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 NPast RP

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PostSubject: NPast RP    Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:08 pm

Data to come
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PostSubject: Re: NPast RP    Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:23 am

Key: Red=ravaged land. Light green=plains. Dark green=forest. triangles=mountains. It was too much of a pain to finish the water after everything else I did.
This is the Sherat Continent, places will be added upon near discovery.
1-A random city-state in the mountains. It was in the middle of a war with a neighboring city-state, and the demons used the chance to cover up summoning rituals. Miek met Sicarius here, also causing the destruction of the entire city and the deaths of all nearby inhabitants.
2-A large center of commerce. Sicarius and Miek met Aluura, and fought the demon of shadows. In the battle, Sicarius fed Aluura Kravlona's demon essence, and they defeated the demon. In the process, the entire city was leveled when Aluura went beserk and nuked it.
3-A quiet city, mostly filled with the finer crafts. No battles happened here, but S, A, and M met Caducus and Invictus, his "familiar."
4-The largest dwarven city on the continent. The group fought a demon here, and in the process C and I died, and the whole city collapsed.
5-A small fishing port. S, A, and M found the place pillaged. They learned that the raiders were influenced by demons, and hunted them. They met K, and M and A left.
6-Nightshade's manor. S and K found it, lots of things happened. They regrouped with Aluura, and upon leaving found V (antagonists character).
The Scar- That huge brown line. the site where the demons nuked the world in the war millenia ago, the land still hasnt recovered and is covered in corruption. A spot where the demon world most closely touches the human.
The Cesspool-the diamond past the Scar. A place where those influenced by demons gather.
7-A small human port town.
8-A very large human port town.
9-A small village of aboriginal agriculturers. (think native american/australian)
10-A small port city under control of the kingdom of Opulens.
11-Another small city of Opulens.
Ingens-the pentagon shape. The capital of Opulens, larger than most other cities combined.

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NPast RP
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