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 Prison of Death&Terror

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PostSubject: Prison of Death&Terror   Sat Oct 17, 2009 1:31 pm

Officially dubbed "hell" by every sane man. This nameless pit of despair stores for the highest bidder, their defenses are unbreakable. It doesnt matter who they store for, or how many. Prisoners are horribly tortured for information at least twice a day. The more important prisoners can be tortured up to five times a day. Torture sessions include: a network of hot near-molten metals being slammed onto your back repeatedly. Hanging naked in a steel cage over molten lava. Being stabbed repeatedly with a thin knife. The removal of body parts, fingers, hands, arms, legs, toes, organs, eyes, ears, nose, teeth. The gaurds are merciless, if a prisoner tries to escape, the prisoner should pray to every god thatt does and doesnt exist that they didnt kill him/her.
The prison looks like a castle that you would find in hell, all black with red fires all around it. It is only accessable through a narrow mountain pass, and if enemies come, they just rain death on the attackers.
The warden is a 7,6" bastard. He is huge and wears half-ton manaclse and leg irons to make him slower, so his fights arent over TOO quickly.
There is a secret entrance, but you need to break 3 magical spells and trigger 3 levers for it to open.
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Prison of Death&Terror
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