc.

Sensory Manipulation: Ascended beings can select who hears and sees them in their manifestations.

Telepathy: The Ascended can read the minds.

Heal: Ability for Ascended to mend wounds of the injured

Got any more ideas for this? Post them below.
P.S. Hey zero, doesn't this sound a lot like a sky eel in some ways? xD
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