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 The United Systems Republic

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The United Systems Republic Empty
PostSubject: The United Systems Republic   The United Systems Republic Icon_minitime1Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:58 pm

Government and factional info

Commonly referred to as the Axen Imperium
Type of government: Mixed government
Initial Corruption: 75
Initial Economy: 100
Initial Military: 36

Initial corruption: The corruption within the Republic has, for the longest time, been rampant, with alliances forming left and right as a way for the senators and various leaders to help secure their own power. One such alliance even managed to transform into a 30-year military dictatorship. Because of how the system works, many politicians also rival other politicians from the other political groups. As a result of these alliances and rivalries, the black market runs rampant, and privateers appear in droves, hired by the various politicians and the corporations that they're attached to, in order to take what resources and wealth that it can. Eventually, all resources reach their intended destination, but all politicians and companies want to take the credit for something that they didn't directly make.

Initial economy: The economy of the Republic is at one of the higher points in it's history, and it's only getting better. Thanks to both their heavy mining and refinement operations, mixed with the trading policies with natives, their capital planet has become a booming center of commerce, with trade and resources coming from the various sections of the systems that they control.

Initial Military: Although a lot of work has been done in an attempt to their army the best that it can be, the galactic navy hasn't had a lot of work done on it, which shines the most when it comes to the internal structure of the navy. The internal structure of the navy is essentially a carbon copy of the internal structure of the army. As a result, while their army is one of the best, their navy is worse off than the Alliance's.

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The United Systems Republic
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