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 The Caladonic Empire

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PostSubject: The Caladonic Empire   Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:39 am

Official Title: The Caladonic Empire
Unofficial Title: None
Demonym: Caladonian; Caladonians

National Description:
The growth of the Empire has been surprising, to say the least.  For the longest time, the planetary citizens were hunter-gatherers, with a select few selecting the agricultural path.  All this changed with the discovery of a new race.  This race, known as the Caladonians, was not believed to be real, at first.  They were monsters of myth, believed to be creatures that fed on fear and often appeared as loved ones after the loved ones would disappear.  A peculiar pattern began to take place, though.  Societies that were touched by this myth began to grow, and expand more rapidly than usual.  They also became the center for various things from the arts, to science and technology.  After a while, nations were beginning to form.  It would only take a short while longer until growth occurred exponentially with research, and development, of more technology.  In the end, though, only one culture would survive.  This culture was then taken over by the Caladonians, and they used the technology developed by the old nation to expand their nation farther throughout the galaxy[Or more].  It should also be noted that the Caladonians did not just slumber and wait.  They mated with the various members of the planetary population, and later a good percentage of the population would have even the slightest bit of Caladonian blood in their veins.  This Golden Era would not last forever, though, as the rapid growth caused some major repercussions.  The most major of these repercussions was the flooding of the planet.  This caused a massive, forced deportation of most of the citizens.  In order to preserve the 'more' important part of the population, they did tests with every test to see which citizens was enough of a Caladonian to be able to transform, if only slightly, into what the original species appeared as.  The citizens who passed the test remained on the planet, while the rest were deported to off-world planets, working with what limited resources they had in order to make a home out of these new planets.  Their attempts at making efficient use of their resources would later help the Empire maintain more resources, and help with its expansion.

Census report:
Total population: 72.5 billion
Military population: 27 billion
Active military population: 13 billion
Total planets: 10
Average population per planet: 7.3 billion
Population percentages:
Upper Caladonian: 20%
Lower Caladonian: 50%
Other minorities: 30%

Economic Report:
Currency reference: 1 Deton[Dey-tahn]/DT - 20 Deton/DT - 50 Deton/DT - 100 Deton/DT - 1,000 Deton/DT - 5,000 Deton/DT - 10,000 Deton/DT
Spent percentages:
Military - 33%
Law Enforcement - 40%
Welfare - 7%
Administrative costs - 15%
Other - 5%

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The Caladonic Empire
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