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 The Cult of Unicron

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PostSubject: The Cult of Unicron   Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:41 am


"I shall consume all, everything and anything, and anyone who tries to stop me will be devoured with the rest!"

Unicron is a mechanical giant the size of a planet, and can alter his appearance into a planet roughly the size of Jupiter. His origin is unknown, and some records suggest that he may not even be of this Universe, giving the idea that Unicron is a multiverse traveler.
However, records do tell that Unicron appeared in our Galaxy hundreds of thousands of years ago, and Unicron would fly around Space in his Planet Form, pulling in and consuming objects with his gravitational field and tractor beam. Unicron would then rearrange the atoms within himself and release them into space, creating vast and mystifying, but also amazing and beautiful spectrals, such as super nova clouds, other planets, sometimes even planet-sized stars.

Unicron could also create life, using specific atoms to create carbon-chains and creating planets fit for life, he created several sentient races.
So at this, Unicron was not considered evil..

Unfortunately, some of the older races did not approve of Unicron's experiments throughout the galaxy. They were fearful for there own worlds, jealous and greedy of Unicron and hoping that they could defeat him, use his power for his own. So then several races, (Chimeras, Ancient Humans) attacked Unicron violently. Unicron, furious, retaliated just as violently. He devoured several of the races populated planets, and using specific carbon-chains and DNA copies, he created the Eridians, a race built just for war, with enhanced eyesight, scent, strength, and hearing. Almost every Eridian was equiped with the
Psionic gene, meaning they could use strange powers that they could cast straight from there minds. Unicron, accompanied by his Warrior race, began to attack back with full retaliation. They attacked the humans so hard, nearly every one of them was killed, and their legacy and technology was destroyed or stolen. The rest of the humans were warped by the Eridian's psionics and were downgraded on the evolutionary scale.
Long story short, the remaining races were able to contain Unicron, and forced him through a pocket dimension, where he sleeps within it...


Information concerning Unicron's Warrior race coming soon, because I don't feel like typing all that stuff up right now, it's late.

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The Cult of Unicron
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