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 Fog of Time // Undead Legion

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PostSubject: Re: Fog of Time // Undead Legion   Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:06 am

Shadow's Devourer

A creature made of odd worm-like beings that have bunched together to create a hidious creature capable with forming multiple limbs with its body.
The Shadow's Devourers are cursed beings, if anyone touches a devourer that body part will be inflicted with a harsh curse that will burn with agony if not quenched in blood.
However, the more the cursed victem kills, the more this curse spreads. Eventually the curse can take over the host and turn into another Devourer.
They are difficult to kill due to the lack of weaknesses, but the first thing to aim is the eyes. They are not afraid of most light-type magic.
Wherever they tread, they suck the live out of everything. Grass, trees, humans, anything. All they leave behind are dead, rotting plants and creatures.

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Fog of Time // Undead Legion
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