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 The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile)

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The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Empty
PostSubject: The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile)   The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Icon_minitime1Mon Mar 28, 2016 8:13 pm

The Black Company

Allegiance: Itself

Current Strength: 374,343 active soldiers

Motto: “Forever Faithful.”

Early History:

The Black Company's history stretches back to the golden age of the Seredium Empire, long before it was overthrown by what would become the Argenist Empire. Then the Black Company was known as an army of Elite Knights that were tasked with defending the Empire's frontiers and were known then as “The Knights Unyielding”, and their ranks numbered in the hundreds of millions. However as the golden age came to an end, the empire began to fracture at the edges, and when the 12 mages came to unite any rebel forces... the Empire as a whole began to crumble quickly under their combined magical power. The Knights Unyielding who were at the forefront of this quick and bloody war took the heaviest losses, with their ranks dwindling from over 5.7 million to less than a hundred thousand over the course of a decade as the Seredium Empire was quickly overrun and in full retreat. The survivors fleeing back to the heart of Majin where the survivors sought to make a desperate escape to the moon Genin on early rockets.

What was left of The Knights Unyielding volunteered to be their rear guard, meaning that they wouldn't be leaving the planet themselves. A last final act for the army that had once been one of humanities most faithful defenders. At the end of the week long battle, less than a thousand Knights remained alive, and those who remained quickly reorganized themselves, hiding away their colors, banners, and loyalties in the name of survival. Taking upon the name of The Black Company, as they were an army without a nation or people who could claim their loyalties. The once Knights however vowed to always uphold the friendships and treaties created by their birth nation, and secretly do so with great zeal.

In the centuries since the rise and fall of the Argenist Empire The Black Company has participated in hundreds of wars, usually on the side of non-humans as the xenophobic tendencies within the Argenist Empire became more dominant. The Company's original leaders favoring any cause that could possibly weaken the usurper empire. Their numbers at least partially supplanted by non-humans, sympathetic humans, or just out right rebels who wanted to cause trouble for the Empire. The Black Company in the end has taken part in every major war that has happened over the past 650 years. Specifically of merit, the Black Company has campaigned against The Blue Crusade, defended High Elves retreat into the Hakari mountains, fought against and with Legends of old during the Crimson Age, halted the expansion of the Argenist Empire, and fought on many fronts to see its end. Their history is long and most of it hidden from the standard solider that fights under their banner and the world at large.

Modern History:

Current Preferred Contracts-
Currently The Black Company holds several Preferred Contracts with the Elven Refuge and the Communist States of Calidria. With the Elves the contract has lasted for almost a 80 years by this point, the Company Defending the only road into the Hakari mountains for the price of a sphere of Source Crystal 20cm's in diameter which is then auctioned off at mind boggling prices. The Sphere itself is delivered once a month to The Lord Captain, where the Black Company base there becomes the site of the auction itself, with the final price of the stone often covering the monthly expenses of The Company at this point. For the Calidria States The Black Company has for the past 30 years ensured that the food shipments that travel from Mu-Arishi to Majin kept arriving regularly and unharmed. The Calidria States pay the Company in high tech equipment for their services, and the farms and communities they bring the shipments of food from pay in both a portion of the profits, and with a portion of the food produced. They also at the same time have started (with some serious negotiations) started a Preferred Contract with Calidria in their continual battles against the Argenist's, with them establishing a FOB near the front lines.

Current Protection Contracts:

The communities within a 500 square mile radius outside of the borders of the Elven refuge, starting at where the road meets up with Hakari itself, all have some form of contract with The Black Company that better guarantees their protection from bandits, The Imperial Airborn, and the Rebel Airborn as the civil war continues.

Contracts of Aggression:

The Black Company at the moment has just started a long term contract of aggression against the Argenist's under the payroll of the Calidria States. The leaders of the Company eager to once again bleed their oldest of enemies.

Covert Contracts:


Methods of Payment-

Cold hard cash: The Black Company is a mercenary company, so as always... money makes the money go round.

