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 The Krycenaen

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PostSubject: The Krycenaen   Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:50 pm

These aliens are the ones invading earth in the Invasion Earth Rp. They are obviously technologically superior, but not by much. They have come on a massive Continent sized ship which has landed in the Atlantic. Much is unknown of this race (even the name is until later in the rp). Information will be posted as the rp progresses.

Standard Soldiers "Mechs"
Commonly called Mechs by frontline soldiers, these are the standard shock troopers of the Krycenaens. They are called this because of their huge metal clad suits they wear which makes them look like mini mechs. These metal claded monsters are around 9.5 ft tall. The lower part of this bodysuit they use are tapered strongly into a form of sprung legs that make it walk sorta like a pre-historic dinosaur. It has two arms, just like a human, and this soldier is armed with a huge cannon. There is no head on top of the armored suit, only a mirrored visor in the centre of the shoulder line. Their cannons they are armed with fire intense flashes of highly heats ordinance at their targets, traveling over supersonic speeds. With current armor for earth soldiers, there are few injured marines. Most soldiers are killed outright when hit, and the round can travel through multiple people.
Weakpoints: Joints and Visor, often slow and clumsy, if you had a close quarters weapon capable of piercing its armor you'd have the advantage
Strong Point: Incredible heavy weapon that has a decent rate of fire. Heavily armored and can easily withstand hundreds of bullets from small arms fire. Heavy weapons or a shitload of soldiers are required to bring one down.
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The Krycenaen
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