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 The Ruins (???)

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The Ruins (???) Empty
PostSubject: The Ruins (???)   The Ruins (???) Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:42 pm

Soft footsteps were the only thing that announced the presence of Kalthramoa in this landscape that was otherwise entirely black. A suffocating darkness that sucked both life and light out of anything that came near it. An over saturation of power, simply to the point where it could no longer be contained in the vessel that the knight knew sat in the center. However this was far more than a vessel, it was a promise to a future. A future beyond anything else that they had seen in this world. Kalthramoa had pledged their life to this thing... They would call it a human, but it no longer met the criteria. No, this creature was no more human than they were. It was simply something that wore the form of flesh. The knight took a knee before its master, armor deceptively silent despite the weight. Only the crack of the ruined stone beneath Kalthramoa's leg betrays the massive weight that their body is bearing. "Master. Kalthramoa presents themselves humbly before you. You beckoned me?" The knight spoke, voice muffled beneath the helmet they wore.

A new voice rang out, a relatively high pitched tone that seemed to emanate from the very walls and floors themselves. Though the source came from the center of the room, it rasped and crawled across every surface. "Yes, yes! Indeed! Something caught my attention and I need your help~" Her voice has a soft lilt to it when she speaks, the voice is gleeful. Eager, even. "I felt a very powerful magic... Something that I haven't felt in a good while." A small flash of white splits the darkness, a smile. Hovering isolated in the darkness of the room. "Now... I'm curious. Intrigued, even. That shouldn't exist here. And yet it does. And that is valuable... And now, it is within my grasp" As she speaks, tendrils of a deep purple reach out, connecting themselves to the knight. Who shuddered beneath its armor as a rush of many things flowed through her. Visions, images, and a location. A glimpse into the mind of the speaker. A cesspool of chaos and madness, something that would have destroyed a lesser mind, but that gave her all the sight she needed."Go here... They will be here when you arrive. This source of magic will no doubt have guardians, and so shall you. Do not fail me, Kalthramoa" The voice turns entirely from its gleeful, eager tone to a whisper that sounds akin to a sheathed blade. A threat that could soon turn into a very dangerous reality.

But just as soon as it became a threat it returns to normal. Not giving the knight a chance to respond "It will meet you there... My messenger. It will deal with the pests, your only task is the creature. You will know it when you see it. Do not underestimate your foes. Crush them and whatever gets in your way like the bugs they are" She said, disinterestedly waving her hand "My only interest is the creature. Bring it to me... At least partly alive" She says, the white fading from the darkness as she stops smiling "Now go". As soon as the command is issued, Kalthramoa nods. "Yes, my master. I will attend to this mission" As they stood, the stone cracking again beneath the weight. "I will not fail you" They promised, turning and working their way out of the darkness. As they leave, a loud, cackling laughter echoing around them, the last words they hear as they leave are simple, but the meaning is clear behind them.

"You'd best not"
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The Ruins (???)
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