Supplies: If a client can't pay the price for their services, the price for The Black Company's support can be offset by the offering of valuable supplies such as weapons, food, etc.

Land: Though The Black Company doesn't make it a habit of setting up truly permenant bases. The gifting of land to the Company can be a form of payment, as The Company will either develop it themselves to then sell at a higher price, or make use of it themselves.

Methods of Recruitment-

Contracted Tax: In situations where the client is either low on cash or say a large town or city, the client can reduce the price of the Company's assistance and protection through the drafting of a family member or through the local populace. Usually for a total service of 5 years after training is done, the drafted person will usually not receive much in the form of payment until after the five years are up, but then can if they choose to serve in the Company afterwards. For the client the cost of the Company's services is lowered according to the number of people joining for those five years, which is discussed between the client and the representative of the Company during negotiations. Many of the Company's specialists are recruited and trained this way.

No Name, No Questions: The Black Company has had the tradition of neither asking for a person's history, background, or even name when they join. Only their loyalty. Of course there is some checking done into a person's background but as long as they're not a convicted felon/traitor/whatever, and no one comes looking for them. They don't care who or what you are so long as it doesn't lead to the harm of your fellow comrades in arms. However those recruited this way almost always start out with a rifle and on the frontlines of battle. And it is where the tradition of members of the Company being referred to by titles and nicknames instead of by their given names comes from.

Forms of Contracts-

Preferred Contracts: Contracts with clients that last for over 20 years, often done with nations and peoples that pay top dollar for the Company's support. These contracts are never broken as they are with some of the closest allies the Black Company has, with some stretching back centuries in some way or form. Always made and renewed by the Lord Captain.

Contracts of Protection: Ranges from the defense of a city to a single person, these contracts are ones where The Black Company is contracted to protect an area or person for a price. Often made with travelers and merchants going through war torn countries, and with smaller communities that want no part in them anymore. Usually these contracts are made with the local commanders, with approval of the generals above them.

Contracts of Aggression: Contracts where the client wants something gone, whether a person, place, or nation. Always made by the commanding general with the approval of the Lord Captain as The Black Company usually doesn't seek to enter or case wars accidentlally.

Covert Contracts: Contracts where the Company is called upon to help or take part in a secret opt of one kind or another. Strictly made only with a meeting with The Lord Captain.


Recruit: New meat, freshly recruited with little to no formal training given by The Company. Usually is not pressed into combat until after training which depending on the persons skill set determined after initial assessments and age can be either between 4 weeks to 8 years.

Private: Front line solider, infantry man trained to the rigorous standards held by The Black Company.

Corporal: Non medical specialist. i.e. mechanics, operators, etc.

Sargent: Non-commissioned officers, in charge of a 12 strong squad of regular infantry in it's most basic forms.

Master-Sargent: Squad leader of a non medical specialist squad, i.e. tank commander, special forces squad leader, artillery unit leader, etc.

Leftenant: A low ranking Commissioned Officer, leader of a squadron of of tanks/gunships/or artillery, leader of a platoon of infantry forces special or otherwise. Squadron consists of 4 vehicles, platoon consists of 4 squads.

Captain: Commands up to 4 squadrons or platoons. Called a Fist

Major: Commander of up to 4 Fists, usually also an aide to the commanding Colonel.

Colonel: Division/Base Commander of a total of 10 Fists

Brigadier General: Battalion Commander of 6 Divisions

Major General: Army Commander of up to 4 Battalions

Lt. General: Campaign Commander of up to 4 Armies

General: Theater Commander of up to 12 Armies

Special Ranks-

The Lord Captain: Commander of the full forces of The Black Company.

Annalists: Both logistical officers and historians. There is often one assigned to each and every platoon within The Black Company, recording the daily activities of the platoon to later be put in the Company's records. The records themselves date back almost a thousand years and are well kept within the mountains of Hakari. The Lord Annalist is the head of their division, keeping the true record of The Black Company and is one of the few people who knows it's history in it's entirety within the Company itself.

Medical Officers: Medics and Doctors within The Black Company have their own basic rankings outside of the normal chain of command. Medics, Doctors, and Nurses are trained by the Company itself and usually at least one medic is assigned to a squad, with a team of doctors and nurses assigned to an entire battalion.

