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 The Ganian League

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PostSubject: The Ganian League   Sat Oct 19, 2013 4:49 pm

Name: Ganian League
Government: Confederacy
Description: The Ganian League is a loose confederacy of several minor states, each in control of a (small) solar system. The members are as follows:

• Vasu – Control two “core” planets. A lizard-like race that lacks tails and averages about 5 feet tall. This formerly sovereign system-state survived the machinations of larger nations through shrewd diplomacy and more than a few assassinations.
• Drozeiri – Control three “core” planets. A large, hulking race best described as “ten foot tall bipedal armadillos”. Their armored backs cause most conventional projectiles to bounce off harmlessly, but laser or plasma weaponry burns right through.
• Ikroden – Control two “core” planets. A race that, at the age of seven, chooses whether to abandon their natural bodies for a mechanical one. Those who become mechanical live as hulking machine warriors, while those who stay in their natural form serve mostly as mechanics and engineers.
• Bellatan – Control one “core” planet. This system-state formed during the human civil war and survived mostly by staying neutral during it. The core planet, Bellatan, can be described as one giant planet-encompassing city. Most resources come from colonies on other worlds and in space. A large portion of the population lives in poverty, and military service is considered a viable way to survive.
• Hoelons – Control two “core” planets. A race of nocturnal avians with forked tongues. Excellent pilots of space, air, and ground vehicles. Those who do not become combat pilots usually swear a vow of pacifism, leading to a society with a docile public caste ruled by a militaristic warrior caste.

The largest limiter on the Ganian League is, ironically, itself. Though it is united to fight off outside threats, it is subject to the political machinations of its own member states. Currently the Vasu serve as the “head” state of the League, representing all the members for diplomacy with foreign nations.

Military: The Ganian military is made up of levies from its member states, each filling their own sort of niche on the battlefield.
Vasuvian Infiltrator
Operatives trained to assassinate figures and otherwise disrupt governments trying to infringe on Vasuvian independence also have a role on the battlefield disrupting enemy communications, blowing bridges, and destroying supplies.

Vasuvian Sniper
Operatives trained to assassinate from a distance often serve as snipers rather than infiltrators.

Drozeiri Warrior
Drozeiri warriors are the physically strongest warriors of the Ganian military. They usually carry flamethrowers and serve as frontline support.

Gastak flamethrower:

Drozeiri Artilleryman
Taking advantage of their large size, Drozeiri artillerymen carry railguns that would usually be mounted on a light vehicle. Their superior maneuverability compared to a vehicle allows them to provide artillery support regardless of the terrain.

Ikrodi Warmachine
Ikrodi who traded their natural bodies for massive warrior mechs. Armed with miniguns, they can shred most enemies to pieces.

Ikrodi Droid
Ikrodi who traded their natural bodies for humanoid sized robotic bodies. They usually carry semi-automatic plasma rifles.

Ikrodi Engineer
Ikrodi who chose to keep their natural bodies. They serve as mechanics for the robotic Ikrodi and Hoelon planetary vehicles. Also work as combat engineers when the need arises.

Bellatite Infantryman
The meat and potatoes of the Ganian army. Further specialize into Marines, Heavy Troopers, and Medics. All soldiers carry assault rifles and a (mostly) ceremonial sword.

Bellatite Wayfarer
These hardy soldiers serve as the "first in, last out" droptroopers. Specially trained for battle in hazardous environments.

Hoelon Battle Tank
Working off human designed tanks, the Hoelon battle tank brings to the table shield generators that allow it to be used as mobile cover and a sighting system for the main gun to be used as impromptu artillery when the need arises.

HI-43 'Shatter' Planetary Fighter
Hoelon planetary fighter craft. Rather average in specs as far as fighters go, but the majority of Hoelon pilots love them for their simple, clutterless design.

GJSF Interplanetary Fighter
The Ganian Joint Strike Fighter, in order to maintain a balance of power, is separately manufactured and piloted by each member system-state. While they are technically built off the same blueprint, the system-states customized the design to suit their own needs. Regardless, they are uniform in engine output and weaponry.

GJSF Battleship
Similar to the GJSF Fighter, the GJSF Battleship is manufactured in three main space docks jointly owned, operated, and garrisoned by the system-states of the league. The battleship itself is mainly suited for transporting fighters ands troops; it's main railgun, spanning the center of the ship, holds a measly four shots. 6 60mm Pulse Cannons and two Heavy laser cannons (split equally on each side) provide the majority of its combat capabilities.
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The Ganian League
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