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 Factional Rules And Ground Combat

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PostSubject: Factional Rules And Ground Combat   Factional Rules And Ground Combat Icon_minitime1Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:23 pm


  • All forces and vehicles will have armor values to represent the thickness and toughness of the armor they wear or put onto their vehicles
  • Energy Shields Will not Recharge while in use
  • Energy Shielding effectiveness will drop as shield strength drops.
  • All Energy Shields will be represented by a value
  • Military Value will represent the combined strength of all forces within a faction. It is possible for a low rated faction to beat a much higher one


  • All factions will have an economy rating
  • Economy represents Resource collection as well as the amount of resources in storage
  • Economy also represented industrial might
  • Economy will represent Prosperity
  • Take all of the above into account when doing the economy score then justify the score you gave it. Values can go above 100

Internal Turmoil

  • Internal Turmoil represents elements within a faction causing problems
  • Chances of pirates from this race
  • Chance of illegal markets and activities
  • Chances of Corrupt leadership
  • Internal Turmoil Value must be justified


  • All New and interesting technology must be oked through GM for balance purposes
  • No Antimatter Generators
  • No magical material that is undetectable and can make very large explosions
  • Please attempt to conform to the technology path already in the rp
  • Races in this rp are only allowed to have the Zones as the ONLY method of FTL unless approved by the majority of people in the rp

Psionic users in this rp will have a P level, and that P level cannot increase unless through experimentation. This experimentation has the chance of always backfiring or driving the user insane or just flat out killing them. Also not all psionics will have telekinetics, even if a majority of the race is above P13. Special psionics must be cleared with the GM and then clearly posted on your faction's post. ALL FACTIONS WHO HAVE PSIONICS MUST HAVE A FLUCTUATION IN PSIONIC POWER LEVEL AND AN INCREASE IN RARITY AS P LEVEL GOES UP. This can be overridden if it can be justified why a race has an unusal amount of high level psionic users. Willpower is also crucial in psionic combat and people with high willpowers can successfully block psionic users without having to be psionic users themselves.

P1 Barely registers, May or may not have the ability to telepathically talk and if so its within 1 meter. Can sense emotions. More effective than P0s at blocking telepathic scans

P2 Has range up to 2 meters

P3 Has range up to 6 meters for telepathic communication

P4 Can accurately read when someone is telling the truth or lying at this point

P5 Can attempt to break through someone's mind defense and do a more deep mind probe, but not very accurate

P6 Can implant a thought or idea in other's heads at this point


P8 Can effectively begin to track other psionic users at this point

P9 Can sense electronics, especially electronic surveillance



P12 Very small chance of using telekinetic abilities. At this point you can set up commands and "programs" inside people's minds if you break through their mind completely. Takes extremely long time to do and commands are very limited. Too many of these as well will cause them as a whole to degrade and eventually get deleted. Very ineffective against other psionic users unless they are of a low enough level as psionic users can remove these commands very easily.

P13 At this point, a user might be able to use telekinetic abilities.







Everything is WIP
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PostSubject: Re: Factional Rules And Ground Combat   Factional Rules And Ground Combat Icon_minitime1Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:37 pm

Genetic Modifications
Genetic Modifications are allowed within the rp. This ranges from adapting colonist to planets, extending human life, and making super soldiers. As you use genetic modifications though, at a certain point negative traits will be gained. This applies to all races as well. This can range from becoming sensitive to light due to increased vision to having one's lifespan cut down and life extension no longer works. Please be reasonable when using genetic modification since it cannot all give positive traits.

Ground Combat

  • With all combat, including space, Damage and casualties will be agreed upon by the people in conflict. If a census cannot be reached, I will step in to mediate the situation
  • No Take Backs
  • Jumping into atmospheres are very dangerous and has a high probability of crashing a ship into the ground without proper data beforehand from an operator on the ground just prior to the jump.
  • There is no specifications on ground or power armor, but be reasonable with what you make and make sure it has a use
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Factional Rules And Ground Combat
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