Mages: Mages are a rarity amongst the Black Company, but when there is a mage that wants joins them, they basically are given free reign to serve with whoever and where ever they want. However whenever there's a major campaign being put together, those who are available will be assigned to the campaign as support. There are no rankings between mages within the Company.

Common equipment:

Though the weapons and equipment The Black Company uses often changes according to who's paying for their services, there are some common items, weapons, and vehicles that are used by the Company these days.

Mark II Battle Suit: The last generations model of Powerarmor that is slowly becoming more common amongst the soldiers of Calidrian. Increases the users strength to that which is similar to an Ookami, allowing the wearer to physically challenge enemies that are significantly stronger than the average human. However the skeleton limits the person's mobility quite a bit, especially around the head and neck even though it does provide a great deal of protection. The Company's close ties with the Calidrain states and the company's relative wealth makes this the common armor for their soldiers to go out in.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Latest?cb=20081226192436

Footpad Transport: Able to carry a squad of infantry onto the battlefield, The Foot Pad is the Tulen standard ground transport for quick ground insertion. Though lightly armored (even my Ye'Tulen standards) its ability ti quickly traverse any battlefield makes it an invaluable asset. Comes in two main varieties which like the Howler Tank is made possible through a detachable turret. One being a variant with a 40mm cannon made to puncture emplacements and engage other light armor that has a firing, it also comes with a 5mm cannon for added lethality against infantry. The second variant replaces the turret with a 40mm mortar that can fire a variety of munitions that are shared with it's infantry carried counterpart while a third though quite new replaces the main gun with a ground to air missile launcher for greater air defense.

(The base of the Footpad was actually made by a good friend of mine named Emperor Myric, you really should take a look at his stuff in the Ancerious group on DA cause some of it is QUITE fantastic.)

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Ye_tulen_foot_pad_transport_by_thewornwanderer-d9cb0uf

Humvee: Look... you know what it is, and I know what it is. The specific model is a more versatile model based off of the newer Oshkosh Humvee starting to be used by the American Military.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) JLTV_Spotlight-P7A4979

Elven Armaments: Haven provides a much needed point of trade for the Elven Refuge, bringing in both new technologies into the refuge, while giving their artisans an added market. As part of this The Elves, as they start to experiment with more modern weaponry, lease a large supply of small arms to the Company. The Elven style guns proving to be more accurate and deadly than their human style rivals, however the weapons are far more costly to replace as they often make use of magical enchantments to increase their accuracy, range, and power.

(Concepts of elven armaments essentially. Decided they should have a more steampunk look to them.)

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Steampunk_longshot_90_percent_by_bcjfla76-d3bnzra

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Mos_asr2

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) 20e20ca4eec6eabd6bb979fbc7ccf293

(more stuff to come as I think of it.)

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PostSubject: Re: The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile)   The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Icon_minitime1Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:35 pm

All characters of The One Who Wanders.

The Lord Captain/Galvin Cross

Age: 36

Race: Human

Origin: Unknown

Occupation: Mercenary Captain

Bio: “The Black Company will fight for you... For the right price and cause.”

Galvin's history doesn't start with his birth as little is known about where he is from, best guess is that he's a mix of both Kanshin and My-Arishi with perhaps a little Jirmushi mixed in for good measure. All that is known is that he was taken in by a mercenary band known as The Black Company at a young age. One of the older if not as well known mercenary companies that have sprung up over the past several hundred years, with records dating the company back to before the Crimson age. There he was trained as a child in all manner of weapons and equipment as well as mixing with many of the different races within Erutios. As such he isn't as prone to hatred whenever he comes across anything non-human, as The Black Company has always held a policy of not caring or asking where one comes from should they seek to join their band. In fact the previous captain was a Neko who served the Company well over the past 50 years. However he has since retired into the Hakari forest leaving Galvin as The Lord Captain of The Black Company. A man of stout ethics and as a whole open mind, he is likely to renew the Company's longest standing contract. Which is to help patrol and defend the borders between Hakari and Mu'Airshi under the employment of the Forest Elves. Few... very few know him by his actual name, so most these days refer to him as The Lord Captain as is Company Tradition.


