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 The Atlurian Federation

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PostSubject: The Atlurian Federation   Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:17 am

Name: The Atlurian Federation
Demonym:Atlurian, Atlurians
Classification: Representative Democracy, with autocratic overtones
Population size: 5.7 trillion, with around 700 billion coming in every year due to births.
Number of individuals reaching age required for service(Age 16): 620 billion
Number of individuals fit for service at age 16: 570 billion
Political Title of Leader: President
Legislative House(s): The Senate, House of the Proletarii
Social castes?: In practice, yes
Societal history:
The history of the Federation, while not particularly interesting, serves to show how a union of any kind can slowly evolve, until it functions effectively like any of the nations it previously represented.  The Federation started off as a simply Military-social union developed by a group of nations on it's home planet, slowly expanding until it engulfed the whole planet, becoming what would now be considered the Federation.  After that, they introduced the Presidential rank, and this would begin a long line of Presidents, some with good intentions, and others with less than friendly approaches to some situations.
Economic strength: Powerful
Top 3 professions:
1. Steel worker
2. Military soldier(The #2 and #1 can interchange yearly.)
3. Prostitution(There have been many attempts in the Legislature to criminalize this profession, but Factory owners and corporate leaders have paid a lot of money to keep it legal.)
Cultural history:
The Federation has a large history of snatching from other cultures to replace parts of their own culture, whether most of their citizens know it or not.  While the Science and industrial levels each evolved in harmory to reach the Industrial Revolution, only science has managed to evolve, reaching the space age, while they never quite evolved from a primarily industrial society to a service-based society.  As such, their culture, while moving forward, was standing still.  To mix things up, some citizens would change their appearance, or the way they did things(sometimes as a copy of another civilization's culture, often not), others would soon pick up these trends, and thus... their culture would be transformed.  
Military nature:
While the Federation does try to avoid going to war, this does not mean that they are unfamiliar with the concept of war.  If anything, when they are provoked, they can get very sadistic in both their fighting, and the after-effects.  During wars, they tend to target, and destroy, industrial and agricultural parts of planets, allowing them to start a war of attrition should their frontal tactics fail.  When, or if, they win, they then would insert toxins into the waters of the planet, designed to mostly kill plants, with a side effect of killing any aquatic wildlife that requires aquatic vegetation to survive, in one form or another.  When the famine comes across the planet, the Federation will then send further expeditionary forces to attack when morale is at it's lowest, and then drain out the parts of the water with concentrated amounts of this toxin.
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The Atlurian Federation
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