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 EAS Sol Invictus

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PostSubject: EAS Sol Invictus   Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:21 pm

The EAS Sol Invictus is the first human Dreadnought and new flagship of humanity's fleet. It is being tasked with the first ever manned jump into what is for now being called hyperspace.

The Ship

Technical Specs:
8x3 90 inch GRC-Mk IV Railguns - 2.5 rounds a minute
2 190 Inch HVKR-Mk II Kinetic Rifles 1:22 minute reload
360 Crossbow Standard Missile Launchers- 1:15 minute reload
194 Longbow Heavy Missiles-2 minute reload

Support Batteries
35x2 15 inch GC15-Mk VI Railguns - 25 Rounds a Minute
192 3 inch DF1A2 Point Defense railguns- 90 Rounds A minute
32 Haslor Point Defense Lasers 10 Second Beam, 8 second recharge
750 Javelin Swarm Counter Defense Missiles 1 minute reload

Armor And Shield
17 Meters of Titanium-C Armor
Counter GravBarrier: 3,200 EU Per Shield Section. 3 Hour Recharge for 100% Shield Strength
Shield Sections: 120

Positions to apply for
Executive Officer-Commander
Intelligence Officer-Vice Commander*
Navigation Officer-Vice Commander*
Combat Tracking and Monitoring Officer-Vice Commander*
Chief Tactical Officer-Vice Commander*
Tactical Officers-Lieutenant(s)
Communication Officer-Lieutenant
Chief Engineer-Senior Warrant Officer
Engineer-Any NCO ranking
Marine (any rank up to Lt. Col)
Any Scientist Field
Ship A.I.
*I will decide who is the Vice Commander Senior ranked character once all characters are submitted

Ranks, Naval

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PostSubject: Re: EAS Sol Invictus   Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:30 am


Jack Leighton, marine, 2nd Lieutenant.

Jane Thompson, marine, Lance Corporal, demolitions expert.

Diana Clark, engineer member, Petty Officer.

Bios WIP, more to come?
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PostSubject: Re: EAS Sol Invictus   Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:15 pm

Communications Officer - Ashton Burke, Lieutenant

Marine - Alastair O'Connelly, Major


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PostSubject: Re: EAS Sol Invictus   Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:17 pm

Name: Heydon Elwin
Position: Marine, Demolitions & Engineering Training
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant

Son of the military R&D genius Jaycob Elwin, Heydon has taken after his father's intellect but not his attitude. Option for a career in the military rather than R&D, Heydon has brought along his extensive knowledge of explosives and technology. His father isn't exactly happy about his career choice, however...


Name: Jayla Columni
Position: Navigation Officer
Rank: Vice Commander

Her exact background is unclear, but her ability as a pilot was made apparent during her brief time with corvettes. After a training accident, she transferred to the Sol Invictus as a Navigations Officer.


Name: Alex Church
Position: Intelligence Officer
Rank: Vice Commander

A seasoned and aged man, Alex is by far one of the oldest crewmembers on the Sol Invictus. Skilled at almost any subject you can ask of him, Alex has repeatedly been capable of providing unusual tidbits of information that prove to be beneficial, regardless of field. Most would admit that Alex would be a competent member with any section of the ship, but given his vast intelligence and skill base, it was only natural for him to choose the intelligence sector.


Name: Saya Selanne
Position: Scientist; Biochem Field
Rank: None; Civilian

The accidental result of a one-night stand, Saya has been raised by her single mother and, despite the circumstances, managed to pass the lowliest of schools to become a Biochemistry Scientist. Now, at the behest of her lead researcher, Saya has been sent onto the Sol Invictus in the case that her knowledge would be required. Timid and shy, Saya prefers to stay away from most people, even those that she knows.

Potentially more to be added.

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PostSubject: Re: EAS Sol Invictus   Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:29 am

Name: Elm Reiderwelm
Position: Starboard Tactical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant
Appearance: Pale with short silver hair and forest green eyes. Skinny.

Bio: Grew up in the big city, living a sheltered life. His legacy is the military, but mainly filled with hardline sergeants. Elm is the first officer that came from his family, which was met with a mixture of pride and astonishment. Growing up, and still now, Elm is very timid. He's not great with strong authority, both in taking it and dealing it out. However, he has decent intelligence and leadership. With a bit more backbone, he'd make a great commander.