A quiet man not prone to outbursts of emotion unless in the company of his own men, does tend to lean more towards kindness though when it can be allowed. And though many have vied for his loyalties over the years, he remains loyal only to The Black Company who to him... is the only family he's ever needed.


Galvin stands roughly 6 feet tall and is usually seen walking around in his battle armor made of composite metals and armors, it acts almost as an exoskeleton for the man and is an example of the early power-armor sets that are slowly becoming more common within Erutios. During the rare cases outside of his armor he can be seen wearing a simple yet elegant Elven suit crafted by The Forest Elves. In the customary black and gold colors of the Black Company of course. Te man's face is covered in various scars and marks, showing the years of battle on his face as skirmishes are common along the border. He also walks with a noticeable limp, his left leg having been reconstructed after stepping on a land mine. Hair is a deep dark brown with a smattering of gray hairs, and his emerald eyes are green like the forests behind him.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Latest?cb=20140916032643

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Medieval-fantasy-costume-garb-cotton-brocade-coat-elven-8

Suit looks something like this.


Mark II Battle Suit: The last generations model of Powerarmor that is slowly becoming more common amongst the normal soldiers of Calidrian. Increases the users strength to that which is similar to an Ookami, allowing the wearer to physically challenge enemies that are significantly stronger than the average human. However the skeleton limits the person's mobility quite a bit, especially around the head and neck even though it does provide a great deal of protection.

Longshot Assult Rifle Mark I: One of the first true modern day firearms to be produced by the Forest Elves. It fires a .30 caliber round and carries a clip total of 30 rounds. The weapon is designed for close and mid range engagements and crafted with the usual skill one can find amongst the Elves. The weapon is expertly, making jams and breakdowns of anykind almost unheard of, and even then the weapon is relatively simple to clean and repair. An excellent rival to the more common human variants, however since most Elves are wary of this level of technology these weapons usually end up in the hands of their non-Eleven assets and allies.

Songbird Elemental Pistol: One of the first attempts at combining human style tech and magic into one weaponized whole. The pistol itself holds a total of four large rounds, each roughly the size of a .50 bullet, however the rounds loaded into them are enchanted with written magic allowing the rounds to take on different effects. Such as a round that melts into thermite after hitting something, another that explodes with a huge gust of wind that can send a mob of people flying, and other rounds like so.


Age: ??

Race: Elf

Origin: Unknown

Occupation: Wizard (Specialty in Illusions)

Bio: “I'm coming, I'm coming... goddess above why can't any of you let these old bones rest...”

Goblin... is an elf. Though by looking at the man you would never be able to tell unless you also knew that he's been with the Company for almost 600 years by this point. His body is so distorted and damaged from all the battles and wars he's partaken in that he looks more like a crotchety old man than a noble elf, he acts like one too... much to the annoyance of everyone around him. Still his wisdom and skills are highly sought within The Black Company and his loyalty to the Company is something few even dare to question. A master of Illuions, his spells are less likely to actually damage you as they are to disgust or strike fear into you, as the old man has had centuries to perfect his trade... often practicing it on whoever is around him... Little is known about the old man besides the fact that he joined The Company sometime during the Crimson Age, and if ever asked about his past life he'll spin a wild tale that changes every singe time.


An prankster in the end, always looking for the next laugh at the expense of another usually. Him and the other three great mages of the Company have a long standing rivalry and to see the three go at it as they egg each other on is a source of great entertainment for the soldiers. His sometimes grumpy exterior hides a respect for the men he serves with an protects however.


Dressed in loose tattered robes and sporting a noticeable hump, the only real showing of his true species as an elf is the single pointed right ear. The rest of his body has suffered broken bones and scarring far too numerous to count over the years of fighting, leaving him looking like a royal mess...

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Latest?cb=20140426042753
The one on the left, ain't he pretty?


