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 The Titan Legion

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PostSubject: The Titan Legion   Fri Oct 19, 2012 8:55 pm

The Titan Legion is a sophisticated group of robotic artificial intelligence revived and modified by the Renegade Shraadus group called the Heretics. Titans average 15-30 ft tall, though some can be even 80 ft tall. Titans are very difficult to defeat in combat and, despite there size, are very agile. What makes Titans unique in battle is there ability to transform into vehicles they can or build themselves into for combat, disguise, speed, etc

A list of current Titans. "< >" around a name marks that it requires all of the soldiers marked with the same role in order to form.

Name | Role | Transforms into |

Kronos - Leader - Helicopter/Jet
Menasor - Spy - Stealth Jet/Satellite
Barricade - HQ Unit - Command Center
<Devastator> - Combatamon - Does not Transform
Scrapper - Combatamon - Contruction Tractor/Devastator
Hook - Combatamon, Deals with harpoons. - Truck/Devastator
Mixmaster - Combatamon - Cement Mixer/Devastator
Longhaul - Combatamon - DumpTruck/Devastator
Scavenger - Combatamon, can locate circutry and other electronics - Truck/Devastator
Bonecrusher - Combatamon, Likes to hit stuff - Tank/Devastator
<Bruticus> - Combaticon - Does not Transform
Vortex - Combaticon - Helicopter/Bruticus
Brawl - Combaticon - Tank/Bruticus
Road Rage - Combaticon - Car/Bruticus
Onslaught - Combaticon - Truck/Bruticus
Airspeed - Combaticon - Rocket/Bruticus
Longshot - Assassin/Sniper - Jet
Hightower - Defensive Combat - Artillery Tower.
Sun Storm - Pyro - Fighter Jet
Slinger - Predacon - Mosquito
Sombosis - Predacon - Scarab Beetle
Slingshot - Predacon - Flying Bug of some sort.
Geneside - Predacon - Mantis of some sort. Attached cannon on back.

Devastator, a fused combination of the 6 Combatamons.

...And his counter-part, Bruticus, a fused combination of the 5 Combaticons.

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The Titan Legion
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