Name: Varlia Saunja
Position: Long Range Senor Officer
Rank: Lieutenant

Bio: Sun-kissed skin and hailing from South America with kind brown eyes and dark auburn hair, Varlia Saunja took her tentative steps into the military through a series of lucky events that lead her to be aboard the Invictus. From birth, she was always a curious girl who loved to know the world around her and would routinely search for bugs and exotic plants around her small home. Space held a particular interest for her as it was always out of reach. However, she never had the patience for science, but held onto the hope that she could serve on a such a vessel, she didn't know for what though. She read off the internet the idea of being a ship's "scan tech." and latched onto the idea. With a sudden dedication that surprised both herself and her parents, she whipped her grades around and shot off into the military in the hope to see the stars. Through being in the right place and at the right time, she reached the rank of lieutenant and was thrown onto the Invictus.

Name: Anya Brixt
Position: XO
Rank: Executive Officer
Appearance: Olive skin with an average height and build with short brown hair that she has tied up in a tight bun with piercing electric blue eyes.

Bio: Imperious and serious. Truly the only two words that are needed to describe Anya Brixt. She was born to an Italian family whose mother married an Irishman from a trip. The marriage was never stable and Anya was caught between many arguments. This has lead her to the belief that she should never marry. She became hard from her home life but took the quickest, but also stablest, opportunity to escape, the military. Determined never to need to go home again, she built her career through the strength of stone, eagerly taking the no-nonsense side of the military and crafting an unyielding serious side that demanded the best in herself and others. She rose quickly due to her straight up dedication. Some have questioned if she is wearing a stone mask to cover up a more tender side, but none have been able to break it so far.

Name: Taurn Melville
Postion: Marine Pilot
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Appearance: White skin, tall, over six feet, with short black hair and a wide toothy smile. His muscles are wires and decently well tuned. His eyes are those strange ones that seem to have multiple colors.

Bio: A green pilot and marine, but a confident one with humility to keep it from hubris. Adopted by his parents from circumstances that do not exist on record, Taurn grew up a physically fit boy who took interest in flying and the military from a young age. He joined the fighter academy but found his talents with a gun suited him for multiple roles, so he also joined the marines and became a navy pilot. His instructors remarked that "Taurn exhibits natural talents rarely found in other soldiers." Sadly, this excellence helped ostracize him from other students. Regardless, Taurn graduated at the top of his class and gladly took a post on the Invictus. He randomly sleepwalks to his fighter, regardless if it is placed in a different location, or if he changes fighters all together. He also can't remember anything from before he was fifteen.
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PostSubject: Re: EAS Sol Invictus   Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:50 am

Name: Glenn D. Jarvis
Age: 39
Position: Commanding Officer of the Sol Invictus
Rank: Commodore
P-Rating: 1 (Not Known)

Bio: Early Life:
Glenn D. Jarvis is the child of Marie Jarvis and Josef Jarvis. His early childhood was much the same as every other child, only that his mother was a telepath who hide her powers very well. She wasn't powerful though, only registering at a P2. He lived a wonderful childhood with both of his parents until the age of 12 when his mother was discovered by the psicorps as a telepath. She was given the same 3 choices as everyone else, The corp, prison, or the sleeper drugs. She didn't want to go to prison and she defiantly didn't want to join up with the psicorps, so she choose to get the weekly injections of the sleeper drugs to suppress her psionic capabilities. At first Glenn's mother was fine, but as time went on he watched the life slowly fade from his mother's eyes until the age of 16. His father had also become more abusive over this time period and was not there for him when he needed him the most. On March 17th, 2209 his mother came to him and spent the most time she ever had before with him and he believed she was beginning to adapt and recover from the drugs. She sent him away to his friend's house and that night committed suicide. From that day on, he forever hates and despises the psicorps for what they did to his mother.
Later Life:
Glenn did not let this stop him though and against his father's wishes, he joined the navy and quickly rose in rank. By the age of 29 he was a captain of his own ship. He got his missions completed but did not do things by the book. Often he would join his marines on the raids they must do against terrorist and pirate organizations trying to form up. This has caused many in the high command to get angry at his recklessness. Thanks to the results he was getting though, this was allowed to slide and provided an increase morale on the ships he commanded. He often also joins his crew in drills they do and tells them to treat him as if he was of equal rank during the drill. That also includes permission to beat his ass up. At 37, Glenn was promoted to the rank of Commodore for his service record and managed to land himself on the list of candidates to command the new flag ship being constructed. Due to his open mind and being scored as the best for first contact scenario, Glenn was eventually chosen as the Commanding Officer of the Sol Invictus.  Just months before it became fully operational, Glenn lost his eye and got heavily scarred during a raid when a IED exploded nearby and sent shrapnel into his face. He hasn't have time recently or in the foreseeable future to get an optical eye replacement.
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PostSubject: Re: EAS Sol Invictus   

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EAS Sol Invictus
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