A pouch and a staff: The Staff is one he carved himself and is used more for walking than anything, his body is FAR too mangled for fighting after all. The pouch however holds his share of the single Source Stone that is given out every month.


Age: ??

Race: Dark Elf

Occupation: Wizard (Elementalist)

Bio: “The world just continues on it's way... getting darker and darker with brief respites of light.”

A dark elf mage of great skill when it comes to using and controlling the destructive powers of the elements. Out of the three core mages of The Black Company he's likely the most serious of the three, as Goblin is a grumpy prankster, and his brother Tom-Tom is somewhat aloof to the world. As such he tends to be treated with a greater respect. His origins however like the others remains a mystery. However instead of just outright lying about it, he just won't say a damn thing. It is known that he's been with the Company since The Crimson Age, but not much longer before that.

Personality: A man of great intelligence who actively takes part in the going ons of The Company. As such he can be seen traveling between the different outposts of The Company, putting out fires and setting up contracts where ever he goes. A serious minded man who rarely cracks a grin unless he's drunk.


Like Goblin he looks rather haggared and worn, especially for an elf. However as a whole he's taking much better care of his body, and much of his strength still remains. Is dressed in something like an old Shaman's outfit, and is covered with charms to which he can draw power from, as he doesn't carry around the shavings of Source Stone like the others do.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) One_eye_by_kira_mayer-d7bphn6


Age: ??

Race: Dark Elf

Occupation: Wizard (Alchemist)

Bio: “Huh? Oh sorry... I didn't see you come in.”

Tom-Tom, as he is called because of the dumb he's always carrying around and practicing with, is an alchemist of exceptional skill. Having practiced his trade for at least several centuries, a crafter of potions and explosions. Has with him his own team of Alchemists and Doctors he trains and uses as his on personal staff. Tends to be more aloof than his older brother One-Eye, and isn't as seen as much either as he's either wandering around the main HQ looking for new subjects to try some of his more benign experiments on, or haggling for equipment and supplies.


Aloof and quiet, Tom-Tom would prefer the company of his lab over people most of the time. Always tinkering with whatever he can get his hands on, he's devoted his life to learning and mastering the many aspects of science and mathematics. Tends to not notice what's around him unless he thinks it's dangerous.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Tom_tom_by_kira_mayer-d7bphn1


Age: 47

Race: Ookami

Occupation: Lord Annalist


An Ookami exile though for what no one knows. Croker despite his fierce appearance is a scholar of some merit. He has been with the Annalists almost since his recruitment into The Company some 20 years ago, and was promoted to Lord Annalist by Galvin not long after he became The Lord Captain. A competent fighter and solider, he's just as swift and dangerous with a rifle as he is with his pen. He's also a rare breed of Ookami, coming from the dying snow tribes deep within Jimurshi that are constantly harassed by Argenist raiders. Perfectly comfortable in frozen climates, he shows an unusual ferocity when it comes to defending the honor the Black Company.


Enjoys a good laugh and a stiff drink at the end of the day, a stout fellow with a stout and practical way of thinking. Also is a bit of a neat freak as everything has to be perfectly organized, which serves him well as he's essentially an over hyped clerk for at least half of the day. But when the day is done he can be found sharing stories of The Company over a pint, and he's gained the reputation of a grand story teller. As the keeper of what he calls "The True History of The Black Company", the record he keeps of the Company he treats with a religious like reverence. To an extent some look to him, as well as the other Annalists that work under him, almost as priests which Croaker gladly accepts as part of his responsibilities.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Hans.G%C3%BCnsche.Wolfman.full.615577


Croaker doesn't usually take much in the way of equipment with him when he travels, as he's usually accompanied by several members of The Black Company wherever he goes. However he is a highly trained solider, proficient is most small arms. However he does have one piece of equipment he loves to bring with him.

