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 Erutios - Hans Landa

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PostSubject: Erutios - Hans Landa   Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:01 am

Name: Staff Sergeant Hans Landa
Race: Human(?)
Age: 33
Origin: Argenist
Class: Tank Commander
Bio: Hans Landa has been in the military since the age of 16. He lied to enlist and continued to wage war throughout his life. Having grown tired of high command, he quickly grew an opinion that was less than well received by his colleagues. Currently he leads the T-72b dubbed Calidria or Bust

Update: He now leads a rebellion with a handful of other disgruntled soldiers. Their movement is to reform a competent military government that cares for the welfare of it's soldiers and it's citizens.

They have a flag:

For infiltrating Argenist outposts and bases, they simple call it the "Regimental Standard" of the Tank Division they were all formerly apart of. It is the former Argenist Eagle crest in the center surrounded by a red field that symbolizes the blood spilled for the fatherland with the Iron Cross of Heroism in the upper left hand corner.
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Erutios - Hans Landa
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