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PostSubject: Night's Characters   Night's Characters Icon_minitime1Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:15 am

Name: Lyssindra Aiya
Race: Human?
Gender: Female
Age: 20?
Origin: (claims) Majin
Starting local: Outside of Haven Base - Black Company HQ (Mu-Arishi)
Class: Alchemist/Swordswoman
Bio: While Lyssindra is a skilled alchemist, capable of making a variety of tonics and mixtures, often explosively effective, she found the lab life too boring for her research and believed that true knowledge and advancement of her craft was found in great exploration. Lyssindra is an adventurous soul who loves delving deep into ancient ruins and peeling open ancient powers and messing around with them. This has lead to several accidents and multiple "misunderstandings" with local authorities (she's been accused of trespass multiple times, but never found guilty so far). Eccentric to the point of madness or genius, she's both hyperactive and passionate about her craft, but isn't well known in her field. She wields two long daggers with hooked blades that bridge on being short swords that have odd straps hanging down from them. These straps catch various vials of mixture she wears strapped to herself and helps to fling them at her foes. However, she seems incredibly skilled despite her age. Another strange thing, that is if any mage cared to magically examine her hard enough, they would find her to be almost too real.

Appearance: Large round glasses, a face full of freckles, and short orange, red hair tied into a spartan ponytail that frames her cat-green eyes. She's around 5'6'' and has a wide smile. She wears a forest green, stained, sleeveless cloak that is severely frayed along the bottom edge. Under it, she has on a brown shirt and pants of a strangely tough weave. Both which are just as worn as her cloak and have innumerable buttoned pockets. To hold even more, she's ties and straps vials of potions. Upon her back is a large backpack with a bed roll and tent, and even more external pockets. How she has survived without an explosive mishap is anyone's guess.
"The world is my laboratory, and I am one of its experiments.

Name: Maydra Aiya
Race: Human?
Gender: Male
Age: 20?
Origin: (claims) Majin
Starting local: Outside of Haven Base - Black Company HQ (Mu-Arishi)
Vehicle:Night's Characters Wwgrn1
It's also significantly worn and has a place on either side of the vehicle for the backpacks.
Class: Close Combat Pistoleer
Bio: Lyssindra's twin brother who travels around with her. Somewhat more reserved than his sister, Maydra enjoys a good chat, a mild drink, and a dandy at the piano when he isn't doing his rigorous training. He wakes up slightly before dawn each day to practice his skills. He's only ever slept in once. His style is to use a single pistol from a choice of two. One lighter that can easily kill standard armored infantry, and a hand cannon in the form of a large revolver with enough firepower to puncture power armor. The lighter of the two can have a silencer. The heavier certainly cannot. He carries his hand cannon on his hip and the pistol on his waste. Both are well forged, as if by a master gunsmith. His other weapon is a mechanical arm that is stored on the back of his motor cycle. The arm goes over his left one and has a claw. Its fingers can be launched off with chain so as to skewer the target. It helps with climbing, grabbing onto vehicles, spearing men, things like that. There is a complex recoil system so that Maydra isn't injured by the forces behind this. To wield this effectively, Maydra has also heavy training in melee combat.

Appearance: Maydra is 5'11'' with short hair that matches his sister's red. His eyes are a piercing green. He wears a cap with ear flaps and goggles upon his head along with a worn green coat of the strange, thick weave that has some pockets for ammo and knives. His pants are similar save being brown. Under the coat is a simple tan long sleeve tunic.
"We're on a journey, or an adventure if you prefer. May I ask you about your town, before we have to leave?"

Name: Magnar Aiya
Race: Human?
Gender: Male
Age: 40?
Origin: (claims) Jirmushi
Starting local: Jirmushi
Vehicle: Night's Characters Mvg_www_deuce_ww2_700_02
Class: Master Machinist and Gunsmith
Bio: Another skilled individual of the Aiya family. Gruff and stern, Magnar hides a softness for children. He travels around Jirmushi in his truck full of metal and machines doing odd mechanical jobs in various towns, rarely showing his true skill. For examples of his true skill, one only need look at Maydra's attachable arm and his hand cannon. When people ask why he is traveling around, he simply answers "I'm looking to help, and looking for someone who does it right," and says no more than that.

Appearance: A head full of red hair, cropped in a grizzled beard and short hair, Ragnar stands at a muscular and imposing 6'7''. He wears a leather apron over a red short-sleeved tunic and tan pants. However, his black eyes reveal a kind nature that confuses people when mixed with his gruffness. He wears a tool belt that also holsters a hand cannon, but he's a fairly poor shot except at a short range.
"If you're looking for a gunman, check the bar. If you're looking for an artist, check a studio. If you're looking for help, tell me what you need."

Name: Callath Aiya
Race: Human?
Age: 17? (subject to change based upon common freshman age of the academy)
Origin: (claims) Jirmushi
Starting local: Academy of Spellcraft, Jirmushi
Class: Mage, undecided focus.
Bio: Callath is the youngest and cutest, by internal popular vote, of the Aiya family. Ragnar's younger brother and the only living one in the family capable of magic, Callath is a new attendee at the academy. He left his brother to find his own path to travel and believes that magic is the best course of action. However, he is uncertain as to which focus will be best for him. A kind but shy soul of only mild magic ability, Callath is fairly friendly. He enjoys music, especially the piano, but has no real talent at any instrument. However, he is a fairly decent singer. Callath also enjoys a good research topic and a solid book, He can be found deep in the library or reading a letter from his other family members, who he writes to often. His other favorite thing to do is write in his journal that he brings with him.

Appearance: A solid 5'10'', Callath sports the same red hair the rest of the Aiyas do. His blue eyes can be pensive, soft, piercing, gentle, and a whole myriad of emotions depending on the situation and are framed with similar glasses to his sister. His clothes are simple, worn, and brown and he clearly isn't the richest on this side of the street. He usually is in the market for new ones, but often has to settle on patched ones. The same goes for his shoulder bag that carries all his books and supplies. The only exception is a black, sleeveless cloak with silver trim that reaches his waist. He says it was a present from his older brother for getting into the academy, but never gives a name to the giver.
"I'm here to learn how to stand better on my own. Ironically, I know I'll need help to do so.

Name: Aedon Aiya
Race: Undead
Gender: Male
Age: 598 (subject to change depending in the situation needs it)
Origin: ???
Starting local: Boneyard
Class: Enchanter Assault Mage
Bio: Not much is known or can be told about Vernaught. He came to the Boneyard one day seeking refuge with the words "I can no longer return to where I once was. That is not a problem, in fact it is likely for the better, but I would like a home to do good in." From there he set himself to work, weaving garments. His craft is extremely good, and many of his clothes are enchanted to help keep the wearer warm, or dry, or simple things like that. He never joined any of the various sects, despite the fact that his is incredibly skilled and powerful if he puts his mind to it. Never showing off his power, nor really hiding it. He has rejected any pupils that may have tried to come to him, and does not take military action. This does not mean he is anti-social. He enjoys the company of others and will always welcome strangers as they come. He merely wishes to keep his simple life. If ever pressured for the tale of his past, he will simply say, "seek Lyssindra, it is what we agreed on." When he is not weaving or enjoying the company of others, one can often find him writing letters. Most are not sent. He alone is the one that does not appear to be "too real."

Appearance: Bleached bone. Over it he wears a simple, but sturdy, cloth spun robe that hearkens to the style of a monk with a rope to tie it shut. His voice, and form, seem to be held together through the power of his magic.
"Come, let us speak while I weave."
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Night's Characters
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