Forewheel ATV "Babygirl": Croaker's preferred mode of transportation, it's a four-wheeler he's been tinkering with for almost a decade now, adding supports, making modifications to the engine, etc. A quick little beast of a machine that can reach speeds around 200kmph. And he very much loves taking the beast out on joy rides.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Sportsman-WV850
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PostSubject: Rose's Characters (forgive me if I do this wrong I'm slow at figuring things out)   The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Icon_minitime1Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:29 pm

Anju Corellon

Age: 173

Race: Forest Elf

Origin: Hakari

Occupation: Healer

Bio: Anju is the niece to Elion Jhaeros, a wealthy man residing in a small city in Hakari. She was raised with his family at hardly eight years old, her mother dying in childbirth and her father a commonly traveling man who didn’t have time to raise a child. She was a generally happy child, her uncle and his wife Ylisse a kind and happy couple. The pair had been unlucky when it came to a child of their own, and were more than happy to call Anju their own when her father essentially dumped her at their estate.

Her childhood was ordinary - she had friends and a loving family as she grew. Though once she hit sixty one, a thunderstorm brewed and lightening struck the forest around her home while her and her uncle were away - Ylisse still inside. Upon their return, she found the home in flames and her aunt had barely made it out alive. She was severely burned, and died from her injuries merely hours later because help had not arrived in time.

It was about then that Anju vowed that none would suffer the same fate the only mother she had ever known had, and dedicated herself to healing from then on.

So now, at 173 (becoming a fully fledged healer at 170), she is searching for a new job and seeing where the wind takes her.

Personality: “I swear your deities, if you don’t get yourself back into bed and rest like you’re supposed to be, I will personally knock you unconscious.”

Anju’s the kind of woman who comes across as the motherly type - a sweet and gentle disposition and a welcoming smile. She’s a supportive person, willing to talk to someone about something troubling them and always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. However, she’s not so sweet and gentle as to let people walk all over her. Anju is as stubborn as she is sweet and refuses to back down to a challenge, sometimes to the point of being her own downfall.  

When it comes to healing, though, Anju takes even less BS from her patients. If she tells you to be on bed rest, be on bed rest, because otherwise she will come after you with the anger of a mother bear who just had her cub picked up by a human.

Appearance: Anju’s red hair falls to about her mid back and has a slight curl to it, just enough to give her massive bedhead in the mornings. Her eyes are a pretty emerald green and her skin is rather fair, freckles spattered all across her skin. She stands at 5’8”, her tall frame slightly curvy, and her hands are just a bit small for her frame.

Her usual attire consists of a white dress that reaches about to her mid calf, with a slit running up to her mid thigh over her left leg. A pale gold sash is tied underneath her bust and she wears a pair of light blue boots, extending to just above her knees with a flat heel; the sleeves of her gown detached and covering the backs of her hands to fasten around her middle finger and leave her palm exposed. In cooler months, she wears a pale blue cloak trimmed in delicate gold stitching that fastens around her neck.


-Sanitatum (Staff): The clear crystal in her staff is a conduit for her healing magic, enabling her to use it for longer periods of time without exhausting her energy. She can, however, use her magic without it - though she only does it for larger bursts of power for urgent injuries, and usually is significantly weakened afterwards.

-Argentum (Dagger): An iron dagger usually strapped to her thigh. She knows basic self defense skills, but is nowhere near skilled enough to be considered anyone of true danger.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Latest?cb=20130119145407
*Swap the green with the pale blue here.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Art-sakimichan-devushka-elf
*Anju's face because I suck at doing pictures justice with my explanations.

Lilith “Lily” Beauregard

Age: 29

Race: Human

Origin: Born in Majin, but immigrated to Mu-Arishi when she was eleven.

Occupation: Poses as the Lord Captain’s personal maid in front of most, but is actually a trained assassin and is officially titled the King of Shadows.

Bio: Born to a pair of Calidrian spies on the western coast, Lilith Beauregard was raised from the moment she could walk to be the perfect killing machine - her father wanting her to follow in their footsteps and eventually take out threats to the country of Majin. Unfortunately, her father never lived to see their child reach that goal -when Lily was eleven, he himself was assassinated and her mother managed to put her on a ship to Mu-Arishi before she was arrested and later executed.

