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 Chronicle of the Stars Refinement

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PostSubject: Chronicle of the Stars Refinement   Mon Apr 11, 2016 1:51 pm

Just refining this idea i had. Going to try getting it working Very Happy.

This idea is merely a faction-based future roleplay.

FTL Type
The ftl in the roleplay will be restricted to space bridges and wormhole styled travel. Most ships themselves will not be able to create the space bridges or wormhole. To be considered a major space faring race, they must be able to construct and use space bridges, as well as detect the keyholes.

Keyholes, The Keys to the Galaxy
Keyholes are microscope wormholes that naturally exist throughout the galaxy. Wormholes the size to allow starships to travel through though are extremely rare. It is why these thing are called keyholes and each system has naturally a few that i can use for easy travel. Through studying these keyholes, a race can first discover how to expand them into usable wormholes for ships to cross. Further studying can lead to races constructed Transfer stations that can work without a keyhole, but are much more expensive to use and very short range, about to the next nearest system or two.

The Nexus Points
Nexus points are poorly understood phenomenon, but any race with access to this ftl technology can begin to theorize the existence of these mythical star systems. Nexus Points are systems where dozens, if not hundreds, of usable keyholes. Not only this, but various keyholes also seem to be made up of long range keyholes, making Nexus points the hub of cheap and easy travel to a wide area. Nexus Points might even connect to other Nexus Points in a river like tree branching pattern. This is not a guarantee, but control over these places can lead to widespread expansion through space. Nexus Points are also the way in which races can easily reach each other and even possibly launch invasions through..

FTL Communication
There is no true faster than light communication, but using the microscopic keyholes can transmit information through without needing to expand them. While space bridges are activated, communications can also be sent through as well.

Starting Your Empire
This rp is very open, though the start will be limited. Unless you ask, most factions/races will start with a max of around 18 habitable worlds. Humanity might be an exception to this, but not by much. Humanity as a whole will be allowed to start with 32 worlds (depending on how many people want to be a human faction. This number will decrease if like only 1 person wants to be a human faction). These factions must be believable, they cannot be some perfect society that has no problems or differing viewpoints within. Fleet size is up to the player for within a reasonable amount. The amount of resources a faction has on hand will obviously limit how many ships they can deploy, as well as their reason for deploying a fleet. It doesn't make sense for a pacifist empire to have a large starfleet without any threat or enemy.
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Chronicle of the Stars Refinement
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