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PostSubject: Vhyladites   Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:40 am

Also known as "The Conquerors."
Their desire for battle and victory ranges even across dimensions. They subjugated every world they came across in short order, until they came to the humans.
The Vyhladites attacked suddenly, burning entire continents. The meager remnants of the races gathered on one continent, and brought their strongest mages together. The Vyhladite attack coincided with the birth of a Great Sage, a magic user with the capacity to destroy entire worlds. The mages wove a spell with the Sages strength and sealed the Vyhladites in their own dimension.
But the power of the Vyhladites could not be so easily contained. If a strong enough demon is willing to sacrifice most of his energy, he is able to send out his intentions and poison the human population.
The Vyhladites are vary as much as they are godly strong. The appearance and abilities of a specific Vyhladite is the result of how the demonic energies respond to his body.
A few so far:
Caelus, the Shadow.
Has a shadow aura that reduces everything to pitch black. At will, he can become darkness itself, and he can control the darkness into a solid form to combat his enemies.
Lower class demon.
Kalator, the Servant.
Armored in runic, enchanted full plate. Wields a half a ton mace and magic that can tear apart a castle. He can rip apart a human army for a warm up.
A bottom-feeder.
Magnus, the Invincible
Huge, armored, and invulnerable to magic. His punches break mountains, and he can withstand anything you could throw at him.
still a lower-class demon.
Kravlona, the Queen
powers unknown. Has the strength to send a bit of her very essence to the human world and act as if she herself was there, minus the powers.
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