Once in Mu-Arishi, Lilith was taken in by a trio of freelance assassins who continued her training upon seeing her take down a grown man three times her size who tried to take her food from her. She lived with Castiel, Eva, and Arwen until she was 24, by then a fully fledged assassin who was highly successful at her job.

When she turned twenty-four she received a contract - a contract to kill the then Lord Captain of the Black Company. Under the guise of a maid she infiltrated the headquarters, sneaking into his room that night and preparing to slit his throat. She would have if not for the fact that she was caught by one Galvin Cross, and managed to do quite a number on him before help arrived and she was detained.

The very same Lord Captain she had been assigned to kill offered her job, one that she honestly couldn't refuse, and she’s been with the Black Company ever since.

Personality: Lilith is quite the flirtatious woman, though she knows when to get serious. She is kind and almost motherly if she actually cares about you, but if she doesn't know you too well, she may come across as somewhat indifferent. She loves a neat workspace, and sometimes falls a little too far into the maid facade - there have been several times where she's just decided to clean a room from top to bottom when that honestly isn't even in her job description. She’s an intelligent woman and a bit of a smartass - although she respects her superiors, she isn't afraid to be a bit sassy if they give her any sort of BS.

Appearance: Lilith stands at a mere 4’9”, though she has a far more curvy figure than one might expect. Her dark pink hair reaches just above the backs of her knees and is usually pulled back into a thick braided ponytail, her bangs swept back and pinned by her ear under a white bonnet. Her ponytail is held up by an aqua blue ribbon, tied in an off-center bow that let the ends trail loosely down her back. This is paired with her usual maid’s attire: a knee length grey dress with a circle skirt and white cuffed sleeves, a white apron, black flats, and a pair of stockings. She usually has a knife strapped to her thigh, and occasionally a small dagger sheathed and tucked into her cleavage.

On missions, however, her attire is different. Her hair is in a single Dutch braid and wrapped into a bun, and a bandana-like piece of fabric covers the lower portion of her face. She’s clad in a black body suit and a bullet proof vest, and a hood covers her head to keep her rather odd hair from being noticed too much. Her arms are covered in black bracers and her hands clad in fingerless gloves, mostly for getting a better grip on her blades. Various blades are concealed on her person, as well as a few visible ones like the one strapped to her thigh.

Weapons/Equipment: Several different daggers of various sizes and lengths. In mission gear, there is one in each combat boot, one strapped to her right thigh, one in each arm bracer, and the pins in her hair are actually stilettos in disguise for her to use. Strapped to her back is either a three pronged trident or a spear for more distance based fighting.

In maid attire, her only blades are the small one concealed in her cleavage and the one strapped to her thigh under her dress just in case.

Trident - http://sunrise-oasis.deviantart.com/art/opal-trident-for-kitt-13254364
Spear - http://www.deviantart.com/art/Moonsilver-Spear-301046475

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The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile)   The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Icon_minitime1Sat May 28, 2016 1:39 pm

Captain Silver Streak

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Species: Tengu (Falcon)

“The prejudices that are aligned against my people are sadly well earned... but hopefully you'll think of them a little differently now...”

A veteran of many campaigns and battles fighting with the Black Company, SilverStreak's personal history is one of the few knowns within the company. Previously a Tengu raider when he was but a child, he and his fellow raiders had the misfortune of ambushing a grain shipment going from the Imperial Airborn to Calidria as it made it's way to the eastern ports of Mu-Arishi. He and his kin after a hard and bitter fight were forced to flee leaving many of their band dead along with the wounded young falcon. It was only luck that left the young falcon alive, the commander of the security detachment had the lad brought with them upon a stretcher where they stabilized him until he could receive proper aid. There he was given a simple choice, join the Company or spend the majority of his life in a prison camp. Naturally the young lad took the first option.

He was then taken to the training camp at Grey Point in Calidria where the young tengu for the first time received proper discipline, training, and education. The lad in the end thrived within the confines of Grey Point, and for the next eight years he became one of the Academy's most promising students. At his graduation he took upon the name Silver Streak, in part because of the long band of silver that lined his primary flight feathers. From there he was given command of a group of recruits like himself and placed to guard the same food convoys that he had once raided as a child. On the plains of Mu-Arishi he became almost an advocate for his people, and a focal point for conflict as some raiders looked upon the young Silver Streak as a traitor to their race. Still... in part because of SilverStreak's efforts, tengu have started to swell the ranks of The Black Company as many are starting to see that service within the Company is far more desirable than being a lowly bandit.

