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 Noob's List Of Characters

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PostSubject: Noob's List Of Characters   Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:33 am

Name: Varg

Race: Human

Origin: Majin

Occupation: Pyromancer Specialist Unit

Brief Bio:
“Burn like the rest.”
A scarred man encased in heavy power armor, this walking behemoth is a sight to behold. The advanced state-of-the-art flamethrower on his person and his gift of pyromancy had transformed him into a great asset for the Calidrians.

Outside of armor, he’s a man of few words, interested only in upholding the ideals that he was born to; especially if it means being able to purge their enemies from the face of the planet.

Start: Majin: States of Calidria

Without Power Armor(minus the obvious orc-ish features)

With Power Armor

Name: Arnes Machel

Race: Human

Origin: Jirmushi

Occupation: Shieldkeeper Medic

Brief Bio:
“One day, somehow, I want all this needless fighting to stop. That’s my dream.”
An outcast girl who once lived on the fringes where the Argenist-Calidria war took place. Whilst escaping from persecution, she found herself within Imperial territory and was taken in by the Boneyard Shieldkeeper. Ever since then, she has been learning their ways and is eager to join their ranks, hoping that she can actually do something with her own power; even if it’s only saving a single life.

Shy and timid at first, she nonetheless shows determination to her ideals. Currently, she’s skilled in the arts of traditional healing and shows aptitude for advanced restorative magic.

Start: Mu-Arishi: Boneyard Shieldkeeper


Name: Elisphyr Leyn Arkaus, or just Elis for short

Race: Elf

Origin: Hakari

Occupation: Apprentice

Brief Bio:
"You have something you wish to speak of me?"
A natural alchemist, philosopher and elementalist on her own, she oft carries herself with an air of dignity. In truth, she was the daughter of a minor noble ancestry within her homeland who simply wishes to seek out new horizons. And what better excuse to do that than being enrolled and studying in the prestigious Academy of Spellcraft?

Having grown to like the Academy and curious of the mysterious nature of mana, she is now under apprenticeship; hoping to become a professor there and continue her studies further.

Start: Jirmushi - Academy of Spellcraft

(Replace the human ears with elf ears)

(Note: Not sure what the standard template is for the characters, so this will be subjected to change.)
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Noob's List Of Characters
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