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 The Earth Alliance

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PostSubject: The Earth Alliance   The Earth Alliance Icon_minitime1Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:38 am

History of the Earth Alliance

In the Beginning….
In the year 1972, a great discovery was made on the moon. The final mission of the apollo mission uncovered something never before seen on the moon, buried underneath the rock. What was to be the final mission of the apollo mission evolved into a catalyst to launch more missions to the moon to uncover what was buried there, for whatever it was, it wasn't natural and it didn't come from mankind. These missions were taken over though my the United Nations due to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. By 1978, the unknown structures were uncovered by the joint mission crews and pieces were sent back to Earth for study. The structures were simply 4 large and extremely long struts that crashed onto the moon long ago. Their purpose is unknown but analysis of what it is made out of turned up an unknown metal alloy..and within one sample was a highly radioactive mineral.

Just two grams of this material was enough to kill an unprotected human from 15 feet away if exposed directly to it. This material was dubbed Quantium-40 and computer models show that this material can be infact a naturally occurring mineral in the universe. This mineral though is very chemically complex and cannot be synthesized.

Through the years of studying the advance technology that was found on the moon, the world had changed. Because of samples collected from these ancient devices on the moon, scientists began to study what exactly powered them. They had an inactive power system and no one knew what exactly powered it, but Q-40 was not used in this area. The answer to this mystery came on December 21st, 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider. On this day, the particles known as Gravitons and Anti-Gravitons were isolated and captured during the attempts to find the primal forces that keep the universe together. The capturing of these particles led to entire decades of study of their uses. During this time, people knew for a fact that we are not alone in the universe. At first, many people became xenophobic and were afraid of an invasion from the stars. Many also wondered what these struts were used for and so a movement began to unify earth underneath the United Nations. As it went though, the name changed from the United Nations to the Earth Alliance. Earthgov was formed with a democracy that had the big players during this era have the most influence over this new Earth government. It was officially ratified and came into power in 2031 with the Earth Alliance’s Constitution. The Earth Alliance was set up by this new constitution as a multi-tiered Democratic Republic.

The members of the Earth Alliance are:
The USA, The Russian Consortium, The United States of Europe,The United Kingdom, Australia, The African Bloc, Canada, The Eastern Bloc, China, The Indian Consortium, The Indonesian Consortium, Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Islamic Nations.

In 2041, a permanent Earth Alliance Base was set up on the moon to better study these ancient struts and all materials taken from it where brought back up. Through the years they were disassembled and studied intensively. In 2050, the first fusion reactors on earth were brought online thanks to advances made from the studying of the ancient devices. By 2100, a space elevator had been completed in order to ferry supplies into space without it costing a fortune. This space elevator helped humanity extend its influence far into their own solar system. Problems arose though from the long distances ships would have ferry supplies to the new space colonies forming on Mars and on moons further out in the solar system. By this time,

2112-2124: Establishment of the Psicorp
While technology surged ahead, so did the human mind. In 2112, it was confirmed that psionics did indeed exist but was exceedingly rare within the human population. Only 1 in 1 million people had the gene for psionics and most weren't very powerful. Even so, many people began to fear that their next door neighbor might be a telepath, that they might be able to listen in on their thoughts and invade their privacy. In response to this, the Metasensory Regulation Authority was created to monitor and regulate telepaths for the protection of both the telepaths and the “normal” population. This was originally overseen by the senate, but one of the senators used the program to further his political ambitions. In 2124 though, things changed when this, and many other of his illegal activities, were exposed to the general public. It was immediately disbanded and the senator was sent to jail, but the problem of the Telepaths still remained. So later that year, Psicorp was founded and all telepaths were required to be apart of Psicorp by law. Refusal to do so will result in two choices, Jail or the “Sleeper” drugs.

Invention of the Momentum Accelerated Gravity Drive
In 2126, a Revolutionary breakthrough happened. Years of study and experimentation resulted in the creation of the Momentum Accelerated Gravity Drive. An unmanned vessel armed with this experimental engine was launched from the Atlantic Orbital Elevator and exceeded all expectations as it reached an acceleration of 20,000g during its flight. It was able to reach a maximum velocity of .8c during this period with its engines at max. It didn’t maintain this for long due to the 20,000g acceleration was threatening to rip apart the probe. The acceleration was slowed down to 10,000g max acceleration for the rest of the flight. It took only a mere day for it to reach, orbit, and return back to Earth. This was something that has never been done before in history. Credit for this marvelous invention was given to the team that created it and to the head scientist, Dr Rose. Dr Rose went on to also win the Nobel Peace Prize for her contributions to the new drive. Following this, Unmanned Survey Drones were launched in 2127 to survey nearby star systems.

The First Starships
The first true modern starships began to take shape in humanity’s new Orbital Construction Yard, an extension of the orbital elevator. Many of these ships were civilian ships and used to strike at the mother load. The asteroid belt was filled with many useful resources ready to be mined, refined and used in construction of more new ships and other things which humanity needed. Since the government controlled and owned all of the orbital facilities, the government began reaping a significant profit from all the companies and few individuals that wanted to have ships built. Many social and economic programs were created because of this sharp increase in the budget the government had, which then caused the private sector to sharply begin to grow as well. In 2135, the first Starliners that would ferry people between planets were launched with special dropships to carry people up to them. Tickets were not expensive, but not cheap either. There were special programs funded by the government to get people onto these liners and to other planets like Mars and Io.

