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 The Amrih Collective

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PostSubject: The Amrih Collective   The Amrih Collective Icon_minitime1Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:27 pm

History of the Amrih Collective

3000 Before Great Annihilator
The Amrih were nothing more than tribesmen, pretty much Indians. All were in separate tribes, designated by marks and warpaint like patterns on their bodies in different colors. They existed separately but not very peacefully and it wasn't long before the tribes were at war with each other. One member of the tribe Am, their leader, Am'natel, lead the tribe to victory over the rest. He became known as the Great Uniter and the race was called Amrih, the United of Am. The tribes now united learned to exist harmoniously with each other, all grieving the lives that were lost in the century long war. Am'natel ruled as the leader of the Amrih for 300 years before suddenly vanishing, leaving behind his wife and child.

After learning the art of spaceflight and journeying through their galaxy and living in relative peace for over 2000 years, calamity struck in the form of the Annihilator. No one knows the identity of the Annihilator or even what it is. Stories tell it was a disease. Others insist it was a monster. More say it was Am'natel himself, angry at the fact that the Amrih forgot their history so easily. No matter what it is described as, the stories end the same way. Their planet Amir was decimated, forcing the Amrih to flee their home in their spaceships. Fleeing their homes changed them, making the once peaceful race bitter and hostile towards anything different than them. Machines and weapons of war once again came into production, but the Amrih were always hesitant to use them, always mourning any life they ended.

200 After Great Annihilator
The Amrih arrive at an uninhabited planet and decide to claim it as their new home. They call it New Amir.

1490 AGA
New Amir is thriving, grand cities built on the planet to house the Amrih. Even though the Amrih have their new homes, most were unable to let go of their journeying lifestyles and became more nomadic than their planet swelling brethren. They still maintained good contact with New Amir and their inhabitants.

1495 AGA
The nomadic Amrih discover a jumpgate. Scouts who go through report a large area, far larger than what their sensors can see. They excitedly report the area to New Amir, calling it the Ethereal Plane (the Zones).

Rest is WIP
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The Amrih Collective
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