At this time Captain Silver Streak is part of the detachment of Black Company Mercenaries hired by the Calidria Military to support their forces. Where the now veteran Captain is looking forward to showing his worth to The Company on a larger scale. He a Fist Commander within the 13th Mechanized Division known as “Hell's Angels”, which specialized in rapid deployments at the head of Black Company forces. His Fist comprises of one Squadrons of Footpad Transports, two infantry platoons, and one light tank squadron along with a two squads of tengu fliers for light air support and scouting.


Standing around 5'3”, as a falcon tengu he's a powerfully built man with short cut silver hair (more like downy feathers in his case but it works) and piercing golden eyes. His wings are a chocolate brown with a flash of silver along the edge of his primary flight wings. As a tengu his battle suit consits of a lightly armored wingsuit made from a carbon fiber mesh, aiding him in extended flights while providing some much needed protection.

Specialized Equipment:

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Sd1200

Mark III Winged Armor: With the modern age it only has made more and more sense that the other races of the world would try to take advantage of it. The Mark III Wing Winged Armor however is a design created by The Black Company itself and used by just about every Tengu that makes their way into The Company. Specially crafted for each Tengu, the wing suit is made from a carbon-nano-fiber mesh which provides a fair amount of protection while still being light enough to fly with. The wings on the suit themselves are a major boon for any Tengu, allowing them to remain in the air longer with far less effort as it becomes far easier to glide and maintain altitude.

Name: Lord Shadow/The Dark Reaper/Old Bones

Age: 667

Gender: Presume Male.

Speices: Unknown. (Undead humanoid)

Bio: “The Company's been the only family I've ever needed, I can't abandon'er now can I?”

The Dark Reaper of The Black Company, a solider that has fought in unending war for over six centuries since he join the Black Company long before his death. Lord Shadow as he is officially known has no official rank within the Company though he is treated as a general by the commanding staff. The years of war have honed this old soldiers mind to rival even the greatest tacticians. While the massive suit of battle armor that houses his skull allows him to fight with power rivaling the Legends of old.

At the moment Lord Shadow is heading the Black Company's Campaign in the Arginest Territories under the employment of the Caldiran States. Where he's more affectionately called Old Bones by those who have served under him before.

Specialized Equipment:

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) GraditoraHeavysuit
All black in reality with the head painted silver. Didn't want to find something that just fit the paint scheme though cause LOOK AT IT! THIS IS AWESOME!

Veiled Skull: Crafted from the forges of drwarven smithies, enchanted by Elven rune smiths, and embedded with the pinnacle of cybernetic technologies, the hulking suit of black armor is perhaps the closest thing the world has to mechanized power-armor in the modern age. Standing 3 meters high the 20cm Dwarven crafted Titanium alloy can take a tank round and only be slightly dented, while the elven runes lessen the effect of any spells cast upon Lord Shadow allowing the undead warrior to weather even the most hellish of magical bombardments as the servos and motors within move the walking tank into battle with surprising speed. The armament of the massive machine is varied and can be switched out upon return to base through the use of designated hard points.

The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Latest?cb=20131219211752

Demon's Bane: A relic from the Crimson age back when there were mortal men capable of hefting and using weapons and blades that could slice through a dragon's scales. The weapon itself is a massive sword, almost a meter and a half in length and 50cm wide. It's origins are only known by Lord Shadow and a few others, held once by some legendary hero whom died fighting other monstrosities most likely. It's blade is heavily enchanted and while at the same time marked with the scars of countless battles. Though rarely used in the modern age, Lord Shadow relishes each opportunity that it is drawn, and loves to practice with the old blade daily.
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The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile)   The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile) Icon_minitime1

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The Black Company (Please type the name of the rper as part of your character profile)
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