The Launching of the 4 Great Colonization Ships
By 2143, These probes had surveyed the nearby Star systems and have reported by their findings. By this time, Earth was overcrowded and a desperate plan to alleviate this pressure on the planet was created, leading to the construction of 4 great and large ships that held enough supplies and living space for 10 million people each for 12 years. As with discovery of previous ships, the manned ships of humanity could not match the amazing acceleration which their unmanned probes were managing. At best, they could get 1,000Gs of acceleration out of the ship in deep space without the ship beginning to take structural damage. This was also because the new inertial dampers that came with these ships could only handle 1,000Gs. These great ships, being so large, could only accelerate at 100Gs, but still get a maximum velocity of .8c. The main feature of these ships though was that they could be easily broken down and down components onto the planet to help the colonist survive and thrive on the new worlds. Multiple ships and starliners followed these colonization ships to assist in the ferrying of 10 million people down to their new homes. The ships were launched in 2144 and arrived at their respective stars by 2163. These stars are as followed: Proxima Centauri, Epsilon Eridani, Tau Ceti, and Wolf 359.

Many years go by and by 2190, Mars was a prospering colony of the Earth Alliance. This is thanks mostly to the large deposits of Q-40 found in the martian soil. Though not usable at the moment, Earthgov wanted to mine as much of it as possible to study how they could use it and perhaps find out what the ancient devices do. In 2223, the research was finally completed and earth has successfully reverse engineer what is now being dubbed a Jumpgate. The initial tests and probes sent through revealed a possible hyperspace which humanity's starships could ride and travel relatively faster than light. With this discovered, many new research and development programs were launched.

The Sol Invictus
More resources than ever before were poured into developing a new state of the art ship to send fourth into hyperspace and explore space. This new ship would also be the vanguard of a new generation of warships to defend the planets of humanity and the paradise which people have created for themselves on these planets. It took twelve years in total and many failures before the first prototype was finished and christened as the EAS Sol Invictus.
This is also the largest vessel which humanity has ever constructed to date at 5,800 meters long. The ship was launched in 2235

EAS Sol Invictus
The Earth Alliance Akrian_dreadnought_by_powerpointranger-d6y6jc5
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PostSubject: Re: The Earth Alliance   The Earth Alliance Icon_minitime1Mon Mar 30, 2015 2:25 pm

Government and Factional Information

Commonly Referred to as EarthGov
Type of Government: Representative Republic
Initial Internal Turmoil: 44
Initial Economy: 100
Initial Military: 38

Current Statistics of the Earth Alliance
Internal Turmoil: 44
Economy 100
Military: 38

Initial Internal Turmoil
Corruption in the Earth Alliance primarily falls down to a corrupt senator or two and piracy from the Epsilon Erandi system due to the turmoil the system currently is in. There are also black markets on planets, but mostly small unless your in the Epsilon Erandi System. Earth Alliance vessels vigilantly patrol the outer system of the Epsilon Erandi system and monitor for build up of any hostile ships as well as keep this system Quarantined for the good of all human colonies. Due to the massive distance involved, no attempts have been made to send in marines and properly set up the government. This might change though with the invention of the Jumpgate...

Initial Economy
The economy of the Earth Alliance is currently in a State of economic boom and rapid expansion. This is also thanks to the discover of Q-40 deposits on mars and mining of the asteroid belt, bringing in a substantial amount of resources. Other colonies are also just getting into the resource business or are exporting other products to improve their economy. Most trade also is done on massive orbital space stations and movement of people and goods are done via the GravTrams of the Orbital Elevators. No ship is allowed to land on a planet without permission. This is mostly done to save costs and make it harder for any terrorist organization to commit acts of terror against the state.

Initial Military
The military of the Earth Alliance consists primarily of the Alliance Marines and Alliance Navy. There is also the Planetary Militias, which use to be the Alliance Army. The army though was disbanded and devolved into the Planetary Militias due to the fall in need of the Alliance Army. The Alliance marines could do everything the Army could and have much better and also were trained to operate in space while the Army was not. The overall strength of the Alliance at the start of the rp in terms of military power is low due to having many old ships missile ships that are due to be decommissioned and scraped. These old ships, while designed and work superbly for their era, were terribly designed and could not be easily upgraded with new technological advancements. Just recently, the next generation of state of the art starships have been successfully tested and being quickly constructed. Some of these next gen ships are already out, prowling through Earth Alliance territory on the ever vigilant lookout for smugglers, piracy, or illegal bases. Lastly, humanity has shifted slightly away from the Early Grav missile ships and changed to a combination of guns and missiles thanks to recent advancements made in computers, sensors, tracking software, and velocity which projectiles could be fired at.

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The Earth Alliance
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