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 Nova Mongolica

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PostSubject: Nova Mongolica   Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:53 am

Name: Nova Mongolica
Demonym: Mongolican; Mongolicans
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Legislative Bodies: The Greater/Lesser Imperial Cabinet
The primary difference between the Greater and Lesser Cabinets are the differences in nation size.  While both of the Cabinets contain the various leaders of the nation that help advise the Monarch on various issues, the Greater Cabinet contains leaders who own more land as a part of their respective nation, and the members of the Lesser Cabinet are the opposite, owning far less land than the leaders of the Greater Cabinet.
The title of the Political Leader: The Great Monarch/King of Kings
Planetary Control:
3 Core planets
350(And growing) Claimed planets
Planets owned by the main part of the Government, the Nova Mongolica, are the only ones counted as core planets.  The planets counted as claimed are led by other governments that swear absolute fealty to the Monarch of Nova Mongolica, either through being conquered by a military unit belonging to Nova Mongolica, or through arranged marriages that end in the Monarch's favor.  The number will always grow, with various military units moving in different directions, conquering what planets they can, and either adding those to their respective government, or creating a new government that swears fealty to the Monarch.
Political Relations:
Political relations between Nova Mongolica and other nations can be a bit iffy at times, with the Monarch of Nova Mongolica normally having the goal of expansion for the benefit of the nation above making alliances and such. Since the Military forces of Nova Mongolica realize how important it is to have allies, for both military and trade purposes, they set up their own diplomatic wing for the purpose of trying to convince other nations to help their nation, with hopes of gaining them as both a military ally and a trade ally.
Economy: Relatively strong
When it comes to the economic strength of the nations that make up Nova Mongolica, the main factor is how connected a nation is to the main trade network.  If a nation is apart of the main trade network, and has more than one of the main relays that make up the network, then their economy is relatively powerful.  These nations tend to have more service aspects in their economy that the other types of nations.  If a nation only has one of the main relays, or utilizes a nearby nation that has one or more links to the main network, then their economy tends to be pretty good, depending on how much their services are needed.  These nations have more industrial aspects in their economy than the other nations, since they provide the bulk of materials and food items that are sold and served in the main network.  Nations that have to rely on the Industrial nations for sustenance, or have very little connection to the main network, are the poorest of the three types.  These nations are nominally agricultural, with only a small part of their nations being dedicated to the industrial aspects, and the main service parts of the economy consisting mostly of Bars or Taverns, Brothels, and the occasional Movie theater.
Economic(And by extension, political) types of the three variations:
The first type, a nation that has major connections to the main trade network, has a mixed economy most of the time, with some nations bordering on capitalist or ultra-capitalist.  These nations choose this economy path because it allows more selection, and the competition allows these nations to offer more and more of a selection concerning resources, technology, or food.  They also have a more democratic system of government than their close relatives, voting in leaders that can help them strengthen their respective economies.  The second type, the nations that have little connection to the main network, tend to have a communist-esque economy, with some of the nations going either full communist, or near that level.  They follow this path because they need to focus all their resources on what their neighbors will buy and sell in massive quantities on the main network.  They also have semi-heavy taxes needed to start up public projects.  These nations have a meritocratic system of government, where they believe that those who have worked the hardest, and have a large bit of knowledge in their given field, should lead that part of the economy.  The last of these types, the nations with no connection to the network whatsoever, have a psuedo-capitalist economy, where most people work for a portion of the day before taking a lengthy break.  While there are only a limited selection of venues to head towards in search of entertainment, the choices are typically the ones that the citizens are used to.  These nations have "Confederate Monarchies," where they have a Monarch, but most of the power lies in the hands of the landowners.
Military strength: Powerful
Back in the early days, there was a planet where 8 different major nations were almost always at war with one another.  When the first of the King of Kings would come onto the scene, he would join one of the nations, and help them take care of the rest of the nations, through both warfare and arranged marriages.  After he had managed to engulf the other nations into this one nation, he renamed it to "Nova Mongolica," and from there he put a lot of funding into the space program, helping them expand further into space.  After he conquered the first three planets, he started sending out troops to take more planets for Nova Mongolica.  Due to a lack of easy communication between the main hub and the military forces, the forces ended up creating a government to help govern the territory they managed to conquer.  They had also declared their loyalty to Nova Mongolica, and this was chosen by future parts of the Military as the better solution to expand, than to just hand everything to the central government.
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Nova Mongolica
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